• Featured Brands: Saturday Skin

    Already a favorite of publications like Teen Vogue, Saturday Skin is a beauty line free from added dyes and fragrances that delivers on its skin care promises. Find out more about the science behind the goop here.
    Photos by Julia Robbs

    "Like the perfect Saturday, time slows down and your face lights up," reads the copy on the Saturday Skin website. The brand, known for its pale pink, Instagram-friendly packaging, also boasts an impressive ingredients line-up that doesn't include parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, or synthetic color. In short, it's derived from natural ingredients and, since it relies on proven science, it works.

    Like so many innovative beauty brands today, Saturday Skin has its roots in Seoul where it was developed by the world-renowned scientists behind the CHAUM wellness center. Their goal? Erase signs of age and extend skin's youth. The Saturday Skin line promises to preserve youth, which is a bold statement to make, and one that's intrigued us ever since we first got our hands on the matte pink products. To back up their claim, Saturday Skin claims that their discovery of "The Golden Phase," a "period defined by cell division and differentiation that fosters bright, fresh and new skin," helped them develop the Cha-7 es complex, a blend of ingredients and peptides which help extend the skin's "golden phase" continuously. (Cue us singing, "Forever young, I want to be forever younnng.")

    While the claims themselves may seem hard to follow without a biology degree ("Cha-7 es complex" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue), CHAUM's iconic wellness center and research facilities help lend credence to the brand's claims thanks to the years of research that's gone into the line. 

    For those not concerned with the science behind the brand, let's discuss the products themselves. A carefully curated line, Saturday Skin currently consists of only six face products and two sheet masks (one for hydration and one for brightening). The Freeze Frame Beauty Essence is one of the stand-outs of the line and a favorite here at UO. Meant to be used in the morning and at night, the Freeze Frame Beauty Essence is a lightweight serum that helps boost skin elasticity and firmness. While some essences and serums feel like they never fully absorb into the skin, the Freeze Frame Beauty Essence sinks in easily and is lightweight enough to wear under makeup. To use, gently tap all over the face and let dry. Using in the morning and evening helps rehydrate skin and even out skin tone, and it's a great way to dip your toes into a multi-step beauty routine since it's super easy to apply. (And after sleeping in it, we found that our skin tone was even and bright in the morning. Score.)

    A runner-up in our everyday beauty routine is the Daily Dew Hydrating Essence Mist. Whenever skin is feeling especially dry, the Hydrating Essence Mist gives it the quick blast of moisture it needs. Like the Freeze Frame Beauty Essence, the Hydrating Essence Mist sinks into skin and hydrates without leaving skin sticky. We like to keep a bottle on our desk at work to refresh throughout the day. It goes on easily over makeup and leaves skin feeling moisturized, not overly greasy.

    If you're intrigued by Saturday Skin's claims and want to try something but are keeping an eye on your budget, try the Saturday Skin Individual Sheet Masks. Available in two versions, Spotlight Brighten and Quench Hydration, these sheet masks are thin, hydrogel masks that adhere easily to the skin. The pouch also comes with an excess of serum which is handy for spreading into the neck and décolletage. Each mask leaves our skin feeling hydrated and smoothed, and for $6 we really have no complaints. (Plus, hydrogel masks are amazing - if you've only ever tried cotton sheet masks, you're in for a treat.) For a skincare addict looking to try something new, we say give Saturday Skin a shot. Your face will thank you.

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