• Foreign Horror: High Tension

    Compared to the last French horror we told you about, High Tension relies on a more classic setup: college girls go to an isolated country house to study quietly for finals, and a scary guy tries to chop them up. But the guy isn't a ghost or a monster. He's just a scary dude in a mechanic's onesie, which is way scarier because real crazy dudes actually exist and will kill you if you try to stay the night at a scary enough house. 

    High Tension gets bloody quickly, and gets progressively bloodier as it heads toward a smart, psychological twist. I definitely recommend High Tension if you're bored of the usual Halloween flicks. Plus, foreign horrors are better because shit is scarier when you have to read it. Check out some screencaps below to see what you're in for. Angelo

    Cigarettes shown early so you know it's French.

    Creepy bear.

    Creepy birds.

    Creepy keychain.

    General creepiness.

    Standard murder-evasion etiquette: hiding under the bed.

    ...or in a closet.

    Jeepers Creepers truck. Don't click that link. 

    Barbed wire wrapped fence post means business.

    A French take on Leatherface: instead of a chainsaw... the saw is round? And that's the last image, otherwise it would be spoilers. Au revoir! (IDK what that means, TBH.)