• DIY: Valentine's Day Flower Crown

    Stop, smell the roses, then use them in this step-by-step guide to making the perfect Valentine's Day flower crown!

    What you'll need:
    -Fake flowers (white, pink, and red roses)
    -Flat wire (1/2 centimter)
    -Thin wire
    -Wire cutters
    -Krazy Glue
    -Rhinestones (stick on or not)
    -Double sided Glue Dots
    -Heart Stickers
    -Glitter Hairspray

    Step 1: Pull apart all of the fake flowers, until you're left with two petals that are attached in the middle [Picture 2]. Toss the leftover leaves. Keep the hard, white, bell-shaped flowers.

    Step 2: Wrap wire around your head until you find the perfect fit. Add two inches to the wire for extra space, and cut it with the scissors. Make a circular loop or twist at one end of the wire so the flowers won't fall off of the wire.

    Step 3: Tie the double petals and bell flowers-shaped flowers in a bow. Next, slide the wire through the hole. Push the flower to the end of the wire where it has been looped, so that way the petal bows will not be able to fall off. Alternate between the white and pink flower bows until the whole wire is filled, adding in the bell-shaped flowers every so often (between ever 10 or so flowers).  When the wire is filled, add the same loop or twist at the end so that the flowers can't slide off.

    Step 4: Spray the flowers with glitter hair spray—go glitter crazy!

    Step 5:  Add the roses! Using the Glue Dots and Krazy Glue, push the roses in-between the flowers. Use stapler if needed to hold roses in place.

    Step 6: Using the Glue Dots, stick the rhinestones onto the flowers petals, spreading them evenly throughout the flowers.

    Step 7: Stick heart stickers throughout the flowers, using Glue Dots to hold them in place if necessary.

    Step 8: Using the wire cutters, cut a piece of the thin wire (about 6-8 inches worth, depending on how you want it to fit).  Slide the wire through the loops made with the thick wire, and use the thin wire to make the now-completed flower crown fit snug on your head by twisting or bending the thin wire to make it tighter or looser.

    *make sure to close all wire ends so nothing pokes out!

    Step 8: Put it on and have some fun!