• Dressed To Kill

    New years celebrations are upon us and I haven't got a stitch to wear.. well, a tuxedo at least. I confess that the only time I had a new years event fancy enough to attend in a tux I had to borrow it from my father. To boost your confidence in sporting a tuxedo I offer generations of Bond men who seem to make it look oh so easy. At top we've got the Bond of today Daniel Craig in the new Skyfall, take note of the baller watch just peeking out of the cuff.

    Let's take it back a little bit to the days of Sean Connery, my personal favorite Bond actor. Pictured here in 1964's Goldfinger Mr. Connery sports a classic off-white jacket with a red carnation. Also notice the pleated shirt in contrast to Craig's more minimal and modern shirt without any sort of embellishment.

    In between those two we had Pierce Brosnan with his first Bond movie Goldeneye in '95 seen above with the lovely Natalya. Brosnan's tux style here is a bit more traditional with a big ole bow and a puffed up pocket square. Not nearly as streamlined as Daniel Craig's tuxedo but still, the man looks sharp and he even gets the girl. -Bob