• Featured Brands: Adorn

    Balance, luck, strength: we’ll take one of each of Adorn’s all-new fragrances, three cosmic-inspired scents that incorporate the properties of crystals and gemstones into your daily routine. 
    Photos by Kimberley Dhollander

    Tiger’s Eye — Strength
    Ingredients: Sandalwood + Moss + Suede 
    Known for its confidence-boosting and protective properties, Tiger’s Eye is the perfect complement to the earthy, rich scents of sandalwood and suede. This fragrance is distinct without being heavy, made for those who want to stand out from the crowd—but still maintain a little mystery.

    Amethyst – Balance 
    Ingredients: Jasmine + Ylang Ylang + Violet 
    Looking for balance? Look no further than amethyst, known to calm and relieve stress. Just take a deep breath: this bright combination of healing amethyst and Jasmine work together in perfect harmony for a light, calming, versatile fragrance. It’s like a breath of fresh air. 

    Jade – Luck 
    Ingredients: Rose Petal + Peony + Reseda 
    Good vibes only: Jade is known to attract good luck and friendship, the perfect complement to this ultra-feminine, uplifting blend of rose and peony. Notes of herbaceous reseda add a fresh aroma, keeping it far from conventional. Call it your new good luck charm.

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