• Ioanna from IO Echo at the Iamsound and House of Holland party

    Coachella: Day Three

    If we had to pick a theme song for day three of Coachella, it would be "Dust in the Wind," even though Kansas was no where in sight. But more on that later...

    The day started out beautifully, with perfect weather and a gorgeous set from Wild Belle, who seem like they were made to play outdoors on a stage lined with palm trees. 

    From there, we made our way across the grounds to see Dave P (from Philadelphia and Making Time) and JDH in the Yuma tent. Our joke this trip has been that we can't go anywhere without hearing Stevie Nicks—from the Filter party to the Integratron to every Palm Springs radio station—which is awesome, because there's no such thing as too much Stevie. Therefore, when they played Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams," we were pretty sure that it was a sign that in the midst of the Coachella craziness, this was exactly where we needed to be.

    And speaking of signs, we couldn't help but think that this one at the info booth seems maybe a tad bit optimistic?

    After that, we headed back into Palm Springs to the super-colorful Saguaro Hotel, where Ioanna Gika from IO Echo was hosting a party for House of Holland eyewear. Henry Holland was appropriately dressed (obvi) in palm trees, and this spot was home to some of the best dressed folks we saw all weekend, like this guy rocking the Jeffrey Campbell Rainbow Highlight Platform Sneaker. PS Henry—You have got really good hair.

    As we left the Saguaro and headed back to Coachella, what had been a beautiful day suddenly took a turn and we found ourselves—and about 80,000 other people—in the middle of a serious dust storm. It brought to mind either a zombie apocalypse or Burning Man (and actually, is there really that much difference between the two?).

    That didn't stop the crowd from going crazy during a Vampire Weekend set, and one of the happiest things we saw this weekend was this spontaneous circle dance of about 50 strangers. Coachella can be total madness with long lines, heat, dust, bros and a ton of other things to drive you crazy, but it's moments like this that remind you that everyone's just here to have a good time.

    Ally's been crushing hard on Father John Misty, and his on-stage quips and ramblings only served to add fuel to the fire. If he did perform in a robot hat, I guess the down side would be that we wouldn't be able to see how cute he is?

    Sunday night is when Coachella brings out the big guns that draw huge crowds. When the Wu-Tang "W" suddenly lit up the stage, it was like the bat signal and people took off running from all corners of the grounds to mob the show. We watched from what we guessed to be a half-mile back. We promise that the Clan is up there somewhere, just trust us.

    Ditto for Red Hot Chili Peppers, where we were too far back to even pretend to take a picture, so here's one from the LA Times. Anthony Kiedis said he felt like he was in Lawrence of Arabia, which reminds us, did we mention the dust?

    These festival-goers weren't the only ones who opted to huddle under their blanket instead of sit on top of it, and our associate social media manager Vanessa employed extreme measures to upload a Vine

    We all put on our sunglasses, even though it was after midnight, and ran to the car covering our faces. In the end, it was ok, because it just made us feel like we were Vanessa Hudgens running from the paparazzi. This is just SOME of what came off my face when I got in the car. So, thanks Coachella! We had a blast and will see you again in 2014. We should have all of this dirt out of our hair by then.—Kate