• Featured Brand: VERB

    Hello, and welcome to our first featured brand post! In case you didn't notice, we have a ton of beauty products on our site, and a lot of them may be brands you've never heard of before. Our featured brand posts will help shed some light on these smaller, more mysterious brands.

    First up is the VERB haircare line. VERB is made in Austin, TX, and it focuses on providing inexpensive but good products. We love this line because there aren't any sulfates or parabans in these products to damage your hair. Here are three of our favorites from the line! —Katie

    VERB Sea Spray
    This sea spray is amazing, and I'm not just saying that. Like, I am going to scream, "I'M IN LOVE, I'M IN LOVE, AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!" from the rooftops over this. Where other sea sprays might leave your hair feeling crispy, this stuff leaves your hair super soft. It also smells delicious, like how the beach would smell if there were no fish or sweaty people. Here is a picture of it in ACTION:

    I am going to Lloyd Dobbler this sea spray salt and stand outside its house with a boom box playing "In Your Eyes," that's how much I love it.

    See how good it is!? It's like the perfect amount of tousling. And un-crispiness. I wish computers had a scratch & sniff function so you could also know how good it smells, but you'll just have to take my word for it since life isn't The Jetsons yet.

    VERB Ghost Oil
    If you're a fan of all the Moroccan oils that are floating around out there, then you'll definitely like VERB's ghost oil. This one is a blend of Argan and Moringa oils, and it absorbs almost instantaneously. The ends of my hair are fried from continuous straightening, but this oil makes my ends look a whole lot happier. I can see this being useful for dudes, too, if they don't like putting product in their hair but still want something to keep it shiny and healthy looking.

    BONUS USE: The other day I rubbed some around my cuticles and it made them look better, too. ALL-PURPOSE!

    VERB Finishing Polish
    This finishing polish is lightweight enough to be used on dry hair, which is awesome. Because for some reason, I just hate using product on my wet hair and then drying it. It's like, somehow it just always ends up gunkier than I wanted it to be. This finishing polish does the same as products you would blowdry in, but it's easier to control how much you're using, and you can make sure you don't end up a greaseball. I put this through all of my hair and it smoothed down flyaways and my ends. If you have finer hair, you'll want to use a lighter touch, but this is great for thick hair (which I have)!

    Here is my attempt to show you that the texture is like a very light cream.

    All in all, the VERB products I tried out were amazing, and if you're looking for good-smelling, cost effective products that are made in the good ol' US of A, then these are worth giving a shot, for sure. (Especially if you want to smell like a beautiful angel.)

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