• (background via VJun)

    Coachella 2000

    HOLY SHIT, Y'ALL!!! Remember that inaugural first year of Coachella and how sick the lineup was? But then there was no festival in 2000, presumably due to financial reasons? Well, hold onto your hats because we just found this super-secret poster hidden away in an MS Paint file of what was planned for the festival lineup in '00*. If only people had been saving their pennies instead of saving cans of soup for the Y2K apocalypse, then maybe we could have seen this glorious festival come to fruition. Sadly, we'll just have to imagine with this one, and hope our 2013 Coachella memories will erase how sad we are about not seeing The Spice Girls play alongside Usher. Napster forever!—Katie

    *I mean, I hope you all know I made this in Word.