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    Famous Hollywood Splits

    Apparently Jason Segel and Michelle Williams have called it quits and man, I really thought these guys were in it for the long haul. (◕︵◕) So many celebrity relationships have been crushing my dreams lately! I guess that's just the way it is in showbiz, but that doesn't mean I have to feel less destroyed by these relationships that will never directly affect me at all. Let's take a look at some other relationships that were supposed to renew all of our faith in love, but instead destroyed our hearts.—Katie

    Will Arnett & Amy Poehler
    Love is dead, guys. Love. is. dead.

    P. Diddy & J-Lo
    Was this my favorite celebrity pairing of all time? Yes. Like, I kind of want it to happen again. J-Lo is amazing! P. Diddy is hilarious! Their children would be beautiful, hilarious whirlwinds of money.

    Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams
    Here is a fun personal anecdote: My boyfriend has a picture of himself next to Ryan Gosling and he looks like a monster. Ryan Gosling is too hot to exist next to normal people! That's why I'm convinced that Rachel and Ryan will find their way back to one another; they're both just too perfect looking to stray for long.

    Heidi Klum & Seal
    I mean... there aren't even any words.

    Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt
    Apparently their breakup happened 8 years ago, but it still feels fresh to me. Like, Brad Pitt is seriously dead2me until the end of time for hurting sweet baby Jen. She's had to deal with being "The Woman Who Will Never Be Lucky In Love" in every single tabloid since, so, yeah, you can go shave your back now, Brad.

    Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake
    This entire photoshoot was so magical and led us all to believe that they'd be living in a storybook cottage for the rest of their days. But noooo, idiots had to go and break up.

    Kanye West & Amber Rose
    Whatever, I loved these two. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME.