• Featured Brands: Philo

    We go behind the scenes with Philo, the North Italy-based design group that’s channeling the Italian ethos into a slick line of colorful phone accessories. 
    Photos courtesy of Philo 

    Tell us about Philo. How did the brand get started? 
    Philo started when the two founders of our company decided to create a product that would have been a mix of a classic design and the freshest, newest fashion trends. The inspiration for our very first product, the Spool Cable, came from the traditional Italian sewing Spool around which the sewing wire was rolled. They therefore decided to design a charging cable rolled around a wooden spool, that was our first creation. Now the spools are made of a soft silicon material, but the initial concept remained the same. After the spool cable, it just felt natural to add a collection of cases to match it and to complete the range.
    Is there a particular design philosophy or ethos that ties the brands products together? 
    All our products are designed with the aim of being simple, elegant and colorful. The color lines are created to be able to satisfy everyone’s taste, but also to have all the colors looking good with each other. This is why we divided the line in 4 different color collections: basic, element, neon and metal.

    What sets Philo products apart? 
    The idea behind every Philo product is speaking a design language that can be easily understood, but at the same time it has to look good. All Philo’s designers were born, raised and studied in Italy so they’ve been focused on details and looks for their whole career. Our packaging is a perfect example of how much effort and attention we put on looks and details.
    Northern Italy has a long lineage of renowned design, how does Philo fit into that rich history? 
    Nothing fascinates us more than creating a bond between old and new. We took an idea that came for an old kind of fashion and brought it to tech world, where new things are a constant must. This bond created a unique appeal that gains interest from people keen on very different worlds: fashion, hi-tech, design, art etc. 

    How do new products come together? What is the design process like at Philo? 
    Every project usually starts from an object. One of the key points of our creations is to give some products that are considered very simple (such as a charging cable) a completely new conception using our design language. Our artistic vibe has been recognized by some of the most important art realities in the world, such the MOMA in New York, who recently started selling our products.

    The brand utilizes magnificent colors in its assortment. How are the colors chosen for the products? 
    As much as we love the design aspect, we know that we also have to please our colleagues from the Sales department. We try not to forget our deep knowledge of the market while designing our products. By providing a vast color range, it’s easier to meet everyone’s taste and the final customers always get to find the color that represents them the most. For every group of colors, we do several artworks and eventually pick the ones that fit the most on all products.
    Is there a secret to good design? 
    We don’t think there’s a secret. We simply believe that our passion for what we do drives us through all the efforts and the sacrifices that every well-done job needs. And if you allow us to be a bit pretentious, we think PHILO is a well-done job. 
    What does the future hold for Philo? 
    One of our dreams is to bring our colorful fashion concept into the clothing world. We are currently studying a line of wearable accessories that will mix a clean design with elegance and color. But I’m afraid this is all we can tell you, for now.