• Employee Prom Stories: Lauren Mahoney

    Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

    Employee: Lauren Mahoney, Director of Fashion Merchandising-Women's

    "My parents practically begged me to let them throw a "Punch Party" at my house before the dance. I wasn't into the idea, but they tempted me by offering to pay for a limo. Little did I know, they had also arranged for the limo to come back after it had dropped us at the dance, to take my parents and my date's parents to downtown Detroit to visit the casinos. Meanwhile, at the dance, my date and I were crowned king and queen. 

    The dance ended, everyone left for the after parties, and we were left stranded outside of the banquet hall waiting for the limo. By the time we reached home our parents were having a better time than we had. A week later, the film was developed we found some hilarious (or not so hilarious to us at the time) photos of our parents wearing tilted crowns and a half-full bottle of grappa."