• For The Record: Temples

    Temples looks and sounds like they're straight out of the '60s, and even after seeing them live in person, we're not 100% convinced they're not time-traveling from the past to grace us with their musical prowess. How else could we explain their impeccable vintage style? Since we've been groovin' (first and last '60s pun we'll put in here) to their debut album Sun Structures since it was released earlier this year, we're happy to announce that the band will be joining us in Chicago, July 31, to sign records at one of our downtown locations (20 S. State Street). Ahead of the signing, we chatted to the band via email to find out a little bit more about them.

    Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you formed?

    We are Temples from Kettering in the middle of England. We recorded some songs as an experiment a few summers ago and put them on YouTube. We were asked to play some shows, so we thought we'd figure out how to play the songs live, and we haven't really stopped since.

    What were you doing before Temples really took off?
    Some of us were at University, or working, but we all were living in different cities at the time. We all just happened to be back home in Kettering at the time Temples was coming to form, so for that coincidence, we're very thankful.

    What cities in the US have been your favorites to tour through?
    Austin, Texas is always an experience. We loved the time we had on the West coast, too. So many of our favourite musicians are from there. We found tranquility in Santa Cruz.

    We'll be seeing you at our vinyl signing in Chicago. Any particular things you like to do while there?
    Thrift stores, getting our native foods card stamped and listening to some blues.

    We saw you perform on a rooftop in Austin for SXSW. Have you performed in any other interesting locations?
    We played in a swimming pool in Geneva, Switzerland. They'd emptied all the water out of one of the pools, built a stage and these huge lights; everyone was in swimwear and barefoot. The reverb was wonderful.

    What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done at a festival?
    Stayed up all night to watch my favourite band play at 11am the next day, and fell asleep an hour before they were about to play. Sorry, Dark Bells.

    What are some of the instruments you like to use to get your sound?
    Anything we can find. The idea is to make the instrument you're playing sound like something completely different.

    Do you guys have any hair tips and tricks? Yours is all pretty fantastic.
    It's important to let things dry naturally.

    Who have you all been listening to lately?
    Nick Nicely.

    What have you been watching lately?
    Dario Argento films.

    What do you all like to do when you’re not playing music?
    Go find the nearest record shop and sightseeing 'til we can see no more.

    What does the future look like for Temples?
    Bright and progressive.

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