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Dreamy Room Accessories

Those stills up there are from The Virgin Suicides because I can't think of better roomspiration if you're trying to keep things dreamy. I mean, look at that zodiac mobile! Isn't that the best thing you've ever seen? Here are some more items to help get your room looking as beautiful as Kirsten Dunst's imaginary room did in 1999. —Katie

Paddywax Apothecary Candle
Other scents include tobacco and patchouli, in case you're also going for the dreamy hippie vibe.

Turning Triangles Terrarium
Fill it with plants or dinosaurs. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Tarot Card Tray
Love these trays. Will patiently await one for the death Tarot card because my soul is black.

Magical Thinking Geo-Tinted Candle Holder
These also come in terrarium form, as shown below.

Magical Thinking Faceted Hanging Terrarium
See? So fun!

Spitfire Girl Terrarium Kit
In case you're a DIY nightmare, this is a handy, mostly pre-made terrarium kit. All you need to do is arrange the items and BOOM! You're done!

Star Crystal Kit
You can grow your own crystal! How baller is that?

Mosser Terrarium Kit
And even easier terrarium kit for the DIY failures out there. Like, there is literally no way you could mess this one up.

Grow Crystal Plants
Grow crystals on cactii!

Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book
So you can match your lifestyle up to your aesthetic choices.