• Designed By: Duluth Pack

    Pete Williams, the editor at Highsnobiety, a lifestyle site that covers sneakers and streetwear, lets us know what he thinks about our exclusive Duluth Pack duffel. —Katie

    How would you describe your day-to-day style?
    Stay comfy but be ready for anything. Guess you could call that "versatile."

    What clothing item do you consider a must-have for every man out there?
    Today: Good sweatpants. Find something that looks presentable while staying comfy and you win. Not for any situation obviously, but something you can go out with on a Sunday and not feel sloppy.

    What's one fashion tip you wish men everywhere would adhere to?
    Keep open-toed footwear for the beach. If you're wearing flip-flops more than 5 blocks from the sand, you're not doing anyone any favors.

    Who or what influences your style?
    Skateboarding is my #1 influence. Then, various music cues, mainly from the '90s hip-hop and punk scenes.

    What are some of your favorite fashion magazines and blogs?
    Besides Highsnob & Selectism, I'd say Fashion Copious, The World's Best Ever and Acquire. Four Pins can also be entertaining at times.

    What is it you like about the Duluth Pack bag?
    Domestic production is important to meI have my own clothing line called Raised by Wolves and we make everything in Canada and the U.S.so I appreciate Duluth making everything locally. It also looks good and is sturdy at the same time. You can beat it up and it'll look even better.

    How does Duluth Pack fit your fashion aesthetic?
    Camo has been a lifelong obsession and works well as an accent to an all-black look, which is something I wear fairly often. In general I like a lot of utilitarian or military styles and this Duluth duffel is a great mix of both.

    The Designed By collection will be available in select stores starting today! And don't forget to check out our Garbstore, Remi Relief and V::Room previews.