• Five Resolutions You Can Keep

    New Year's Eve resolutions are hard. Does anyone manage to keep them anymore? I don't think I've even bothered making a N.Y.E. resolution since like, 2003 because it's such a hopeless cause. This year, I've figured out an easy way to stick to some common resolutions, and it happens to involve pizza and beer. You're welcome.—Katie

    Collapsible Pizza-To-Go Box
    1. Bring lunch to work.
    No one said it had to be healthy.

    A Cat's Life By Gemma Correll
    2. Read more.
    Reading cartoons about cats is just as prestigious as reading War & Peace, I promise. If you're looking for a way to be terrible all year long, the book A Year Of Living Sinfully would also be a fantastic way to start off the new year.

    Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
    3. Be more active.
    Why run on a stupid old treadmill when you can rollerskate?

    Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit
    4. Learn something new.
    Most people want to learn a new language or something, but let's not kid ourselves with that. Learning to brew your own beer means you're one step closer to your REAL N.Y.E. resolution of never getting off the couch again. (If you're underage, mix together different sodas and imagine.)

    Kozyndan For Society6 We Came Together Art Print
    5. Become more cultured.
    Cat art is art, too, people.