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Style Icon: Nancy Downs (2k13 Reboot)

I have spent most of my midnights during the last three years trying to summon Manon (no results, YET!), all the while managing my crush on a fictional '90s teen witch: Nancy Downs (played by goth queen Fairuza Balk) from '90s cult classic The Craft.  She is a style icon in her own "Friday the 13th" right.

If Nancy were to be writing her spells down in a TextEdit instead of a journal, and reblogging Wicca iconography and pictures of dudes via pale blogs on Tumblr, this is how she would probably dress in our cyber-gothic world today! —Alex

Check out the essential Nancy Downs 2k13 Reboot look!

Get the look:
As a substitute for the school girl skirt, we think that Nancy would like to be comfortable in something more chill while casting hexes on boys in her class.

Blood red. Need I say more? 

Platforms instead of oxfords because duh. Futurism!

Always need to be protected.

This dark lipstick is already a steal for only four bucks, but that doesn't mean Nancy wouldn't shoplift it anyway.

P.S Never forget the best lesson she has taught us! We don't need to watch out for any weirdos because, "We are the weirdos, mister!"

Meet Alex!

And now! Introducing the newest addition to our fabulous blog team... drum roll please... ALEX!!!!

"Sup? My name is Alex. I pretty much don't leave my house because everybody is terrifying. You can find me in my room drinking a coke, watching made for TV movies on VHS from the '90s and studying the production/songwriting credits on Britney Spears' discography. Oh yeah: I recently just finished writing my first novel, YOURS TRULY, BRAD SELA."

Read more from Alex on his Twitter page @alexkazemi and be on the lookout for his posts, coming to you right... now.

Exclusive Premiere: Lightning Dust "Diamond"

Lightning Dust, a side project of Amber Webber and Joshua Wells, both from Black Mountain, are releasing their third album entitled Fantasy on June 25, and Urban Outfitters has the exclusive first listen to the opening track on the album, "Diamond." The duo wanted to go purely synthetic with this album, so Wells used a badass, old-school sequencer in creating the songs. Adding Webber's vibrato into the equation made for some absolutely fantastic summer tunes. (Seriously, this is going to be epic road trip music.) If you'd like to pre-order their album, you can do so here (the deluxe bundle includes a 7" single that's limited to the first 200 orders!), and if you're itching to see the band live, they're playing at the Pickathon Festival in Oregon this August. —Katie

(Photo credit: Ila Meens)


Booooooom has a link to the full-length version of the longawaited Machotaildrop and it looks pretty fucking awesome. According to IMDB the movie is "a highly visual and fantastical journey about an amateur skateboarder." I can absolutely get behind a whimsical, Wes Anderson-esque flick about a gang of sk8r bois. -Katie

What Would Grimes Want?

Gotta admit, I'm not entirely sure if Claire Boucher (aka Grimes) is even human. She's probably some mystical fairy alien who descended onto Earth to grace us with her rad music. But, human or not, I know what gifts she would probably love for the holidays. Here are some ideas for what to get this Canadian electro-songstress. -Hazel

The Book of Skulls
In addition to being a musician, Boucher is also an extremely talented artist. Judging by the album art for Visions and her work, I'd guess Grimes has a thing for skulls. Perfect gift!

You can never have too many decorative gems for your face, and Claire Boucher gets this. Give her more! 

Grimes would definitely want fellow 4AD labelmate Purity Ring's debut album Shrines, a synth-pop record that pairs perfectly with Grimes' music.

Daydreamer LA Camo Guadelupe Muscle Tee
The girl is always wearing that camo jacket! Doesn't she get hot on stage? Something tells me she'd dig this camo muscle tee with the Virgin of Guadelupe on it. 

Micro Gem Headphones
These futuristic looking headphones would be perfect for Grimes to use as she listens to her own music while dancing at a dirt-bike show/football game!

VANCOUVER by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Paper Rad

Check out visuals from the laser show VANCOUVER, created by Philly's own Andrew Jeffrey Wright and the collective Paper Rad. Be sure to turn your speakers up for the spaced out sounds! -Lorin

From the Men's Catalog: Nate Lacoste

We tapped Vancouver, BC based skater Nate Lacoste to be in our latest men's catalog, photographed by Jason Nocito in NYC. Here, he answers a few questions.

Interview by Lorin Brown

Who are some of your early influences in skateboarding?
My early influences were my friends and all the kids we used to skate with back when we all first started. We all use to look up to the older guys that made skating look fun and natural. I thought it looked so cool, I just remember these teenagers skating past my house when I was super young. I wanted to do that with my friends. 

What are your favorite spots in Vancouver? 
Boring but true, I would have to say my favorite night spot in Vancouver is sitting around the kitchen with my roommates and friends alike drinking and listening to music. If you want to get outdoors, anywhere outside the city limits is a pretty good bet. 

Who is someone making noise in Vancouver right now? 
My roommate Nicholas Dirksen has a Band going thats fucking up the scene in Vancouver big time. They're called the Silver Skeleton Band and they truly rule. Check them out. Trust me, there gonna blow up. 

What outside of skating has influenced you as a skateboarder?
Most water sports, like kayaking, or tubing behind a speed boat on a lake in the summer. 

What's your favorite skate shop?
Anti-Social in Vancouver because its the best. 

Since you're always on the go, what are five things you must have with you at all times?

1. Camera (digital & film)
2. New socks
3. Moleskin
4. An open mind
5. Skateboard

What's something we should know about your newfound modeling career?
That it was my first photo shoot off of my skateboard. 

Can you give us a couple tracks from your skating playlist?
Brian Eno, "Baby's on Fire"
Silver Skeleton Band, "Bijoux"
Thee Oh Sees, "Warm Slime"

Where can we check you out online?
or on Instagram: @natelacoste

Ira Parka

I'm totally crazy about this wool parka from Lifetime Collective, and pretty much their entire outerwear line. I own a few parkas but they're pretty light in weight so a bit of layering is necessary on real cold days. Notable features I'm loving are the not so overly bold color blocking stripes across the body, sleeves, and hood as well as the bellowed pockets. -Bob

Vancouver Art Book Fair

Hosted by Project Space and Fillip, The Vancouver Art Book Fair seeks to fill a gap on the West Coast, looking to Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair in New York City as the only other major North American art book fair. The fair will be showcasing a series of talks, book and zine launches, exhibitions and readings. Participating publishers, artists, designers and writers include French curator and publisher Charlotte Cheetham of Manystuff, Brian Kennon of 2nd Cannon Press, and artist Germaine Koh. The fair takes place October 5-7 at the Vancouver Art Gallery (750 Hornby Street). Looking forward to it! - Jennilee

Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition

As part of the Olio Festival launching this weekend in Vancouver, Fortune Sound Club will be presenting the Manwolfs Jean Jacket Exhibition. The Manwolfs first came to be as characters in the skateboarding cult film Machotaildrop, directed by Corey Adams and Alex Craig, and have been featured in several films ever since. The exhibition will show different renditions of the Manwolf jean jacket with works by FOS, Jeremy Fish, local heros Andrew Pommier and Keith Jones, and more. This Sunday at Fortune (147 E. Pender St).  - Jennilee



I really love these bike caps from HMPL, a Vancouver bike accessory company making hats and saddle bags. All of their caps are made from reclaimed fabrics so each one is unique, either of the two pictured would be perfect fall riding hats. -Bob

Reigning Champ

These aren't your run of the mill sweats that you wore in gym class—not even close. Reigning Champ produces garments built to last with flatlock seam stitching and other meticulous details. Tee's, hoodies, pants, and all things terry and fleece they've pretty much done perfectly. -Bob

DeathPop Club

In honor of the incredibly boring VMAs, we present to you the incredibly rad DeathPop Club illustrations by Mark Hall-Patch.  Created for the people who "make/made the devil's music," these heavy metal themed logos are perfect for spicing things up in the world of the pop queens and teens.  Please start using these! Especially you, Bieber. -Ally

Free Thinkers Zine #3 by Lifetime Collective

Vancouver-based Lifetime Collective has released their third edition of Free Thinkers, their zine dedicated to shedding light on the work and processes of emerging artists, musicians and designers. This edition of Free Thinkers has features, stories, and conversations with Vancouver-based musicians Hard Drugs, Miami's Jacuzzi Boys, artist Jay Howell, and artist and founder of, Jeff Hamada. In addition, the magazine also shows their beautiful A/W 2012 Lookbook, shot along Iceland's epic landscape by Jeff Petry.  Pick up a free copy at Antisocial, St. Mark's Bookshop, Family, or Cameron's Books. - Jennilee

Booooooom X MTV's "Made of Imagination"

The infinitely cool art and design blog Booooooom has teamed up with MTV and Sony Xperia to launch "Made of Imagination," a contest that wants you to make crazy handmade instruments. You can re-create an already existing instrument or invent a completely new one, and it can be made out of anything! You can either just submit photos of your wacky instrument or videotape yourself performing with your creation. Prizes include Xperia Ion phones and some mystery Boooooom goodies. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some random objects and start making music! - Hazel

Summer School by Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin

Summer School is a project by American artists Erin Jane Nelson and Ming Lin, where between July 21-27, they will transform Project Space in Vancouver into a free public art school. I'm super excited about their unique art classes, which include backstrap weaving, mushroom spore printing, kite making, air tasting, and solar photogram making. In addition to classes and talks, Nelson and Lin will curate artworks produced within the the classes into an exhibition that will open July 27 and run until August 24. Be sure to register soon as the classes are filling up fast! - Jennilee

Tonight in Vancouver - High Definition

Looking forward to the first of many exhibitions curated by the newly formed Vancouver based collective, Miracle and Connelly, which takes place at East Van Studios tonight. This exhibition features new painting, sculpture and photography work by Canadian artists Laura Piasta, Nathalee Paolinelli, Jeff Stuckel, Mark Delong, Jonathan Syme, Tonik Wojtyra, Aaron Carpenter, Victor Briestensky and myself. Amazing drink menu (as always) by Solder and Sons! Hope to see you! - Jennilee

Fluevog Prince George Boots

My friend Laura of Against Me! fame picked up these John Fluevog Prince George boots while on tour and I couldn't be more obsessed with them! I've only ever known Fluevog for his wacky footwear and I just had absolutely no idea he was doing anything this rock 'n'roll! X - Jen

This Friday: Long Legged Streak of Misery

A group of contemporary Canadian photographers, painters, and sculptors with roots in Vancouver have come together for a multidisciplinary exhibition at East Van Studis (870 East Cordova) tonight (June 8th), curated by seasoned artist Mark DeLong. This one night exhibition opens at 8pm, so head over and enjoy a beverage with us by Solder and Sons. In addition to great art, expect creative drinks like, “Trap Doors, Burning Logs, U-Boots, French Connections, Irish Car Bombs, Glam Clams, and Porch Crawlers.” - Jennilee

01 Magazine Presents Ryry's Ultimate Bodega

Tonight is the opening party for Ryry's Ultimate Bodega, a pop-up shop and functional art installation by Ryan Smith in collaboration with 01 Magazine. Ryan’s fascination with the low-brow decor, random convenience objects, and multiple odd services offered at bodegas were the inspiration for this project. The fully functioning copy shop and convenience store was designed and built by some of Vancouver’s notable artists, showing everyday useful items that have been redesigned and re-purposed into inexpensive, limited pieces of art with an intentional “anti-design” aesthetic. Join us tonight for the Grand Opening party at the Bodega (8 East Cordova, Vancouver), and afterparty at Caffe Brixton (212 East Georgia St.)! Tunes by Ryry, who also heads Green Burrito Records.- Jennilee