• Coachella: Day One

    We woke up bright and early and made our way down to the festival grounds by noon.  We breezed through security, walked about a mile down the "Yellow Brick Road" and BOOM! As you can see from the shot below, we were not prepared for the influx of campers making their way through the second checkpoint. Note to self: Nothing is ever easy.

    We waited about and hour and a half to get through, missing Io Echo (sorry guys!!), but we ended up being surrounded by some pretty nice people and had plenty of entertainment while we stood in the blazing sun.

    After making it through the gates (and getting a very, very thorough pat-down) we finally found ourselves at our destination: Coachella. Ahh, free at last!

    The rainbow tents in the center of the grounds are the place to be. More on that later.

    Our first show of the day: Youth Lagoon! Where we happened to run into our very own UO blogger, Maddie. Isn't she the cutest?

    As the sun went down, things started getting weird. And awesome. And very Spring Break. The music was loud, the people were psyched and everyone was having a good time (especially all of those couples making out. Yeah, we saw you!).

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Karen O is the ultimate.

    Was it just us or was EVERYONE at Blur? Here, Z Berg was seen canoodling at Chris Isen's Halloween party. I mean, err, Coachella. Woo hoo!!!

    Jade!!!!!! She wasn't wearing her Maxi Tube Dress but we still love her.

    Back to the rainbow tents where Cirque du Soleil and gasoline coexist. Don't light any flames next to us this weekend, please?

    Tegan and Sara's "Walking With a Ghost" is still IN my mind, no matter which way I go.

    Whew, what a day. Stay tuned for our Day Two recap and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to catch the action as it's happening!