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J.W.Anderson S/S 11 "The Devoured and I"

As stated in older posts of mine, I am an avid supporter of J.W. Anderson's expansion into womenswear.  I am completely obsessed with his latest collection and the trippy hippy psychedelic vibe it radiates! This short film was directed by Sharif Hamza and styled by Robbie Spencer in conjunction with Dazed & Confused. Love, love love. -Molly Donovan

Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 11

Jean Paul Gaultier's latest collection brought together bad-ass looks with that rock star chic he does so well, but one thing that stood out in my mind was the hair.  It bears an uncanny resemblance to the iconic hairstyle that Joan Jett made famous in the early '80s. Could it be? Is the mullet making a comeback? I'm not gonna lie, the models can definitely pull it off! The question is, can we? -Molly Donovan

"Bombay" by El Guincho

Check out the new video from El Guincho.  Major babe alert! And it's a really awesome song too! -Molly Donovan

Sonisphere Festival 2010

Sonisphere Festival is a congregation for all people who worship, or want to worship metal.  Featuring established and iconic metal babes such as Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax, Motley Crue, and also an incredible line-up of aspiring metal babes. This festival was probably the most unbelievable weekend I've had in a long time. After watching Karma to Burn at the Jagermeister tent and hearing them say: "Guys, it's never too late to worship metal!," I knew they had a point.-Molly Donovan

Film 4 Summer Screen 2010

Film 4 presents Summer Screen at Somerset House in London featuring outdoor movies all throughout the summer! I already have tickets to the screening of The Lost Boys on August 7th.  Check out the schedule here. -Molly Donovan


At last, another beautifully crafted masterpiece by perhaps one of the most fashionable directors of her time, the lovely Sofia Coppola.  The story, entitled 'Somewhere', follows a bad-boy actor currently living at the famed Chateau Marmont, whose life gets turned upside down with a visit from his 11-year-old daughter, who forces him to confront his issues.  As usual, the soundtrack remains in your head for days, and you would happily wear every single item of clothing.  Watch the trailer here.

-Molly Donovan


Industrie, a magazine dedicated to the culture of fashion, is on news stands now.  It features amazing interviews with some of today's key players in the fashion industry.  Plus, their cover girl is Anna Wintour. How cool? -Molly Donovan

Iris Van Herpen x United Nude

OMG I die. Must have these in my life.  A beautiful shoe created by a collaboration between Iris Van Herpen and United Nude.  Only 240 pairs have been produced. Race ya... -Molly Donovan

Marche de Clignancourt

In between various shows at Paris Menswear Fashion Week, a friend and I took a trip to the Marche de Clignancourt. A must see for stylists, fashionistas, or admirers of pretty things alike.  It's full of amazing vintage, great accessories, beautiful antiques, and the most incredible selection of trimmings and embellishments I've ever seen in one place. -Molly Donovan

Alex Sainsbury

There is something really pretty despite the grittiness and realness of Alex Sainsbury's photography.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's no wonder that he is shooting pretty much 24/7 these days...-Molly Donovan

Clueless by Calvin Klein

If you don't recognize the picture above as one of the most iconic and fashionable movie characters ever, then you should really go watch Clueless right away. Like totally right now.  And if you do recognize this girl, you will be thrilled to know that thanks to Ilaria Urbinati, celebrity stylist and co-owner of L.A. boutique Confederacy, Calvin Klein will be recreating the famous white dress that Cher wore despite her father's concern that said dress was, well, not a dress.  Shut up! -Molly Donovan

Maison Martin Margiela

From now until the 5th of September at London's Somerset House, there is an amazing Maison Martin Margiela exhibition celebrating 20 years of the most enigmatic contemporary fashion designers.  The exhibition features fashion, installations, film, and photography, all encompassing the designer's unique style.  The exhibition is open daily from 10 until 6. Definitely recommended if you're anywhere near London! -Molly Donovan

A Little Flashback...

Some of you might remember the number 1 hit of 1992 which stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for seven consecutive weeks...but I think this version of it performed by Jim Carrey on "In Living Color" is just slightly more fun. -Molly Donovan

"United Generations" by Lou Doillon

Lou Doillon, beloved socialite and daughter of Jane Birkin, is adding yet another skill to her already very long and skillful resume.  She is now taking a stab at photography.  Her first show runs until July 7th at Galerie W in Paris and exhibits a two day trip made to Disneyland Paris armed with two lomo cameras.  The results show technicolor Mickey Mouses and blase indie kids amongst Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck.  Check it out! -Molly Donovan

The Original Jersey Shore

The documentary "Wildwood, NJ" by Carol Weaks-Cassidy and Ruth Leitman takes a look at the original Jersey Shore set in 1994. It's funny how I pretty much want all of the clothes from this video. Above is just highlights from the documentary, but the full length version can be purchased here. -Molly Donovan

Trash Humping

Harmony Korine is back with a new film entitled Trash Humpers.  As you can probably deduct from the title, it depicts masked people humping, well, trash.  Described by the Huffington Post as "a confoundingly original and often funny nightmare," it should definitely be seen. Find out when it is playing in your town here. -Molly Donovan

Cerebral Ballzy Crew

Described by The New Yorker as "...a crew of young drunken lunatics carrying the torch of eighties skate punk to wreak havoc...", these guys are ready to get out of Brooklyn.  Get your asses to one of their many upcoming gigs immediately.  Avoid it if you don't like having fun and/or partying. -Molly Donovan


Meet Luxor Tavella, owner and manager of NYC shop Paracelso.  I visited her shop today and felt as though I was taken into another universe surrounded by colors, themes, trends, inspirations, and beautiful artwork.  Her creativity shines through the beautiful design of her shop and her incredibly unique personal style. As she doesn't believe in cell phones or the internet, there is no website to link you to. However, I don't think any website would translate the magical wonder you experience in real life.  Head to 414 West Broadway as soon as possible. -Molly Donovan

Maison Michel S/S 10

Maison Michel's S/S 10 look book is too cute. Featuring the likes of Lara Stone and Lou Douillon in beautifully crafted sketches, it makes me want to grow my hair out and save up for some breathtaking head-ware. -Molly Donovan


Janelle Burger's drawings of the Miu Miu daisy platforms make me long for them even more...-Molly Donovan