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    Coachella Street Style: Flower Crowns

    It's official.: flower crowns are the new black!  Walking into Coachella was like stepping into a time warp—like you were a part of the flower children flocking to San Francisco in the '60s. With festival goers channeling the likes of Lana Del Ray and the crew at Rookie Mag, you couldn't turn a full 360 degrees around without seeing a headful of flowers. So, if you're heading to Week 2 and don't know what to do with you hair, we have your solution: when in doubt, put a crown on it! Trust us, BB V would be very proud of you. —Ally

    Even the boys got in on the fun. (He may not look it, but I swear this guy was really happy.

    Get the look:

    Gardenhead Rosa Floral Halo Headwrap

    Cult Gaia Jolie Flower Crown Headwrap

    Floral Hair Clip

    Gardenhead Frida Floral Halo Headwrap