• Express Yourself: Childhood Heroes

    Growing up is hard. Like, sometimes all the girls in 6th grade know how to expertly apply Bonne Bell face glitter to their eyelids, but you don't know how and no one will help you and you're the only girl at the dance without any glitter on her face, and it's very traumatic. When real life sucks, sometimes you just need a few random people to look up to, to help get you through the hell of tweendom. The road to finding oneself is paved with pop culture stars of the '90s, man! Here are some of the people that helped me become the cultured and confidant woman that I am today. —Katie

    Posh Spice
    Sweet, beautiful angel Posh was the most amazing woman in the world to me when I was younger. Sure, she wasn't the most exciting member of The Spice Girls, but she was the classiest. And she was a brunette, like me, so we totally had so much in common. Unfortunately, I also had triangle hair when I was little, and also had no elegance, and also wasn't even a little bit mysterious, so while my transformation into Posh Spice was not to be, at least I came to terms at an early age that I would never be a beautiful, alien-headed swan like Mrs. Beckham.

    Laura Winslow
    I don't think I can actually put into words how b e a u t i f u l I thought Laura Winslow was when I was a tween. Especially after her haircut. LOOK AT HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS! Plus, she was a solid female character. And she was always just like, fending off boys. Me and my triangle hair wanted to be that. And then she also taught me humility and love is blind because she totes could have ended up with Stefan, but she picked Steve! Wow, what a lesson. Laura Winslow: forever my spirit animal.

    Clarissa Darling
    It's almost spooky how ahead of her time Clarissa was. Like, do you see that graphic up there? That existed before Tumblr. Isn't it amazing how forward-thinking our girl Clarissa was? She even had a badass pet crocodile (to emphasize how cool and not girly she was), which totally convinced me that I, too, wanted a crocodile. (Even though, deep down, I didn't want one at all because they're not cuddly and stink like sweaty garbage.) I also appreciated her totally platonic best-friendship with Sam. CRUSH THE NORM, GIRL.

    Horses, mini or otherwise
    IDK, horses are just really majestic and I was totally a horse girl and I totally "get" Li'l Sebastian and maybe deep in my soul I just want to be one and I mean, LOOK AT THAT LI'L GUY! HE FITS IN A CAR! If there was ever a gentle, perfect creature to aspire to be, it is most certainly the mini horse.

    Who were some of your childhood heroes? Tell me! I want to know.