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The Normal Superhero

Superman is great and Batman is fine, but sometimes we're not falling out a window or getting handed kryptonite by a bald guy named Lex, and we might still need some help. Sometimes we're simply comatose on our beds over the thought of taking out the trash and we just need A Normal Superhero, not a Captain America. Lucky for us all, I found him. The hero we deserve, and also the one we need because we are lazy and life is hard. Here are his powers. —Katie

Able to take the form of Harry Styles on command. Or Jordan Catalano. Or all of The Spice Girls. Or 1997 Leo. Because "never getting to meet anyone famous" and "never having The Spice Girls perform in our basement" and "needing to make out" are very real and serious problems.

WiFi Tower
Never again would we have to worry about sitting in the grass, fruitlessly refreshing Instagram, shaking one fist to the heavens and cursing our failed "LTE," whatever that is. Anytime a single tear hits an iPhone, Normal Superhero is there to share his/her WiFi capabilities.

While most superheros are busy saving the world and like, whatever, Normal Superhero would concern him/herself with the more important tragedies of daily life. A quiet whisper of "Oh my god! I'm out of potato chips!" would bring Normal Superhero smashing through our walls Kool Aid Man style with 13 of the finest varieties of potato chips money could buy.

Normal Superhero has a magic bag of limitless cash because he knows what it's like out there. You really want to save us, Spiderman? Give us $20,000 to help pay off our student loans. Oh, you can't? You can only zap your little spiderweb across our apartments while you daydream about Mary Jane? THANKS FOR NOTHING.

Because jetpacks are fucking cool, okay. Plus, moon picnics!

Bling Ring SMS

The Bling Ring kids were probably texting just like everybody else, right? Alex Kazemi wrote up a Bling Ring SMS post that shows what the "Balenciaga burglars" might have been talking about. And he probably isn't very far off, TBH. —Katie


Craigslisters beware! Along with maybe getting scammed when posting your number, you might get trolled! I recently found this tumblr called Textastrophe that features texts between a Craigslist seller and a fake buyer. Some are pretty good. See more at the blog Textastrophe Lorin

Daft Punk Helmet Evolution

Daft Punk's new album Random Access Memories will hit U.S. shelves (or iTunes accounts) on May 21, after its live debut at a random agricultural expo in Australia. In anticipation of the drop, my homies at Third Looks have put together a visual history of the duo's aesthetic, including this awesome poster chronicling the evolution of the band's signature space helmets. Check it out for the hi-res version and a more thorough breakdown of Daft Punk's ever changing visual identity. Angelo

French Girls App

French Girls is an app that lets you upload a picture of yourself for other people to draw totally anonymously. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. And it gives everyone a legitimate excuse to take 1,000 selfies. Plus, the name "French Girls" is a hilariously perfect Titanic reference ("Draw me like one of your french girls"), so obviously you need to download this app ASAP. —Katie

What I'm Taking to Coachella: Vanessa

Name: Vanessa Wesnak 

Job: Urban Outfitters' Community Marketing Coordinator

Why I am excited for Coachella this year: It will not only be my first Coachella experience, but it will also be my first time in California! I am psyched for everything: the music, the environment, the fashion, the people. I will be tweeting and grammin’ it all, so make sure to check all of UO's social sites to follow along!

What I'm taking to Coachella:

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo. Do I really have to explain myself with this one? Complete game changer.

Ecote Embroidered Mirror Tassel Backpack
Perfect size for carrying everything and anything around at a festival. Who wants to carry a purse all day? Nobody. Plus, I don’t think I can pull off the fanny pack situation.

H By Hudson Buckled Ankle Boot
Black kickass booties. Comfortable and they go with everything.

DuWop Pure Venom Plumping Lip Stain
Lip stain is my ultimate favorite. Stays on all day—no sticky, smudgy, stick-to-your-hair-or-teeth grossness.

Chandi & Lia Snap-Front Maxi Skirt
I’m a big fan of maxi skirts. This one is nice and breezy—I wouldn’t sweat to death in the desert heat with this baby.

Brixton Piper Panama Hat
I don’t care that this is made out of wool. It’s super cute and I’m really into hats for festival season… ok?!

Spring Breakers SMS

Ever wonder what the Spring Breakers characters were texting about when the cameras were "off?" Writer Alex Kazemi takes a stab and I have to admit, it's probably really close.  My favorite are his messages between Brit and Candy—he totally gets their friendship and how they were probably glad that boring ol' Faith bailed. I bet they were even texting each other about it while sitting in the same room as Cotty. That's some true-blue BFF shit-talking right there! (via Logo)—Ally

Awkward Chatbot

Strike up a conversation with the most awkward Chatbot ever. It takes me back to my AIM days when my friends and I would annoy SmarterChild (did we have nothing better to do?) but now the bot is the really annoying one. Ugh. Hazel

Bang with Friends

Back in the college-only golden age of Facebook, there were no illusions about its purpose: getting laid. But the landscape has become harder to navigate with your mom tagging you in baby photos and various other game-killing innovations. The new app Bang with Friends hopes to bring Facebook back to the basics of hooking up.

But don’t worry, they say they can do it while sparing you the embarrassment of telling your friends you want to smang until the app is sure your friend wants to smang, too. In a perfect world we’d all just casually tell our attractive friends that we’d like to get busy, but until everyone stumbles upon enlightenment, we’ve got Bang with Friends.

We haven’t tried it yet (promise) but I doubt it will be long until one of my friends gives it a run. No shame if you’re interested—like I said, isn’t that the entire point of Facebook? Fictionalized Zuckerberg even said as much in The Social Network. Our only advice is to take a sober test run to figure out the mechanics before you drunkenly click around after a night out. Sending an anonymous tip to the office hottie is all good as long as you don’t accidentally click on your cousin.—Angelo

Vine App

So, there's this new video-sharing app for Twitter called Vine and it makes short little videos (they even have sound), kind of like .gifs. Neat! Our very own Twitter team put up a "Vine" featuring some work puppies, and I'm curious to see if more people will follow suit. I wish the app allowed you to put a filter over the film because I'd take so many beautiful supermodel-y shots of myself, preferably with a fan blowing in my hair.—Katie

Project BABE

Project: BABE is a feminist art collective that aims to empower and engage internet youth culture through exhibitions, publications, and more. They're currently taking submissions for their latest exhibition "Becoming pt. II," which is inspired by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode of the same name. The exhibition, which will take place in March, will focus on identity and the process of "becoming" as defined by the internet generation. Sounds awesome! - Hazel


My one problem with Instagram is that although it's instant online, it's nearly impossible to print your whimsy pics offline, without causing them to look shitty, grainy and full of glitches. So, with an idea to make your favorite instant shots come to life looking, well... GOOD, InstaThis (no, you're not the only one who thinks the name is questionable) creates beautiful wood and acrylic prints of your memories with just four easy steps. I'll Insta the hell out of this. -Ally

Get Your Shit Together: Your Internet Presence

Maintaining a good internet presence is hard work. You want to have funny tweets and only have photos of yourself taken of your "good side" uploaded to internet and keep up with your Workaholics fan fiction blog all at the same time! But how do you do it all?! It's all going to be okay because starting this 2013 you can get your internet presence organized and into shape with these tips below! - Hazel

Curate Your Photos
Make sure all photos of yourself currently online depict your, new 2013 self: a super interesting and awesome person. If you aren't a super interesting and awesome person, that's totally fine because the internet is an excellent tool that you can use to lie about yourself. Have someone take polaroids of you fronting a punk band or beekeeping on a Bushwick rooftop. Woah, your 2013 self looks awesome on the internet. 

Re-think Your Tweeting, Status-Updating, Checking In
When it comes to your updates, whether you're tweeting, updating your status, checking in at a location, always make sure that what you're posting is relevant and you think people will want to read. If you've been posting things like "alone and crying while watching Roseanne" or letting people see that you've checked into McDonalds three times a day, every day, for the past 12 months, you might wanna rethink what you're posting. Edit yourself for 2013!

Start A Blog!
Start a blog and keep it rolling. Everyone and their grandmother has a blog these days. Blogging can be really fun and super easy. The trick to having a great blog is updating it often with great content. Pick a day and remember to at least upload a blog that one day. At the Urban Outfitters blog, all the contributors get sent carrier pigeons at different intervals during the day to tell us when to blog. You can just use an iCal alert. Whether your blog is just a diary or a themed blog, it's a new hobby to start your '13 off productively!

Check Your 'Net Self, Before You Wreck Your 'Net Self
Limit your internet usage time. Having an internet presence is fun but don't let it consume you. We all know that person who can't get off the 'net. Get out and see nature and not Instagram it. Go see your friends and not check-in at Foursquare. You don't have to live a net-free 2013, but live a balanced 2013, or you'll end up like this chick below.


OH. BOY. Look at this cute thing called Hatch. I love that it's being hyped up like it's something really important and life-changing because I guess they don't remember 1996, the year Tamogotchis came out. The thought of nestling down in bed for the night and setting my iPhone next to me to watch my electronic pet sleep is filling me with such joy. My 3rd grade self would have been over the moon if I had known this is what the future was going to bring us. Anyway, go over to their site and pick out an egg! They'll email you when the app is ready, and then you can raise one of these little angels!!! I recommend the grey egg because it is adorable.—Katie

The UO Employee Nice List: Jess Smothers

Find out what our Urban Outfitters employees are asking for this holiday season!

Introduce yourself!
Hi! I'm Jess and I'm the women's senior stylist for the web! 

What is your all time favorite thing in the world?
I think my favorite thing in the world would have to be my pup, Winston!

How did you find out Santa wasn't real?
My sister's boyfriend would play Santa and run outside my bedroom window yelling with jingle bells! I think eventually I figured it out and it just became an ongoing joke in the family.

How far do you travel for the holidays? The furthest you've ever traveled?
I usually travel back to Florida, where I'm from, for the holidays. It's the best time of year to go—the weather is perfect!

What's your ideal New Year's Eve outfit?
My ideal NYE outfit is definitely a pair of printed or embellished trousers, a basic top and a good pair of heels or boots!

Choose: The Nightmare Before Christmas or the actual night before Christmas?
Definitely the actual night before Christmas! Christmas day is for the kids, but Christmas Eve is for the adults ;).

Tell us... what's on your wish list this year?

SOLD Design Lab Baroque Embroidered Skinny Jean

SwitchEasy Color iPhone 5 Case

Wood Wood Lee Hat

Karaoke Machine

Matiko Milan Split-Wedge Platform Ankle Boot

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"Zeitgeist 2012"

Google released a year-end review for 2012 called "Zeitgeist 2012," and the video for the project is as heartwarming as all their other videos (like this life-ruining commercial). What's even more interesting to look at is what search terms trended in 2012. Thankfully, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo made #3 on the TV shows list so we all know that people have their priorities straight.—Katie

Seinfeld Today

This Twitter is Seinfeld scenarios for 2012 and I would watch every single one of these episodes and can already picture them in my head. "George opens actual jerk store on Etsy." It's about time, right?—Kate

Emergency Compliment

If websites could talk, Emergency Compliment would be the only one I would visit daily.  If you're feeling blue today, click the link above and get ready to hear about how great you are as many times as you can hit refresh. If you like the compliment enough, you can order a print of it at the bottom but clicking "Thanks! I feel better."-Ally

Hard Graft

If you have someone in your life who loves upscale bags and electronics, then please, for the love of god, buy them one of these Hard Graft computer bags. Their newest laptop bag, the Old Fashioned, is the prettiest thing in the entire world and also super functional. You can't beat that! The bags start around $350, so they may make a bit of a dent in your wallet (or, let's face it, a crater), but they're totally worth it. -Katie

Christmas Gifs

Do you desperately need a holiday themed .gif to help convey what you're feeling during this time of year? Well, you're in luck! Christmas Gifs is exactly that—a site full of Christmas .gifs. Have an idea for an awesome .gif? You can submit your own and spread the .gif-giving cheer until everyone's eyeballs are ready to fall out of their heads. -Katie