• Featured Brand: Focused Space

    Focused Space, a San Diego-based accessories brand, focuses on providing good-lookin' yet functional backpacks and other goodies to help organize your chaotic, electronics-filled life. We spoke to founder Bryan Grismer to find out a little bit more about how the brand got started and what his favorite and most-used Focused Space products are.

    What makes your brand different from other accessory companies?

    Focused Space is an exploration into the fine products of efficiency. We create a fashionable look with functional compartments to store your laptop, iPad, iPhone and electronic accessories.

    What are your goals with each bag you design/make?
    The goal with each design is to elevate the travel experience and how we transport and organize our technology.

    Which bag of yours is the most popular?
    Each style serves a different purpose depending on the length of commute. The Curriculum and The FS Commander are very popular. The brand's heritage was developed around the Silo collection, which was made of a reinterpreted woven upholstery elk fabric and fashioned to resemble a livestock feed bag. The Silo reveals unexpected constructions that stand as a salutation to America’s pastoral traditions. The Silo backpack is also the favorite backpack style of Brandon Flowers, frontman of The Killers!

    Which bag is your personal favorite? What kinds of things do you find yourself putting in there daily?
    The Framework convertible backpack is a personal favorite of mine. I wanted to incorporate the timeless aesthetics and convenience of a fan-opening frame combined with a multipurpose shape that solved fast pace street travel. The straps can be tucked away to carry like a tote or attached to carry like a backpack. The bag has several organizational compartments to house everything needed in a daily commute.

    Can you tell us a little bit more about the sound stage you guys have set up in your home office? How did that come about?
    Although our brand emphasis is focused on travel efficiency, our family grew up playing music and rehearsing in our surf/skate shop in Southern California. We wanted to create a sound stage for bands to come in and express themselves.

    What kind of bands have performed there? Do you record the performances?
    Up and coming indie rock, underground hip-hop and EDM type performers.

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