• Fine Print: Allie Brosh

    Allie Brosh is the best blogger in the world. And no, we're not biased. It's just a fact. She's currently wrapping up the tour for Hyperbole and a Half, her brand new book named after her blog, but she still found time to chat to us about her fans, Thanksgiving and that dead fish story.
    Interview by Katie Gregory

    How’s the book tour going? You’re almost done now, right?
    Yeah, I’ve gotten to be home now for a couple of days which was nice! It was about two and a half weeks of total insanity. Fun insanity, the real rewarding kind, but at the end of the day I was just exhausted. I feel like I’m crashing a little bit now.

    I saw that you’ve been signing books for seven hours at some of the book signings!
    In Brooklyn, at WORD bookstore, that one was six or seven hours long. And in Seattle at the University bookstore, that one went super long. There were some signings that went until 2 in the morning. It’s amazing that people stayed that long.

    Have people brought you any amazing gifts?
    I’ve gotten some really cool gifts. Somebody in Brooklyn brought me a dinosaur costume! I wore that for the rest of the signing. And then someone in Seattle brought me this necklace she made that had a Wellbutrin molecule on it. It’s really cool. I’ve gotten a bunch of really neat stuff.

    I actually ask people while they’re waiting in line if they’d like to do me a drawing. I bring a big stack of printer paper and hand it out to everybody. Some people write letters, some people do drawings – I’ve collected piles of these from all of my signings. I’m going to wait until the very last signing and then I’m going to go through all of them and read them. I’m excited about it.

    Are you going to go back to writing on your blog once all of this settles down?
    I’m going to write on my blog. I’m going to do it the same way I’ve been doing it. Like once I find an idea I have that I think is worthy, I’ll put something up there. I don’t want to write just to fill a time constraint, you know? I don’t want to publish on a schedule because I feel like I have to. When I publish something it’s because I think it’s really good. I have a few ideas, a few posts I’m working on, so when those are done I’ll post them up once I finish them. But I also want to write another book.

    Is there any one blog post that people seem to mention more than others?
    It seems spread out between a few of them. I know a lot of people relate to the depression posts. I talk to a lot of people about that when they come up and I sign their books. And then there’s the “ALOT” post. I know a lot of people found me because of that post. That’s one of my first ones that ever went viral on the internet. [Laughs.]

    I think I first found you because of the “How to be An Adult” post.
    Oh yeah, a ton of people relate to that one. And then there’s a small subset of people that just love that noodle cartoon I used to do, the Spaghatta Nadle. The silly little noodle has a cult following. [Laughs.]

    I personally love the post where you have to kill your pet fish.
    I have a surprising number of stories involving dead fish for some reason. There are a few that I’m working on and I’m realizing as I’m writing these posts that, yeah, I have five stories that are totally different from each other that involve dead fish in some way.

    Now that the Holidays are coming up, I can't help but think of your post The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas. Are events like that easy for you to remember, or do you need to consult family members?
    I remember them pretty well, but I also consult my family for some of the details. The Kenny Loggins one, we actually have a video somewhere of the actual play. We haven’t been able to find it, but I know that we filmed it and I know that I’ve seen the video. The last time I saw it I was young but I remember watching it. So, there is video footage of that somewhere that I’m hoping we can find someday and show people. [Laughs.]

    That would be amazing. Do you have any Thanksgiving plans yet with your husband?
    Gosh, we don’t do the whole turkey thing, really. Just whatever we’re feeling. Like we might make tacos? [Laughs.] A nice, taco Thanksgiving. They’ll be fancy tacos, of course.

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