• Featured Brands: VFILES

    In honor of our new collaboration with the streetwear brand VFILES, we stopped by their Soho studio to learn more about the inspiration behind the exclusive designs.
    Photos by Tavish Timothy

    VFILES has a lot of different facets as a brand, platform, and community: how do you describe what VFILES is?
    The best way I describe VFILES is an experience-based social-media company designed to empower the global youth community. We use our activations like VFILES Runway and VFILES Loud to provide opportunities for young designers and artists to get noticed and discovered, and have our retail space in Soho where we carry our own collections and young designers sourced from the platform. 

    Can you share more about the history of the brand?
    VFILES began 5 years ago in 2012 as a reaction to the fashion, music and media industries feeling decimated by the digital age. 

    How can our customers learn more and become involved with the VFILES community?
    The best way is to sign up on VFILES.com and find us on our all social channels where we keep our community updated on whats happening with us. 

    What do you look for in the young talent you source and work with?
    We look for creativity, someone who is not afraid to take risks and most importantly someone who is authentic in their vision. 

    Can you share more about this collection for UO? 
    To celebrate our fifth birthday we launched the “All Rights Reserved” collection inspired by our VFILES community and everything they represent: TALENT, SPIRIT, PASSION, POWER, DIVERSITY. 

    What is next for VFILES?
    We are already gearing up for VFILES RUNWAY 9 which is coming up in September and as always have a few tricks up our sleeve ;) 

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