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Lonely Hearts SS 2011

The Lonely Hearts SS11 collection, 'Alone', might be inspired by seclusion but it's not inaccessible. The wide range of silhouettes, light fabrics and nature-inspired prints create a varied summer wardrobe be it by the water or in the desert. - Nadia

Wet Wings

Thanks to the Internet ears all over the world have been bliss bombed by Wet Wings's floating soundscapes. The duo is currently wafting out of Wellington for a limited time to play Melbourne's The Worker's Club on January 14 and The Toff (with Mountain Man) on January 15. - Nadia

D_Luxe Costumes and Crystal Amour

Designed by Karie Higgins and Megan Oliver, D-Luxe is about as girly as it gets. Their latest collection, Costumes & Crystal Amour, will make you as giddy as a four-year-old in the Barbie aisle at Target.