• Employee Prom Stories: Kate Brunner

    Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

    Employee: Kate Brunner, Urban-Direct Copywriter

    "This was senior prom, 1996. I was wearing a linen sack dress with silver Birkenstocks. My BFF was wearing a vintage dress and blinky raver ring. When this was posted on Facebook, our friend wearing the puka shell necklace asked, “Why were we so dressed up?”, not remembering that this was from the prom. A few weeks after the prom, the boy I had a crush on wore this same linen dress to school in a different color—he looked way better.

    For my junior prom I was going for a Courtney Love look but kind of look like an Amish waitress. My BFF dyed her hair to match her dress (which was from 5.7.9) and everyone is wearing candy necklaces.

    Last picture.  This dude’s name was Toast, obvi."