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Brands We Love: adidas

After a few seasons out of production, the adidas Stan Smith Sneaker is back. In classic white leather, it’s our summer sneaker of choice. Even if you’re unfamiliar with sneakers and the overarching culture of adidas as a brand (you know, aside from knowing that those adidas Superstar sneaks were the shoe to have in middle school), chances are you’ve heard of the Stan Smith adidas tennis sneaker.

While the shoe was created in the late ‘60s under the name "Haillot," attaching tennis pro Stan Smith’s image to the simple shoe is what turned the design into a fashion mainstay. When Smith was brought on to promote the shoe in the early '70s, the shoe was still being touted as an athletic sneaker. Now, nearly fifty years later, the shoe is no longer seen as athletic attire but rather as a fashion statement. After halting production on the shoe in 2012, adidas is relaunching the iconic sneaker this year, much to the joy of sneakerheads everywhere, and we're excited to get our hands on some of these for summer. #STANSMITH!

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Lookbook: Umbro x UO

Just in time for this year's World Cup, we've teamed up with iconic sports brand Umbro to create a line of pitch perfect vintage-inspired sportswear. If you're rooting for good ol' USA during the world cup, then we've got you covered. Check out some of our favorite looks from the collection below.

Shop Umbro x UO Collection

Happenings: Salt Surf Garage Party

This Saturday, April 19, from 6pm-9pm, Brooklyn-based brand SALT SURF will be hosting a garage party at Space Ninety 8 (98 N. 6th St.) in Williamsburg. Along with free grilled cheese and Jarritos, there will be a live performance by The Mystery Lights, a surf movie to kick back and watch, and a raffle to win some of SALT SURF's coolest gear (pictured below). Raffle winner will be announced at 8pm and must be present at the time winners are announced, so make sure to stick around!

SALT SURF has also been working hard on a short, documentary-style film about the brand. Shot by Rapt Studio, the film focuses on SALT SURF's founder Nabil Samadani and the culture surrounding his unique line. Although not being released until next month, a short teaser for the film is available to watch below. To learn even more about SALT SURF, make sure to check out our full feature on the brand.

Read the full SALT SURF feature

Let's Bike Austin: Our Guide to the Best Stops in Town

In our new feature On The Road: Let's Bike Austin, we took a trip to one of our favorite southern cities, where we put together a cycle gang of creative locals and toured downtown, hopping off at their go-to pitstops along the way. 

We documented the trip: Jotting down directions and taking notes to create an official Austin Bike Map, perfectly curated by our fellow cyclists. So follow their route and see the sights — the Austinite way!

1. El Chilito:  2219 Manor Drive // Tel. 512.382.3797
First stop: El Chilito's Tacos and Café. Start your day here with the best breakfast tacos in town. There are vegan options and an organic coffee bar, where you can start the day with a fresh cup of joe served hot or on ice. If you're not on wheels, we suggest trying out their delicious frozen mimosas and sangrias to cool off from the hot morning sun (please don't drink and ride). 
UO TIP: Don't worry if you wake up too late: Breakfast is served all day!

2. Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo: 1120 East 3rd Street // 512.472.1851
After breakfast, head south and make sure to stop by Iglesia La Luz Del Mundo. In English, its name translates to "The Light of the World." While seemingly small, the church has an international following of around five million with 3,500 established places of worship around the world, making this short pitstop a true hidden gem!
UO TIP: Our favorite part about this little church is its unique architectural style. At night, the Light of the World sign is lit up!

3. Farewell Books: 913 East Cesar Chavez // 512.473.2665
This progressive bookshop sells cool new (and used) books, zines, tees and more with topics ranging from architecture, counter culture, fashion, film, photography and beyond. They also have an art gallery featuring a variety of openings year-round, most recently displaying the works of Massachusetts-based artist Emma Kohlmann.
UO TIP: Need a boost of energy? Stop by Flat Track Coffee in the back!

4. Fast Folks Cyclery: 1105 East 6th // 512.524.8260
Flat tire? Wonky rim? Rusty chain? Take a break at Fast Folks Cyclery, an independent full-service bike shop, for all your riding needs. This shop is animal friendly—we've spotted puppies, piglets, and cats (#samsoncat)—and if you're lucky, you might get to wear the Fairdale Box on your head. P.S. Is it just us or does working here look like the coolest place ever?
UO TIP: Safety first! The shop motto may be "Live Fast or Die Trying" but if you don't have a helmet, here's the perfect place to pick one up.

5. Franklin BBQ: 900 East 11th // 512.653.1187
Briskets and ribs and sausage, OH MY! Franklin BBQ is our #1 pick for your lunchtime pitstop! The two-hour line is well worth the wait—just keep your eyes closed in the meantime to keep from drooling all over yourself.
UO TIP: They open at 11AM and close when they sell out, so don't wait too long to get there!

6. Alamo Drafthouse Ritz: 320 East 6th Street // 512.861.7020
Catch an afternoon matinee at Austin’s best movie theatre. With daily themes (like Terror Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays and Quote-Alongs) you'll be able to catch a ton of really fun films at a super low price.
UO TIP: Don't forget to check out the Calendar!

7. The White Horse: 500 Comal Street // 512.553.6756
Pop-in here for tacos and two-stepping! There's live music seven days a week, a giant dance floor, pool tables and… get ready for it… WHISKEY ON TAP! We don't blame you if your trip stops here—it's a great place to stay all night.
UO TIP: Make a quick trip to the bathroom to pat the sweat off your face because The White Horse has a photo booth! 

8. South Congress: South Congress Avenue // 512.474.5171
Hop off your bike for a bit to walk this hip strip, checking out the local stores, restaurants and venues. First Thursdays are the best time to see this Avenue at its best. It's an all-ages party with stores open late, special sales, and free drinks (or drink specials) for those who are 21+. There's something here for everyone!
UO TIP:  Head here at sunset for beautiful skyline views.

9. Prototype Vintage Design: 1700 1/2 South Congress Avenue (entrance on Milton Street) // 512. 447.7686
Plain on the outside, insane on the inside! Prototype is the go-to vintage store for Austin’s stylish set. Every blogger, vintage shopper and clothing lover has walked through these doors, scoring one-of-a-kind pieces with a southern twang. Even their website is freakin' perfect! Check it out for news, look books, and to get the scoop on the adorable trio who owns the store.
UO TIP: Bring some extra cash. It's impossible, I repeat, impossible, to leave the store without buying something.

10. Uncommon Objects: 1512 South Congress Avenue // 512.442.4000
Don’t miss this store full of wild antiques. They have everything and anything your brain can dream up. It's the ultimate store for home décor, rare knickknacks and gifts for your friends. Even Yoko Ono makes sure to stop here when she visits Austin!
UO TIP: Don't be afraid to dig around the store and take your time—this place is full of hidden treasures that are not noticeable at first glance.

11. The Mohawk: 912 Red River Street // 512.666.0877
Catch a show at Austin’s best music venue. Some of biggest acts have preformed at this outside venue that has been renovated out of recycled materials. With a main floor and a balcony view, you can see your favorite artist up-close and personal.
UO TIP: Go all out and get ready to have the best night of your life—just be prepared for crowd-surfers!

12. East Side King @ Hole in the Wall:  2538 Guadalupe // 512.363.5365
Fuel up at Top Chef winner Paul Qui's ramen trailer around the side of the Hole in the Wall. Hole in the Wall's venue has a full bar and a local's-only feel to it, but the friendly folks inside will make you feel right at home. 
UO TIP: This spot is right across the street from the University of Texas at Austin's beautiful campus and only a few blocks away from our UT Urban Outfitters store! If you've been biking all day, this is the perfect time to stop in for a change of clothes before your final stop…

13. Ego's: 510 South Congress Avenue // 512.474.7091
All roads end here: A Dive-y karaoke bar with a huge songbook. Once a pretty low-key place, Ego's has made a name for itself in Austin as the go-to karaoke spot in town. It gets super packed on the weekends so if you can, try a weeknight for a smaller crowd!
UO TIP: Get there early and have your song list ready to go. This will guarantee you get a spot on the list... or maybe even two.

Comedy Central's 'Stars Under the Stars' Recap & Interview with Adam DeVine

This past Wednesday, Comedy Central was back at the Summer Stage in Central Park, with their 'Stars Under the Stars' show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. The night included live stand-up acts by comedians Dan Soder, Adam DeVine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer, as well as my personal favorite part of the night: a surprise five minute long torrential downpour right before the gates opened.

Aside from a bunch of wet butts—including my own—the show went amazing. The crowd was treated to jokes about tight buttholes, got a glimpse of Amy's perfect poses, and a few lucky (actually... pretty unlucky) attendees got raunchily roasted by The Roastmaster himself. Note to anyone who meets Jeff in the future: do NOT shake his hand, as it was probably just down his pants.

To top it all off, the lovely crew at Comedy Central hooked us up with an interview with the hilarious Adam DeVine. So now, without further ado, hear what the Workaholics star told me about how he prepares for his stand-up, his hatred of fedoras, love of jet skis, and what his top three words to describe himself are. —Ally

Hey Adam! Introduce yourself to our readers! 
My name is Adam DeVine, I am a comedian. I am on the show Workaholics that I co-created and star in with my buddies. I'm actually doing this other show called House Party that comes out in the fall on Comedy Central that is like a stand-up hybrid show... it sounds so stupid when you explain it that way. You're like, "UGH! I hate that show!" But it's really fun and cool.

So how do you prepare for your stand-up shows? Is it a lot of improv or do you write most of the jokes out in advance?
Ecstasy. I do a ton of ecstasy right before.

See now, I believe that.
Mmhm. You saw me up there, I'm oozing sex appeal, sweating a little too much.

I just saw you talking to your beer and it not answering you back. So how would you compare stand-up to working on your shows? Which is harder?
Stand-up is really fun because it's instant gratification. You tell a joke, and people laugh, and you're like, "OOH! I'M GOOD!" But then, on the show a lot of time it's like, "Is this stupid? Like, are we blowing it right now?" So I would say that shooting the show is a little bit harder in that respect. And it takes forever to write. For stand-up, jokes are just easy.

So who are a few of your favorite stand-up comedians? You can't say anyone performing tonight, to be fair.
I like, I feel like in my soul I'm a black comedian, so i like black comics. I like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart is super funny.

Growing up did you watch a lot of stand-up?
Yeah, my dad was a huge Evening At The Improv fan so I watched stand-up all of the time with him. And I actually got a job working at the Hollywood Improv when I moved out to California when I was 18.

So onto fashion... where are some of your favorite places to shop?
URBAN OUTFITTERS! The Buckle sucks! Urban rules, fuck The Buckle. PacSun: suck my balls!

Hell yeah! So what do you think is the best accessory for summer?
Scarves. Wool scarves.

Yeah. Nothing underneath, let's keep it casual, titties out... titties OUT!

Wait, what? No, I mean for guys!
Oh, for guys. I don't know! I'm not an accessory guy. Just no fedoras.

Why not?
They're just bad looking. Especially when a few dudes roll out with a fedora, you just gotta make sure two guys put it away and one guy wears the fedora. He can be the fedora guy. There shouldn't be three dudes in your clique rocking fedoras like it's 1962 and you're part of the Rat Pack.

Be honest. Have you ever worn a fedora?
I've never in real life worn a fedora. I've worn it as a bit—comedy hat.

Now that I DON'T believe!
[Laughs] I've worn some other... Pooka shell necklaces I rocked for way too long. People were like, "No, that's a bad look" And I was like, "Psssh, yeah right." And a shark tooth. I wore a shark tooth necklace.

So what are your plans for the summer? Any traveling?
Yeah! For Fourth of July I'm renting a house in Big Bear, which is mountain-like, in California. I'm going to rent jet skis. That's all I'm really excited about is riding jet skis. I have a weird love for them. They're so much fun.

How fast do you go?
You can get them up to like, 45 miles per hour! That's fast! Then you jump off and really hurt yourself. I couldn't move my head for two weeks.

You did that?!
Yeah, I was riding on the back of one going 45 miles per hour and I was like, "I'M GONNA JUMP!" He's like, "Alright, you fucking maniac..." And then instead of jumping off the back and covering and landing, I decided to dive in, like this maneuver [makes diving maneuver] headfirst and he said he saw me like, cartwheel in the water like ten times. Jet skis. It's a jet ski summer, baby.

Okay it's time to go, but before we do... on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest, how tight is your butthole tonight?
I've only had a few drinks so I would say about an eight.

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This is Eric Koston

Desillusion Magazine, stripped down the traditional skate video in This is Eric Koston, a cinematic profile of the iconic skater. In the short documentary, Koston talks about the roots of his love for skateboarding and quick ascension to his generally accepted post atop the street skating pantheon. 

The legendary skater says he is driven by wanting to get skateboarders on the same level as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but at 37, an age when athletes in most other sports would be on their last legs, Koston continues to lead an industry. With low-key visuals and well-placed musical interludes, This is Eric Koston is a welcome mini vacation from your hectic day, whether you're a skater or not. Angelo

UO x Teva Wild River Sweepstakes

Want to take a walk on the wild side? Yep, thought so. 

Now lets raise the stakes a little bit... how about taking a RAFT on the wild side? One that will take you and a friend down the Colorado River in Utah for six days, with a brand new pair of Tevas for two and a $500 UO gift card for some awesome travel gear to bring along for the ride?

If so, enter our UO x Teva Wild River Sweeps and go out into wild, Emile Hirsch style. You could win this crazy amazing prize pack from UO and Teva and have the adventure of the lifetime. VIVA LA TEVA!!!!!

The finest of prints: No purchase necessary, US only, and you can enter up until June 21, 2013!

Paine's Park Ribbon Cutting

It took some time, but Paine's Park, a much-needed skate park in Philadelphia, is finally opening. It's a skateboarder's dream! If you're around later today, May 22, make sure you check out the opening festivities (c'mon, there will be food trucks!) at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philly. —Katie

'Steve' by Patrick Pearse

Maybe it's the music—the jazz AND the Freebird—or maybe it's just my fascination with legendary pro skaters, but Patrick Pearse's new video for Desillusion Magazine just makes Steve Olson look SO COOL. He's one of those old school, badass dudes, who lives in Cali, drives a motorcycle and spends his days sitting by the pool (empty ones, duh) not giving a single fuck. 

One of greatest things Steve ever did was help create his super cute son Alex, which leads me to the following life plan: marry a skateboarder, move to L.A., have a son and force my husband to teach him to skate instead of play catch like normal dads do.  When he goes pro at 16, I'll retire and sit back with my sk8r boi and soak in the sun, waves and cigarette smoke 'til death (or a younger girlfriend) do us part. —Ally

Nike x Levi's 511 Skateboarding Collection with Omar Salazar

Levi's and Nike have released this quick preview of their upcoming 511 Skateboarding Collection. Rooted in the same marriage of style and sport as the popular Levi's Commuter Series, the line will add skate-centric details to the 511. The video features Nike SB pro Omar Salazar, whose ability to mix old school tricks into an aggressive style fits well with the theme of classic brands continuing to innovate. The 511 khaki is my go-to skate pant, so I'm stoked to see what details this collab brings to the table. -Angelo

Roger Skateboards Present: Newark

In collaboration with Exit Skateshop (825 North 2nd St.), Roger Skateboards presents Newark, an art show put together by for friends, by friends. The show will feature work by Roger's Owner and Art Director, Michael Sieben, with art school friends and team riders Bill Pierce and Nate Lacoste (who you may recognize from our Men's catalog last November).

Opening night is this Friday from 7-10PM, so for all of you who shred till you're dead who happen to be hanging around Northern Liberties this weekend (who are you kidding, you know you will be) stop by for a fun night with the boys. See y'all there! —Ally



Nate, who just recently went pro with Roger

Employee Side Projects

Over the past few months, Urban Outfitters has supported employee entrepreneurial efforts by creating Side Projects, a chance for employees to show off their amazing talents and get their products featured in local stores. Below were our first round of employees, with more coming throughout the year. Enjoy! -Ally

Zatara Skateboards
UO Sales Associate Andrew Cunningham has spent his time working with wood and building for the last 11 years. Recently, he's been making his own skateboards out of reclaimed wood, turning material that others might pass right by into hand-carved works of art.  The reason he started making these decks? "I couldn't find the skateboards that I wanted, so I went out into my parents garage and started making my own."  He's been perfecting his craft ever since. You can find his boards in our Santa Monica store (1440 Third St. Promenade).

Scout Vintage Minneapolis
Upper Midwest District Manager John Migala helps run this vintage shop which is described as, "American heritage with a touch of white collar flair referencing utility, work wear and military styles." Focusing on the needs of the quintessential "man," Scout manages to mix the outdoors with low-cost, unique clothing that will have even the most experienced male thifters at a loss for words. Go get some new digs before they run out at our NYC stores at 14th and 6th (526 Avenue of the Americas).

Black Pyramid Vintage
This vintage shop is filled with all of the things you want to fill your closet with but can never find in any stores. If you want some one-of-a-kind outfits (especially with festival season right around the bend), then this is your to-go shop for making you look cooler than you are.  Shop BPV by San Francisco Store Merchandiser Laura Cerri and her BFF Jessica Dega at the NYC Broadway Store (2633 Broadway) and in San Francisco (3322 Fillmore St.).

Hollywood Sales Associate Sean Tully (and our former Employee of the Month) is back for more Urban fun with a bunch of new zines, T-shirts and faux wooden spray cans he created in between his surf days at sea.  You can find his stuff in San Francisco and on 5th Ave in NYC. Get 'em while they're hot!

Looking for some new zines to flip through? Then Portland Sales Associate Sara Golden is your girl.  Just browsing through her photographs on Tumblr is like having a little kid on your leg begging you to take her on a trip to Disney Land (yeah, that's my idea of a getaway. Sue me.).  Her 'Zines are in San FranciscoCambridge, MA, and NYC.

Write More. Wrong Less.
You would never guess from employee Kat Mills' cat-filled Tumblr that she makes super gnarly zines. You can buy her satanic kitty zine (and more) here, or check her out in San Francisco and NYC.

Lila Ash
Lila Ash, assistant display artist at UO Space 15Twenty, is an illustrator, sculptor and performance artist from NYC who lives and works in L.A. Her paintings and comics have been exhibited at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and are published bi-monthly in L.A. Record Magazine. She is an alum of the painting department at the Rhode Island School of Design, class of 2011.

Baseball Card Vandals

Did you know Major League Baseball spring training just started? Of course not. Why would you? Baseball is mind-numbingly boring, and between spring training and the playoffs, the season takes up like 11 months out of the year. But witty Tumblr Baseball Card Vandals has me at least mildly interested in the sport again. Damn nostalgia. I mean, every boy had baseball cards growing up, and who doesn't love a tasty pun or a solid dick joke? Send the link to your dad. He probably still likes baseball and here's an opportunity to e-bond over America's dreadfully slow, outdated pastime.—Angelo

Get Your Shit Together: 'Better Off Dead' Breakup Ski Style

Valentine’s Day has arrived and your girl just dumped you? Weaksauce. But don’t kill yourself bro! Hey, hey, suicide is no joke, and offing yourself over a girl? That’s doubly ignorant. Unless those things are the subject of an '80s John Cusack comedy, then they’re fine.


Don’t emulate Better Off Dead protagonist Lane Meyer and try (unsuccessfully) to take your own life after getting dropped by your girlfriend. But do take a tip from Lane when he gets his shit together in the second act and decides to get with the hot French exchange student next door and beat the local douchebag in a ski competition. No French cutie in your neighborhood? Well at least you can get over your breakup by crushing a box of Russell Stovers chocolates and watching one of my favorite, most inadvertently stylish and lovably morbid '80s movies.

Sure, everybody loves Say Anything, but before Cusack developed his leading man swagger he was navigating dancing hamburgers, genius siblings and murderous paperboys in this cult classic. At the very least you can distract yourself from the breakup by getting stoked on the dope vintage ski style, which is relevant anyway because there’s probably still three feet of snow in your backyard. -Angelo 

Trend: Work it Out

We've made it to 2013, and New Year's resolutions are definitely on everybody's minds. A common one is to begin being healthy, and getting into shape. I feel laziness kicking in already, but thought, maybe looking cool while working out will help? Streetwear brands like Adidas, Nike, and New Balance have all been making their way back into the street style scene in a super retro way. Check out our inspiration behind this trend, followed by a few of our favorite items you can wear while you work out that translate into your everyday wardrobe! - Maddie

Get The Look:

Some light-weight warmth with a hood for those chilly jogs in the rain.

Deena & Ozzy Cracked Metallic Satchel
Here, we have a seriously nice lookin' metallic bag, that can totally double as your awesome, easy to carry, gym bag. 

You'll need something to keep them babies in tight!

With our tees in every color, I don't want to hear, "but wahhhhhh, I have nothing to wear."

Anyone working out in these knows not only how to get in shape, but how to look good doing so.

BDG Cuff Track Pant
You'd be shocked to know how well a pair of pants like these can fit into your wardrobe. Wear them with a pair of Converse sneakers, or change it up with leather boots!

Love Me by Curtis Kulig Knit Bike Short
There's nothing more athletic than a pair of classic bike shorts, so why not take it to the next level, in a retro way with this pair of bike shorts paying an homage to '90s street wear. 

Run baby, run!

Nike Air Max '90 Sneaker
Instead of your typical pair of sneakers, this pair of Nikes will be comfy for running, and look really awesome paired with denim and everyday clothes, as well as your gym-wear. 

Vagabond Edie High-Top Flatform-Sneaker
Here, athleticism takes a chicer turn, with this super cool shoe turned leather-boot combo.

Get It Together: Put Down The Pizza And Get Off The Couch

Quinn Asteak, aka Health Coach Quinn, ditched a career as a fashion stylist to dedicate herself to helping people get their shit together—at least in the kitchen. We turned to her for advice on getting your butt in shape when all your butt really wants to do is eat Combos and watch reruns on TBS. 

So, not to sound all 'spicious, but why we should trust in you for our health? 
Like a lot of people, I spent the majority of my life dealing with weight issues. You name the diet, I tried it, but nothing worked long term. After years of battling my body I went back to school to study nutrition. There I realized that to make lasting changes, I need to change my relationship with food, not just change the food itself. I’ve now dedicated my life to helping other people do the same thing, and figure out exactly what diet and exercise works best for their unique body. I also co-host an online cooking show.

For someone just beginning, working out can be totally overwhelming. Those machines look like torture device. Zumba sounds like something you'd use to vacuum the rug. Where do you start?

Start by trying a potpourri of potential workout plans. Check out a yoga class in your area, try some boot camp-style videos on YouTube (Amanda Russell has some great videos), or go for a super long, scenic walk in a beautiful neighborhood with your iPod loaded. Figure out what kind of movement you like. We are all built differently, and just like you have your own unique personal style when it comes to clothes, you will develop your own personal style with it comes to diet and exercise. You might find that you need something different when you are stressed vs. chilled. Or that variety is always the key! There are so many options out there from trampolines to hula-hoops, swimming to spinning. Give each a shot to see what feels best. Moving your bod should be fuuunnnn. If it isn’t—you’ll quit.

So once you know what you like, how do you make sure you actually, you know, do it...?
I recommend setting a schedule. Put your exercise agenda in your calendar. You’re not going to bail on girl’s you’re not going to bail on Bikram, Barre or Spin class either, right? So set it in stone so you have no excuses. If you’re really ready to go next level look online for a race or competition in your area and start training. The motivation of knowing that you have to perform on game-day will keep you on track and definitely hold you accountable.

(Meditation can help almost anyone. Almost.)

What about getting your head in shape to go with your body?

OOoooOO this is a good one! Even though I may seem like a total city girl I’m a hippy at heart and love trying new healing modalities when I feel stuck, sore or sad. Acupuncture to me, seems like magic, but a magic to which I can totally subscribe. You can go in with the craziest of ailments and acupuncture always has a cure. 

Meditation is another biggie. Just taking 5-10 minutes to quiet your mind and get centered can be life altering. If you’re not ready to do it solo, my girl Gabrielle Bernstein has some amazing guided meditations. 

When all else fails, who doesn’t love a massage? Even just 10 minutes at your local nail salon can wipe away, like a week’s worth of stress. I’ll go for a massage whenever I am feeling stressed, run down or feel like I’m getting sick. It’s the best medicine. At the end of the day, it’s all about self-care. Simply stopping, and doing something for yourself is healing beyond words.

Ok now on to food. If I skip the burger and just have a McFlurry, that's ok, right because I'm saving calories?

It’s just instant gratification, and you have to think about how you’ll feel an hour from now. That McDonalds food is going to zap your energy and make you feel all bloated and crappy, right? What your body really craves are nutrients. It’s all about maximum nutrients for the least amount of calories. That’s what going to fill you up and slim you down. 

I always try to work backwards. First I think, “What do I really want? What would actually make my body feel amazing?” From there, find the closest thing. Healthy is the new black, and everyone follows a leader. If you take a stand in your group of friends and say that you want to be healthy and have good options, I pinky promise the others will follow suit. And if all else fails, think about the 80/20 rule. Eat the best food possible about 80% of the time and for the other 20% enjoy life!!!

But I am totes broke. Isn't eating healthy expensive? Whole Foods does NOT have a dollar menu.
My top 5 staples for healthy eating are greens, eggs, hummus, sweet potatoes and quinoa. If you can’t find quinoa you could also use brown rice, it just takes longer to cook. But both can be found in the bulk aisle of your grocery store for super cheap. You can mix and match these ingredients in so many ways! Quinoa is a great base to a meal because it’s full of protein and will keep you full…here’s how to make it.  Add in a handful of greens and top it off with a dollop of hummus and/or a fried egg and OMG get ready for some healthy mouth heaven. There are so many amazing healthy options, and I'm always posting recipes on my site and blog

What's something that most people might not know is super bad for them? What about something that's surprisingly healthy? 

Surprisingly bad: Things like fruit smoothies and frozen yogurt seem healthy, but they are actually FULL of sugar, which is “health speak” for empty calories. It will set your blood sugar on a roller coaster, which means it will spike, then crash, just making you more hungry! Also, that sliced wheat bread has about a million ingredients in it and most of them are chemical preservatives. 

(Of course.)

Another big offender: diet sodas, what they lack in calories they make up for in chemicals. My #1 food tip is to always look at the ingredients and remember: if you can’t read it, don’t eat it. 

Surprisingly healthy: You can actually find healthy snacks all over the place if you’re looking! If I’m in a jam, my gas station go-tos are some unsalted almonds, plain popcorn and coconut water. Some foods that have a bad rap are avocados and coconut. They may be high in fat but your body uses it as energy. They’ll make your skin glow and your hair shine.

Any other general tips for shaping up?
One of the biggest tips is: Make sure you are getting enough sleep. This one is MAJOR. When you are over tired you body will cease to produce a hormone called leptin. Its main function is being the messenger from your belly to your brain that says, “I’m full, thanks!” If you’re over tired you’re way more likely to over eat. You are also more likely to reach for those quick energy/zero nutrient foods like sugar and caffeine. So make sure you are getting your Zzzzzs. 

(This is Quinn. Doesn't she just radiate health?)

Other than that, you’re heard it before, but I’ll say it again—drink water. In fact, set a timer on your phone and drink a cup every hour. Your skin will be radiant and you’ll be way less likely to reach for a crappy snack. Don’t love water? Add some lemon, lime or mint into the mix for a flavor boost.

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Globe Bantam Graphic ST

Hot babes. Cool printed skateboards. Dudes doing all the tricks. OKAY, so this video isn't 100% female focused, but these Globe Bantam ST graphic cruisers are fuckin' adorable and obviously meant for the skater girl in all of us. Excuse me while I fawn over the pretty floral one, appropriately named "Grandma's Couch."-Ally

Surf to Skate Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 Book Signing

Tonight in L.A., be sure to stop by Space 15 Twenty (1520 N. Caheunga Blvd) for a book signing of Surf to Skate: Evolution to Revolution - Vol. 1 hosted by book store Hennessey + Ingalls. The book brings together years of skateboard history, mostly focusing on boards from the '50s and '60s, collected by board collectors and authors Jason Cohn and Stanton Hartsfield. There will also be an exhibit featuring skateboards from the '60s, put together by Cohn and Hartsfield's company, Scavenger Brand. What's pretty cool is that this coffee table book is literally shaped like the 'Roller Derby' skateboard, which was the first board to be ever mass produced. I suggest all skateboard enthusiasts attend, and learn more about the history of skateboarding! RSVP here. - Maddie

Three Stripes For The Shorty

I'm really into this Tumblr and its love for the three Adidas stripes. Not only has sportswear been majorly trending lately, but site this shows that it's mainly girls who are owning it.  Sorry guys, but this one is for the ladies. -Ally

Classic Tales with Geoff Rowley

In this episode of Classic Tales, pro skater Geoff Rowley recalls that one time he partied with Bam Margera, Lemmy from Motörhead and watched pre-famous Kid Rock play "Bawitdaba."-Ally