• Comedy Couture: Steve Holt!

    You'll never be Steve Holt! but can still try to dress like him. In four simple steps, you can copy the style of the most popular senior in school—three years in a row. We've also included some of Steve Holt!'s most inspirational quotes to get you feeling like you just took a bunch of pills filled with oxygen. —Ally

    Get the Steve Holt! look:

    Charles & 1/2 Varsity Jacket
    "There's no 'I' in win!" —Steve Holt!

    Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Shirt
    "Don't ask can I? Ask I can." —Steve Holt!

    Levi's 513 Clouded Tones Jean
    "Study hard guys—trust me." —Steve Holt!

    adidas Samba Classic Sneaker
    "STEVE HOLT!"—Steve Holt!