• Featured Brand: Jansport

    Sure, you remember Jansport for being the backpack to have senior year, but did you realize how cool Jansport is as a brand? Chances are, when you were rockin' your Jansport to math class, you didn't know Jansport had been making backpacks since back in the '60s, when Jansport's three founders, Murray Pletz, Janice Lewis and Skip Yowell, set out to create a "better pack that was truly innovative." Now, over forty years after starting their company, the brand is still going strong and making backpacks that are convenient for storing school books or hikin' the trails.

    Vintage Jansport

    Skip Yowell, one of the company's founders

    Since we love the retro styles of Jansport so much, we now have exclusive old school bags in "new school" colors, all from Jansport's Heritage series. These older-style packs even have the retro logo tag, which ensures that you'll stand out from the sea of other Jansport-toting kids on campus. Plus, we totally love the nostalgia vibe we get from owning one of these. Makes us want to throw on a pair of bellbottoms, sling on our backpack, and head off to a music festival.

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