• Comic Con: We Went To A Comedy Central Party

    Right in the middle of Friday's Comic Con craziness, we took a break from waiting on line for stuff and tweeting about Teen Wolf to party with some friends from Comedy Central. It was rad. Workaholics dudes continue to be the best. And can someone please send us a Tight Butthole foam hand thing? Thank you. —Dave

    Cool sunglasses, bra. (No, really. Where'd you get them?)

    The perfect 2013 version of a '90s glamour shot.

    Okay, Comedy Central. There are at least three of us here who need one of these. Just sayin'.

    Hello, Adam. :-)

    Awwwww, yeah.

    This was actually shot from 400 yards away with a mega-zoon lens and it's not creepy at all. Hi. :-)