• Destiny's Child Coordinated Outfits

    Buzzfeed put up a post titled "The 25 Most Embarrassing Destiny's Child Coordinated Looks," but I think what they meant to say was "The 25 Most AMAZING Destiny's Child Coordinated Looks" because OMG, these looks! Were Destiny's Child forever in matching outfits? I guess in my wee, 12-year-old brain, matching outfits made perfect sense and I stopped noticing them, the way you stop noticing a loved one's flaws or something. I hope this upcoming Destiny's Child reunion means more coordinating outfits courtesy of the mastermind behind the matching: Tina Knowles—Katie

    I mean, are you kidding me? How perfect is this look? Throw on one of those halter tops, smear a little roller-ball glitter next to your eyes and voilà, you're all set for a middle school dance.

    I think Tommy Hilfiger overalls used to be the coolest things a human being could own, so yeah, I'd say I'm pretty jealous of this look.

    I feel like you're not a real popstar until you wear some sort of denim outfit. See here, here and, of course, here. That last one is the iconic Britney & Justin matching denim look and I have to say, I wouldn't be mad if they brought the look back. Play "Suit & Tie" all you want, Justin, but I know you're just jonesin' to whip out your ol' denim blazer.

    No words.