• Comedy Couture: Rita Leeds

    Even though Rita Leeds came along a bit later in the plot of Arrested Development, she's a very important character indeed. Rita is Michael Bluth's rather childish (or spy-ish) girlfriend in the third season of the show, and also happens to live in "Wee Britain." Rita's outfits always reflect her sillinessas they should! Most importantly, she always wears a hat. Maybe for better spying on the Bluth's activites? Time for you to try Rita's five-year-old meets thirty-year-old look. Maddie

    Get the look:

    Deena & Ozzy Ears Bowler Hat
    Step one: have an utterly adorable hat that might be able to hide a spy camera inside. I think she'd like this one. I mean, cat ears!

    UNIF Cake Sweater
    Rita wears lots of colors, and I'm sure this rainbow cable knit would fit right in with her many other crocheted wares.

    Kimchi Blue Printed High-Rise Pinup Pant
    Polka dot trousers to perfectly mismatch the rest of her outfit.

    UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses
    It's impossible to forget those heart-shaped sunglasses she always wears!

    Wild At Heart Necklace
    An adorable bunny necklace, just to top it all off.