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About A Guy: Thomas McDonell

Recognize this face in The Getaway Plan lookbook? It's actor Thomas McDonell, who currently appears on the CW's The 100, but whose multidisciplinary approach to work and diverse film role choices have us nodding in approval. 

The 28-year-old native New Yorker started acting in 2009, but before that worked as visual artist, showing work internationally after studying art in school. McDonell calls his initial foray into acting one big experiment—a small part in the Jackie Chan movie The Forbidden Kingdom, a role he landed after randomly going to a casting call while studying art in Shanghai. Today, his side project has taken center stage, with McDonnell appearing in big film roles ranging from an elevated bad boy Disney's Prom to portraying a young Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. It's a clever antidote to typecasting that leaves us curious about what multitasking McDonell will do—or rather, what can't he do—next? 

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Interview: JC Coccoli

JC Coccoli is pretty. Like, really pretty. She's also funny. Like, really funny. I KNOW, I KNOW, that combo isn't ever allowed to happen... but guess what bitches, IT DID. Because JC's also just super cool and down to earth (srsly is this girl an alien? Too perfect...ugh.), she took a moment out of her beautiful, hilarious day to talk to us about life in the comedy world, tips on flirting, and then we made her brag about all of the cool things she gets to do!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hey JC! Break it down for us: tell us who you are and what you do with your time!

'Sup cuite pies! I am JC Coccoli and I am a comedian, actress, writer and self-titled fashion guru originally born in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a standup comedian by night, and a auditioning rat by day. I’m on a show on MTV called Hey Girl directed by Wet Hot American Summer veteran Michael Showalter (He loves cats!). I also have a hip YouTube show out on @ThePlatformYT called Dear JC, where I weirdly give relationship advice in a very cray cray tongue in cheek way.

How did you get started in the comedy world?
Growing up in Pittsburgh I got familiar with irony and sarcasm fairly quickly, so I developed a sense of humor that I remember made a lot of my family laugh hard. My mom would listen to George Carlin a ton and watched endless episodes of Roseanne and COPS and I was hooked finding things in life that were silly. I did my first open mic in Florida in the student union of a college. It was a trainwreck and after that I kept wanting to go up.

How about your first real show... how was it?
Ha ha. I killed! I mean, I know it's on tape somewhere so others might beg to differ. But in my mind, I ripped it. I remember it was all dudes and their material was so lame and hacky and I asked to go up thinking, “I’m gonna blow the roof off!” And they said they were booked but they could give me three minutes. So I ran into the bathroom and wrote “bits” down. I think I had material on Mandy Moore, Miller Lite commercials and that old way we used to call collect using 10-10-220. Remember that? Ha. So embarrassing. 

What was your biggest flop? 
Biggest flop... I remember after a show here in L.A. I ate it hard. And went into the back parking lot and rolled into the fetal position and just stared at the ground and then a busboy came out and told me to keep my head up, it’s no big deal. And, then he offered me steamed broccoli cause he was about to throw it out. I was like “You know what, he’s right!”

And what about your biggest success?
Biggest success to date? I mean, as long as I’m having fun at what I’m doing I’m succeeding. My dad just said that to me. And, I trust him because he did a ton of drugs in the '60s.

Tell us about Hey Girl. What's the show about and what part do you have in the show?
Hey Girl is a show about real girls talking about the ins and outs of dating, relationships, fashion and basically life’s little slip-ups that teach you things. It was an insanely talented cast of comedians and bloggers that were brought together for sketches, man on the street commentary and Vlogging to a camera about things that girls really talk about. It was directed by Michael Showalter. So that was dope. 

Can you give us some examples of the topics you'll be talking about? Which was your favorite to talk about?
Flirting, when to say "I love you," sexting, dirty talk, what to wear if you care, what women do to up keep their look. That one was my favorite, because guys have no clue what we do to upkeep this mess called a women’s body. So that was fun. 

Episode one focuses on flirting. Give us five tips to on how to flirt to get the guy (or girl) that you want!
Flirting with dudes: Stay calm, make eye contact, be bold, make the move, and then never respond to texts right away. Flirting with girls: Appear busy, make the plans, be funny in a natural way, don’t be a dick because you think you’re funny, and be a man on the date for god’s sakes—no splitting the tab!

What are your biggest Liz Lemon-style "IT'S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES!" well, um... deal breakers?
When you’re a bad tipper at restuarants. When you split the bill, When you talk shit on your ex-girlfriend, if you talk bad about your current job, if you DON’T HAVE A JOB, if you hate your mom, if you are super negative about life, and if you never have a condom on you. Come on what are you, nuts?!

What do you think girls need the MOST help with in life? Give them some advice about it!
Girls are emotional by nature so they tend to take things WAY more serious than guys do. I’ve noticed this myself; I want everything to have a plan and I need to know why and how and so when people say bad things about me, my first instinct is to react and you know what? Life does not have to be dramatic. It does NOT have to be so damn serious. Laugh it all off. Why talk shit about others? It’s gross and it puts you in a bad place. Go out and live life, and have fun, and love and smile. Don’t feed into the drama. You weren’t programmed to bitch and moan all day. There’s is more to life than that. Also, being comfortable just being yourself. I think that is what girls are struggling with a lot more nowadays. We have so many images coming in and out of brains that tell us to be cool, dress like this, wear makeup like that, be this be that. I think the most sexy thing is confidence and independence from the masses. Just being who you are. No matter how weird or unnattractive it may be to others. Just do you and do you all the way.
OMG that made me tear up...

Who are some of your favorite comedians on the show? Off of the show? #1 of ALL TIME?
On the show, OMG. little Esther Povitsky cracks my shit up. Her and I in a room together is probably the best time a person can have. She has a comedic cadence about her that is so infectious. We were filming a scene and I had tears in my eyes from her riffing. Holding myself together was tough. Also, Ali Wong is just unreal. She is so tiny and such a spitfire chick with the funniest opinions about life and what we’re doing on this planet. Good chicks. Off the show. I mean, Hannibal Buress is king. Dude is such a nice guy and just has such a chill stage presence that blows crowds away. Kyle Kinane is another one. And Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman are just two people I can always watch and be like, damn I love my job. Also, he’s not a comic but I have to say it: I’m in love with Colin Hanks. There I said it!

Show off a bit. Tell us all about what you're working on now, your past work, and what you want to do, I mean, WILL DO, in the future!
So there’s the show Hey Girl for MTV and I am developing another show for MTV based off of my YouTube page. So fingers crossed that goes. I have a relationship advice show out now that airs every other Monday on @ThePlatformYT and its called Dear JC (see opening question!). It’s pretty epic if you like your advice with a bit of tender sass. I finished VH1’s Best Week Ever, did the Chelsea Lately panel and a weirdly funny interview with Keith Olbermann about politics. I am writing sketches weekly for a kids’ network which has been really weird and fun, since in my head I’m still a 10-year-old girl that wishes she got her period like everyone else. I’m still working with @HelloGiggles on projects, talking about Champagne Problems, and now auditioning like a mad woman for whatever comes next. All of it is good.

For my final question... On a scale of one to ten, how pretty ARE you? How about on the inside?
I’m way too pretty to be on a scale, to be honest.

For more on JC, click all of the links we've provided for you and follow her on Twitter @JCcoccoli.

'GIRLS' Promo on SNL

Haaaahahahahahahahaaha. —Ally

Nick Miller Appreciation Post

New Girl is back tonight! 9 o'clock, buddies! Nick Miller's face will be on our TVs again! It's like Christmas morning! In honor of this glorious occasion, here are some flawless .gifs of Nick Miller, the greatest character there ever was. Historians should study this character henceforth to know exactly what the 20-something's plight is like. Nick's delightfully underemployed, a little bit cranky, and a little bit useless. Like the song says, "Nick Miller, Nick Miller, never does anything." And we're all fine with that. —Katie

Express Yourself: Childhood Heroes

Growing up is hard. Like, sometimes all the girls in 6th grade know how to expertly apply Bonne Bell face glitter to their eyelids, but you don't know how and no one will help you and you're the only girl at the dance without any glitter on her face, and it's very traumatic. When real life sucks, sometimes you just need a few random people to look up to, to help get you through the hell of tweendom. The road to finding oneself is paved with pop culture stars of the '90s, man! Here are some of the people that helped me become the cultured and confidant woman that I am today. —Katie

Posh Spice
Sweet, beautiful angel Posh was the most amazing woman in the world to me when I was younger. Sure, she wasn't the most exciting member of The Spice Girls, but she was the classiest. And she was a brunette, like me, so we totally had so much in common. Unfortunately, I also had triangle hair when I was little, and also had no elegance, and also wasn't even a little bit mysterious, so while my transformation into Posh Spice was not to be, at least I came to terms at an early age that I would never be a beautiful, alien-headed swan like Mrs. Beckham.

Laura Winslow
I don't think I can actually put into words how b e a u t i f u l I thought Laura Winslow was when I was a tween. Especially after her haircut. LOOK AT HOW GOOD SHE LOOKS! Plus, she was a solid female character. And she was always just like, fending off boys. Me and my triangle hair wanted to be that. And then she also taught me humility and love is blind because she totes could have ended up with Stefan, but she picked Steve! Wow, what a lesson. Laura Winslow: forever my spirit animal.

Clarissa Darling
It's almost spooky how ahead of her time Clarissa was. Like, do you see that graphic up there? That existed before Tumblr. Isn't it amazing how forward-thinking our girl Clarissa was? She even had a badass pet crocodile (to emphasize how cool and not girly she was), which totally convinced me that I, too, wanted a crocodile. (Even though, deep down, I didn't want one at all because they're not cuddly and stink like sweaty garbage.) I also appreciated her totally platonic best-friendship with Sam. CRUSH THE NORM, GIRL.

Horses, mini or otherwise
IDK, horses are just really majestic and I was totally a horse girl and I totally "get" Li'l Sebastian and maybe deep in my soul I just want to be one and I mean, LOOK AT THAT LI'L GUY! HE FITS IN A CAR! If there was ever a gentle, perfect creature to aspire to be, it is most certainly the mini horse.

Who were some of your childhood heroes? Tell me! I want to know.

Memorable VMA Performances

Apparently hearing about the possible *NSYNC reunion has pumped me up for the VMAs because I didn't realize how much I cared about them until this morning. *NSYNC: making everything better in life since 1995. Anyway, now that the VMAs are in Brooklyn this year, maybe that means we can expect some new and wacky shit to go down. In the meantime, here are some memorable performances from the VMA days of yore. (Good luck not getting stuck in a YouTube vortex of all this!) —Katie

Britney Spears & *NSYNC "Baby One More Time" (1999)
Obviously we've all seen the Britney Spears "Slave 4 U" 100 million times, along with her "Satisfaction" performance, so why not focus on this little gem from 1999 that also features *NSYNC? Classic. Also, the guy at 0:29... who was that? He used to be like, semi-recognizable but now I can't remember why. Was he just Britney's back-up dancer forever? If you know the answer to this mystery, email us. Forreal.

Whitney Houston "How Will I Know" (1986)
This was only a couple years after the VMA awards started and there aren't any crazy costumes or frills going on in this performance, but how cute is Whitney in this? She was only 23! And like, just casually k i l l i n g it. ILU, Whitney.

Madonna "Vogue" (1990)
Obviously we've also seen Madonna's "Like A Virgin" performance 5 trillion times, so let's take a look at her equally fun performance of "Vogue" from 1990. After looking videos up for this post, I realized Madonna's been at the VMAs like, every year since the dawn of time. Even her award presentations were exciting: here she is with an unannounced Letterman right after she did a profanity-laced interview with him. (Also, best interview ever, TBH.)

Michael Jackson (1995)
Not much to say about this because MJ speaks for himself, but I sure hope there comes a time in my life when I get to stand over a grate in a flowing white shirt while Slash plays a guitar solo next to me as we both get blasted with air.

Nirvana "Lithium" (1992)
A solid performance and then you get to the end and Krist Novoselic tosses his bass into the air, only to have it smack him in the head, and then Kurt smashes the amp with his guitar while Dave Grohl repeatedly says, "HI AXL!" (Which is why Dave Grohl has been, and will always be, the best guy in the world.)

Eminem "The Real Slim Shady" (2000)
Whatever, we've seen this a million times, but it's a super fun performance! Yeah, YOU HEARD ME, EMINEM. It was FUN.

Lady GaGa "Paparazzi" (2009)
Man, say what you will about Lady GaGa nowadays, but this performance was out of control. The costumes and the piano and the bleeding! And then hearing everyone gasping about the bleeding. So good. Since she's opening the VMAs this year, we can all probably expect something big again. Hopefully it will not be her head on a swan.

*NSYNC Reuniting For VMAs

Apparently *NSYNC is going to be reuniting for the VMAs this weekend because life is beautiful. Hopefully this is real news and not just conjecture, because think of how amazing this could be! Would the boys drop in on marionette strings, each one a little bit sadder than JT about their current relevancy in the pop culture world? Would they perform a fresh choreographed dance so Darrin (and his Dance Grooves) has something new to teach us via VHS cassette? Would JC pretend that "All Day Long I Dream About Sex" never happened in his downtime? (Because he shouldn't forget. NEVER FORGET YOUR ROOTS, JC.)

Let's cross our fingers and hope "Dirty Pop" 2.0 at least happens. Please. —Katie

Style Icon: Walter White

Breaking Bad is back and it's better than ever! (If you want to talk about that ending last night, email me. I'm mostly not kidding.) Except now we can't stream the entire season on Netflix in one afternoon. How are we supposed to wait a week between shows?! What is this, the Stone Age? While we're all waiting for the new episodes to air, and since we have nothing else to do, like jobs, let's channel Walter White's iconic fashion sense. Maybe it'll help us feel closer to the characters. Plus, he's such a fashionista. —Katie

Fashion inspo:

High drama.

So sassy.

Live, love, laugh.

Get the look:

Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Remember, you're an ex-high school teacher, so you want to retain some of that casual cool style. You should probably only ever wear button-downs. It'll make people really confused when you turn out to be a badass drug lord.

Levi's 508 Two-Tone Cougar Pant
Always gotta keep a casual chino khaki. Nothin' too fancy for this meth maker.

Hidden Marble Square Sunglasses
When Jesse is like "MAGNETS? HOW ABOUT MAGNETS? IS ANYBODY LISTENING TO ME?" just pop on these sunglasses while walking away and sighing so everyone knows how over it you are.

Brixton Bison Wide Brim Fedora
When people are like, "Hi, Walter!" you pull out this hat and slap it on your head real quick so they know that they're dealing with Heisenberg, the lean, mean killin' machine and not Walt "I Sold My Company Shares For $5,000 And Now They're Worth 4 Billion, Let's All Cry For Me" White.

Deena & Ozzy Medium Army Duffle Bag
You need a sturdy bag to carry around stacks of cash and stacks of meth. Jesse Pinkman will also need one. Order two.

The Men's Soap Shop Double-Edge Razor
Hair is so passé. Shave it off. Shave it all off.

Back To School: Making New Friends

(via Vulture)

WOOWOO, buzzkill train pulling into the station! Because guess what, guys? School starts really soon, so you're probably going to want to get ready for that. Whether you're going back to high school, college or Hell On Earth (grad school), you're never too old for some tips on how to make new friends. Here are some surefire conversation starters. —Katie

Anything about sharks, probably accompanied by the above .gif
When you head back to school, Shark Week and sharks will still be fresh on everyone's minds, and what better way to bond with someone than by bringing up the totally unscientific and ridiculous SyFy movie Sharknado? Get into a cool debate about whether the Sharknado sharks or the nonexistant Megalodon would kill more people. And then get ready for your phone to break because you will be inundated with friend requests, you cool shark fan, you.

Also anything about Breaking Bad
If you're not caught up on Breaking Bad already, like, please get on it. The new season starts in like 10 minutes! IT'S GOING TO BE FILLED WITH DRAMA! It's also going to be one of the best talking points you can imagine. Like, what if people start referencing that pizza on the roof and you don't know what they're talking about? Embarrassing.

Ryan Gosling
Wherever he goes, whatever he does, Ryan Gosling is always a conversation starter. When he is 50, the "Hey girl" meme will probably still be going around. Talking about Gosling is also a good way to weed out Friendship Failures because if anyone tells you they don't like Baby Goose, then you can just slowly face palm them and walk away.

Cats, the internet and cats on the internet
If you're sitting in a class and your teacher is like, "Oh, time for a group project," because they're an asshole, and you're forced to sit in a semi-circle of desks with strangers, just yell out something about a cat video you saw on the internet. Trust me, it will be enough.

Probably Justin Bieber
Because like, what a little drama factory, right?! Bless.

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical

This is essentially the Cliffs Notes for Breaking Bad. WARNING: Spoilers! Don't watch this if you're not totally caught up (or just stop it when you get to the scene you last remember, like I did... FYI: Season 4 ends at 4:30!) —Ally

Recap: Aaron Paul Autograph Signing @ UO San Diego

We recently had a very special guest at our UO store in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter: AARON PAUL! For real! Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad! He stopped by to sign autographs and hang out with fans (and also be, like, "Well done, bitch!" for an exclusive video - part of a new blog feature you can check out right HERE). It was insane. SO MANY people love Aaron Paul. And it's not hard to understand why. He's an awesome dude! Seriously. Best around. But ok...enough chitchat. Look at this craziness: 

This is way awesome but you probably shouldn't ever actually go anywhere with a bag of fake drugs. Sayin'.

Fans that lined up early got first dibs on a special early run of our limited edition Breaking Bad tote bags! But don't freak out if you weren't there - you can get your own bag free with purchase at your local Urban Outfitters store! You least until we run out of them.

This is Robyn. She was the very first person in line. She got to our store at 8:45am. For an autograph signing that started at 6:30pm. She's the best. know that thing about how good things come to those who wait...


(Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)
Yes, that is the Breaking Bad Walt Pint Glass, available here.

(Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)

A fan made this pencil drawing of Jesse Pinkman. It was amazing. 

(Photo via Tracilyn Tsarnas)

The last two people in line for the signing were the cutest kids in the entire universe. They brought their own homemade version of that super meaningful teddy bear that kept floating around with one eyeball in Seasons 2 and 3. And...then they gave it to Aaron!

Here's the UO store (and Home Office) crew, celebrating after the signing. Yo, Gatorade us, bitch!

Thanks for being awesome, Aaron! And thanks to the San Diego store team for being awesome, too! And to the tons of fans that came out, who were the most awesome of all. Holy shit we're so psyched for August 11th! 

Watch our exclusive "Well Done, Bitch!" video and read an interview with Aaron here!

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Comic Con: We Went To A Comedy Central Party

Right in the middle of Friday's Comic Con craziness, we took a break from waiting on line for stuff and tweeting about Teen Wolf to party with some friends from Comedy Central. It was rad. Workaholics dudes continue to be the best. And can someone please send us a Tight Butthole foam hand thing? Thank you. —Dave

Cool sunglasses, bra. (No, really. Where'd you get them?)

The perfect 2013 version of a '90s glamour shot.

Okay, Comedy Central. There are at least three of us here who need one of these. Just sayin'.

Hello, Adam. :-)

Awwwww, yeah.

This was actually shot from 400 yards away with a mega-zoon lens and it's not creepy at all. Hi. :-)


UO x Breaking Bad

Yo! We heard from Badger that Jesse Pinkman (aka Aaron Paul) will be at our San Diego store (665 Fifth Ave.) on July 20 signing autographs. Awesome, right? If you're not in San Diego, don't worry. You can still get in on the Aaron Paul action! Some very lucky Twitter followers will get a shoutout by Aaron, on camera, with his trademark Jesse Pinkman "BITCH!" at the end. All you have to do is tweet us a personal accomplishment using #callmebitch for a chance, bitch.

Jesse And The Rippers Reunite

Throw on some ripped jeans and a mildly cool leather vest because Jesse and the Rippers are reuniting at last. HAVE MERCY! The (totally real) band will be performing on Fallon this Friday night, July 19, so set your VCRs, y'all. (Yes, VCRs.) Let's all cross our fingers and hope Little Richard and The Beach Boys show up as well. (AND THAT JESSE KATSOPOLIS CRAWLS OUT FROM OUR TV SCREENS, THE RING STYLE, TO GIVE US ALL KISSES BECAUSE DAMN, SON.) —Katie

Comedy Central's 'Stars Under the Stars' Recap & Interview with Adam DeVine

This past Wednesday, Comedy Central was back at the Summer Stage in Central Park, with their 'Stars Under the Stars' show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. The night included live stand-up acts by comedians Dan Soder, Adam DeVine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer, as well as my personal favorite part of the night: a surprise five minute long torrential downpour right before the gates opened.

Aside from a bunch of wet butts—including my own—the show went amazing. The crowd was treated to jokes about tight buttholes, got a glimpse of Amy's perfect poses, and a few lucky (actually... pretty unlucky) attendees got raunchily roasted by The Roastmaster himself. Note to anyone who meets Jeff in the future: do NOT shake his hand, as it was probably just down his pants.

To top it all off, the lovely crew at Comedy Central hooked us up with an interview with the hilarious Adam DeVine. So now, without further ado, hear what the Workaholics star told me about how he prepares for his stand-up, his hatred of fedoras, love of jet skis, and what his top three words to describe himself are. —Ally

Hey Adam! Introduce yourself to our readers! 
My name is Adam DeVine, I am a comedian. I am on the show Workaholics that I co-created and star in with my buddies. I'm actually doing this other show called House Party that comes out in the fall on Comedy Central that is like a stand-up hybrid show... it sounds so stupid when you explain it that way. You're like, "UGH! I hate that show!" But it's really fun and cool.

So how do you prepare for your stand-up shows? Is it a lot of improv or do you write most of the jokes out in advance?
Ecstasy. I do a ton of ecstasy right before.

See now, I believe that.
Mmhm. You saw me up there, I'm oozing sex appeal, sweating a little too much.

I just saw you talking to your beer and it not answering you back. So how would you compare stand-up to working on your shows? Which is harder?
Stand-up is really fun because it's instant gratification. You tell a joke, and people laugh, and you're like, "OOH! I'M GOOD!" But then, on the show a lot of time it's like, "Is this stupid? Like, are we blowing it right now?" So I would say that shooting the show is a little bit harder in that respect. And it takes forever to write. For stand-up, jokes are just easy.

So who are a few of your favorite stand-up comedians? You can't say anyone performing tonight, to be fair.
I like, I feel like in my soul I'm a black comedian, so i like black comics. I like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart is super funny.

Growing up did you watch a lot of stand-up?
Yeah, my dad was a huge Evening At The Improv fan so I watched stand-up all of the time with him. And I actually got a job working at the Hollywood Improv when I moved out to California when I was 18.

So onto fashion... where are some of your favorite places to shop?
URBAN OUTFITTERS! The Buckle sucks! Urban rules, fuck The Buckle. PacSun: suck my balls!

Hell yeah! So what do you think is the best accessory for summer?
Scarves. Wool scarves.

Yeah. Nothing underneath, let's keep it casual, titties out... titties OUT!

Wait, what? No, I mean for guys!
Oh, for guys. I don't know! I'm not an accessory guy. Just no fedoras.

Why not?
They're just bad looking. Especially when a few dudes roll out with a fedora, you just gotta make sure two guys put it away and one guy wears the fedora. He can be the fedora guy. There shouldn't be three dudes in your clique rocking fedoras like it's 1962 and you're part of the Rat Pack.

Be honest. Have you ever worn a fedora?
I've never in real life worn a fedora. I've worn it as a bit—comedy hat.

Now that I DON'T believe!
[Laughs] I've worn some other... Pooka shell necklaces I rocked for way too long. People were like, "No, that's a bad look" And I was like, "Psssh, yeah right." And a shark tooth. I wore a shark tooth necklace.

So what are your plans for the summer? Any traveling?
Yeah! For Fourth of July I'm renting a house in Big Bear, which is mountain-like, in California. I'm going to rent jet skis. That's all I'm really excited about is riding jet skis. I have a weird love for them. They're so much fun.

How fast do you go?
You can get them up to like, 45 miles per hour! That's fast! Then you jump off and really hurt yourself. I couldn't move my head for two weeks.

You did that?!
Yeah, I was riding on the back of one going 45 miles per hour and I was like, "I'M GONNA JUMP!" He's like, "Alright, you fucking maniac..." And then instead of jumping off the back and covering and landing, I decided to dive in, like this maneuver [makes diving maneuver] headfirst and he said he saw me like, cartwheel in the water like ten times. Jet skis. It's a jet ski summer, baby.

Okay it's time to go, but before we do... on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest, how tight is your butthole tonight?
I've only had a few drinks so I would say about an eight.

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Camp Style: Goosebumps

The Goosebumps TV show from 1995 is on Netflix and well, okay, maybe it's a little light on actual style, but that doesn't diminish the fact that Goosebumps is on Netflix! I just re-watched the epic two-part "Welcome to Camp Nightmare," and um, sure it wasn't as good or scary as I remember, but who cares, nostalgia is the most powerful force in the world. Besides, the epic miniseries featured ample flannel, a bevy of bowl cuts and even a chain wallet. When are chain wallets coming back? Anytime now, right? I'll be waiting. —Angelo

"Sup boo? I like your denim vest."

This is the '90s I remember...but would like to forget. 

But this guy looks like your friend who plays synth in a cool electro-country band.

Damn, aside from sunglass bro, these guys pretty much have my wardrobe down pat. 

Expertly cast doucher teenage camp counselors. Bowl cut rating 9/10. 

I told you bucket hats were great for camping!

GIRLS: Season 38

While we wait for season three of HBO's Girls to come out, writer and director Gail Lerner produced a parody trailer for Girls Season 38 starring some pretty renowned actresses you might recognize. The trailer shows us what would happen if we caught up with Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh when they hit the retirement age. Looks like Hannah is still up to her old tricks, Jessa is having fun yelling at people in hospitals, Marnie's career has grown cobwebs, literally, and Shoshanna is still well, being Shosh. Obviously my favorite part is Hannah eating a lobster on the street. —Maddie
(via HuffPo)

Best Camp Shows

"BUG JUICE, DOESN'T COME IN A JAR. BUG JUICE COMES FROM WHO YOU ARE," are definitely still words of wisdom that I sing out loud no less than twice a month. The Disney show Bug Juice was like, classic reality TV, and it had good company in other short-lived camp shows. Here are the best (and only?) ones. —Katie

Bug Juice 1998-2001
But seriously, remember how good this show was? Mostly I remember the theme song, but you can catch a lot of the episodes over on YouTube. The first episode of the first season is a true gem. And I found out I totally should have gone to Camp Wazi because basically everyone went on to graduate from U. Penn? Was this a secret genius camp? I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO CAMP.

Salute Your Shorts 1991-1992
DONKEY LIPS. Salute Your Shorts was short-lived, but forever amazing. Unfortunately, most of the complete episodes aren't available on YouTube, but if you have 55 minutes to kill, there is this reunion panel the cast did last year at Comikaze. People really, really loved Salute Your Shorts. "It's 'I hope we never part,' now get it right or pay the price!"

Camp Candy 1989-1992
John Candy is the best. Early '90s cartoons are the best. All the dramatic cartoon babies on this show are the best. From this episode: "Binky did what he always does when he's feeling low. He climbed a tree." And then made friends with a bird. You and me both, Binky.

MTV's Fat Camp 2006
MTV's Fat Camp was actually a part of their documentary series, but it's obviously worth mentioning because Dianne was an amazing reality T.V. personality. Her dramatic fall to the ground out of her chair is exactly how I feel whenever I go outdoors. After Fat Camp was such a success, MTV aired Return To Fat Camp the next summer. Dianne made a few cameos, thank god.

Boy Meets World Reunion

(Photo via Refinery29)

Hey! Did you guys see that this happened?! THIS IS VERY EXCITING! A Boy Meets World reunion! Look at all the fun they're having!! Angela is beautiful! Over the weekend, the cast held a panel at the ATX festival in Texas and discussed some of their favorite show memories, as well as the new spin-off show Girl Meets World that focuses on Cory and Topanga's daughter. They were just the most, weren't they? I actually had real tears spring to my eyes over this photo of Shawn and Angela because they are the perfect couple and probably need to get real-life married. Boy Meets World is responsible for the fact that I still call Jennifer Love Hewitt "Feffy" (see below) so thanks for that, BMW. You rock. Here's hoping that Girl Meets World is just as incredible. —Katie

Skins: Series 7

Skins is rebooting some of its most beloved characters for another season—so yep, that means beautiful, angel Effy is coming back to us! As you can see from this newly released promo, there aren't many details about each character's life being leaked yet, but it's safe to say that things definitely seem... different for Effy, as well as the other rebooted characters, Cassie and Cook. Guess we'll all have to wait until this airs in July to see what's really going to go down. —Katie