• (Photography by Akiko Higuchi)

    Designed By: Remi Relief

    Mitsu Tsuchiya, the Men's Market Editor over at NYLON, deals with fashion for a living, so we asked for his opinion on our exclusive Designed By: Remi Relief shirt. He tells us what he likes about the shirt, how you can totally wear sweatshirts to work, and what he believes is the quintessential fashion tip. —Katie

    How would you describe your day-to-day style?

    It really depends on what my schedule is looking like on each day. If I have to be on set styling, I would wear something very comfortable, like how I look in this picture. I always wear a fitted or beanie, too. It's just a type of accessory I'm digging these days; like this NY Knicks x New Era one is definitely my favorite. It's probably because I'm a huge fan of NBA. If I have showroom appointments, I would wear something more dressy and put together. On weekends, I am more like a sweatshirt kinda guy. Designers like Burberry and Dior Homme have some great ones that I could also wear to work.

    What clothing item do you consider a must-have for every man out there?
    A nice tailored blazer that fits your body type. For me, it's this dark navy blazer that I got from Topman. If you have it tailored to fit your body nicely, it'll become versatile, depending on what you have on underneath (like a cool graphic tee to dress down but still look edgy, or a simple, solid-colored sweater to get a more sophisticated look) and will look expensive on you.

    What's one fashion tip you wish men everywhere would adhere to?
    You need to realize your body type and know what looks good on you. I'm a short guy, so I usually wear clothes that are fitted to my body. Otherwise, I would look stocky and even shorter. I also have a typical Asian body type, which pretty much consists of a long torso and short arms, so tailoring is essential when it comes to button-downs. I also wear darker colors inside and lighter colors outside, like a black T-shirt with beige jacket over it to give me an illusion of looking longer and taller. You need to do a lot of research and spend a lot of time to come up with what looks really good on you.

    Who or what influences your style?
    Mainly street style. I work in Soho, which is like the most fashionable place in NYC—I see many stylish people walking down the street, shopping, etc. and I get ideas from them most of the time. I also attend a lot of collection previews and shows, and if I see something I like, either an item or styling, I get ideas from that as well. That's the best part of being a market editor. I get to see what's coming out next season before anyone else!

    What are some of your favorite fashion magazines and blogs?
    I was born and raised in Japan, so I still read many Japanese magazines that I buy at a Japanese bookstore in Manhattan. My mother also ships some from Japan as well. LOL. I usually buy tons back home when I'm there for Christmas and New Year.

    What is it you like about the Remi Relief shirt? How does Remi Relief fit your fashion aesthetic?
    I love denim first of all, and this chambray shirt has cool cowboy inspired print all over it, which makes it even cooler. It also has a cool vintage-like wash finishing, so I paired it with suede boots. I'm also big in doing denim on denim looks.

    The Designed By collection will be available in select stores starting 4/11. Check back tomorrow for more sneak peeks from the collection!