• (Photographer: Desmond Cheung)

    Designed By: Garbstore

    Eugene Kan, Managerial Editor of online fashion mag Hypebeast, took our exclusive Garbstore jacket for a test drive, and tells us about the importance of tailoring. —Katie

    How would you describe your day-to-day style?

    Definitely not an easy question to answer. I think, in general, I'm drawn quite a bit to technical brands with a certain minimalist aesthetic, but I won't shy away from something a little more colorful or bolder in terms of balancing everything out. It gets boring wearing just heather gray (as I often do) or black. I'm not exactly a slender dude so generally I can't get away from really fitted and tailored looks.

    What clothing item do you consider a must-have for every man out there?
    There are your really cliche answers that may suit menswear—like a suit or even the more generic reply of a pair of jeans and white T-shirt—but I've never really subscribed to that as much as the idea that your clothes simply need to fit. No point getting stuff that fits poorly as it will always be a visual sore spot.

    What's one fashion tip you wish men everywhere would adhere to?
    To follow-up on my previous comment, finding clothes that fit properly, or taking the steps to make them fit are important. Unless you reside in the realm of the avant-garde where proportions are often more liberal, I think attention to fit is something that requires a lot of consideration. It's not a hard & fast rule but one to keep in mind.

    Who or what influences your style?
    This is a tough question. It’s sort of similar to the question of “what’s your favorite brand?” When you’re subjected to so much and at times processing it very quickly, you can’t always recall where some sort of inspiration came from. But in general, it helps when the likes of Pinterest and Tumblr enable to attach a little bit more of permanence to the stuff that engages you.

    What are some of your favorite fashion magazines and blogs?
    I like The Fashionisto a lot for their representation of the current landscape of high(er) fashion. I also like the Business of Fashion for its ability to provide a different perspective on things as well as offer interesting developments in the realm of fashion and technology. While not based solely around fashion, the site Jing Daily keeps me abreast of what’s going on in China in regards to fashion and luxury. In regards to other fashion sites, A Continuous Lean is cool for its candid portrayal of American brands. Third Looks does a good job of presenting another honest perspective on fashion with editorials and I see the site’s founder commenting a lot on Hypebeast, haha.

    What is it you like about the Garbstore jacket?
    My shoulders are pretty broad so sometimes it's difficult to find something that fits well but the jacket has no issues in that department. The 60/40 fabric is both lightweight and breathable with a moderate level of water resistance which is good when you're transitioning between, say, the bus and the office.

    How does Garbstore fit your fashion aesthetic?
    I really think that the job that Ian Paley and crew do over there is awesome in regards to their ability to wear several hats. Whether it's G-Shock and Mighty Healthy T-shirt collaborations to working with Grenson, they obviously don’t feel the need to cater specifically to one demographic. In many ways this falls in line with the interests of Hypebeast. It’s about finding the connection where most people overlook. I personally don’t like the idea and regiment of being required to wear brands from all the same genre, so why not mix it up as you see fit across the spectrum much like the way Garbstore presents itself?

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