• Disney Romance

    Disney movies are like, the ultimate unattainable love stories so fuck that, but they're entertaining nonetheless. I mean, if you have to look up to an unattainable relationship, there might as well be good tunes involved. Here are some of the least terrible Disney couples.Katie

    Jasmine & Aladdin
    Obviously Jasmine is the best princess. She had a motherfucking tiger, y'all! And, hello? Do you see her gorgeous hair? Aladdin is cool, too. He was totes peacocking in the beginning of the relationship and Jasmine was like, "HELL NO," so then he got it together and wooed her in a pretty uncreepy and romantic, albeit unrealistic, way: on a magic carpet ride. Yes, you can show me the world, Aladdin.

    Belle & Beast
    Actually, the relationship between Belle and the Beast is kind of the worst, but The Beauty & the Beast has some of the best songs ever so... you win, Disney. But Belle would be The Ultimate Princess if she had left the stank old Beast to die alone in his castle of sadness. If we're gonna be real here, the Beast kind of sucked. He was mean. And he just kept yellllllling and being dramatic and really, was he that much better than Gaston? At least Gaston had a nice chin while he was being a dick. But Lumiere and Cogsworth were around and they made everything less depressing, so I guess I'll accept your relationship, Belle.

    Mulan & Shang
    Okay, these are in no particular order because obviously Mulan and Shang are way cooler than Belle and "I Am The Actual Worst" Beast. Mulan single-handedly killed the entire Hun army! If you don't think that's impressive, then take a look at Shan Yu, the most horrifying Disney villain in history. Plus, she wooed Shang with her sweet sword skills and Shang was a totally hot cartoon who was definitely on board with the feminist movement. You just know they went on to have a completely badass life together, riding horses and chopping enemies in half.

    Rapunzel & Flynn
    IDK, they were just a lot of fun together, okay? Maybe I cried during the lantern scene when they're in the boat. Maybe I think Mandy Moore is the greatest thing since sliced bread. So what?