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Danielle Guizio Fall 2013 Look Book

The forever fab Danielle Guizio is back with her Fall 2013 line and the video for the look book has me all revved up for the weekend! The clothes, the girls, the cars... it sounds like something out of a teenage boys' daydream. 

For fall, she's turned her signature All Day I Dream About Burritos shirt into a sweater (seriously... fuck yes!), extended her collection to incorporate beanies, and brought out her inner New York side. I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on some more of Danielle's goodies and I call dibs on stalking her when she comes into town. 

Make sure to check out Danielle's website for some more styles, photos and inspiration from her blog.

Interview: JC Coccoli

JC Coccoli is pretty. Like, really pretty. She's also funny. Like, really funny. I KNOW, I KNOW, that combo isn't ever allowed to happen... but guess what bitches, IT DID. Because JC's also just super cool and down to earth (srsly is this girl an alien? Too perfect...ugh.), she took a moment out of her beautiful, hilarious day to talk to us about life in the comedy world, tips on flirting, and then we made her brag about all of the cool things she gets to do!
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hey JC! Break it down for us: tell us who you are and what you do with your time!

'Sup cuite pies! I am JC Coccoli and I am a comedian, actress, writer and self-titled fashion guru originally born in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a standup comedian by night, and a auditioning rat by day. I’m on a show on MTV called Hey Girl directed by Wet Hot American Summer veteran Michael Showalter (He loves cats!). I also have a hip YouTube show out on @ThePlatformYT called Dear JC, where I weirdly give relationship advice in a very cray cray tongue in cheek way.

How did you get started in the comedy world?
Growing up in Pittsburgh I got familiar with irony and sarcasm fairly quickly, so I developed a sense of humor that I remember made a lot of my family laugh hard. My mom would listen to George Carlin a ton and watched endless episodes of Roseanne and COPS and I was hooked finding things in life that were silly. I did my first open mic in Florida in the student union of a college. It was a trainwreck and after that I kept wanting to go up.

How about your first real show... how was it?
Ha ha. I killed! I mean, I know it's on tape somewhere so others might beg to differ. But in my mind, I ripped it. I remember it was all dudes and their material was so lame and hacky and I asked to go up thinking, “I’m gonna blow the roof off!” And they said they were booked but they could give me three minutes. So I ran into the bathroom and wrote “bits” down. I think I had material on Mandy Moore, Miller Lite commercials and that old way we used to call collect using 10-10-220. Remember that? Ha. So embarrassing. 

What was your biggest flop? 
Biggest flop... I remember after a show here in L.A. I ate it hard. And went into the back parking lot and rolled into the fetal position and just stared at the ground and then a busboy came out and told me to keep my head up, it’s no big deal. And, then he offered me steamed broccoli cause he was about to throw it out. I was like “You know what, he’s right!”

And what about your biggest success?
Biggest success to date? I mean, as long as I’m having fun at what I’m doing I’m succeeding. My dad just said that to me. And, I trust him because he did a ton of drugs in the '60s.

Tell us about Hey Girl. What's the show about and what part do you have in the show?
Hey Girl is a show about real girls talking about the ins and outs of dating, relationships, fashion and basically life’s little slip-ups that teach you things. It was an insanely talented cast of comedians and bloggers that were brought together for sketches, man on the street commentary and Vlogging to a camera about things that girls really talk about. It was directed by Michael Showalter. So that was dope. 

Can you give us some examples of the topics you'll be talking about? Which was your favorite to talk about?
Flirting, when to say "I love you," sexting, dirty talk, what to wear if you care, what women do to up keep their look. That one was my favorite, because guys have no clue what we do to upkeep this mess called a women’s body. So that was fun. 

Episode one focuses on flirting. Give us five tips to on how to flirt to get the guy (or girl) that you want!
Flirting with dudes: Stay calm, make eye contact, be bold, make the move, and then never respond to texts right away. Flirting with girls: Appear busy, make the plans, be funny in a natural way, don’t be a dick because you think you’re funny, and be a man on the date for god’s sakes—no splitting the tab!

What are your biggest Liz Lemon-style "IT'S A DEALBREAKER, LADIES!" well, um... deal breakers?
When you’re a bad tipper at restuarants. When you split the bill, When you talk shit on your ex-girlfriend, if you talk bad about your current job, if you DON’T HAVE A JOB, if you hate your mom, if you are super negative about life, and if you never have a condom on you. Come on what are you, nuts?!

What do you think girls need the MOST help with in life? Give them some advice about it!
Girls are emotional by nature so they tend to take things WAY more serious than guys do. I’ve noticed this myself; I want everything to have a plan and I need to know why and how and so when people say bad things about me, my first instinct is to react and you know what? Life does not have to be dramatic. It does NOT have to be so damn serious. Laugh it all off. Why talk shit about others? It’s gross and it puts you in a bad place. Go out and live life, and have fun, and love and smile. Don’t feed into the drama. You weren’t programmed to bitch and moan all day. There’s is more to life than that. Also, being comfortable just being yourself. I think that is what girls are struggling with a lot more nowadays. We have so many images coming in and out of brains that tell us to be cool, dress like this, wear makeup like that, be this be that. I think the most sexy thing is confidence and independence from the masses. Just being who you are. No matter how weird or unnattractive it may be to others. Just do you and do you all the way.
OMG that made me tear up...

Who are some of your favorite comedians on the show? Off of the show? #1 of ALL TIME?
On the show, OMG. little Esther Povitsky cracks my shit up. Her and I in a room together is probably the best time a person can have. She has a comedic cadence about her that is so infectious. We were filming a scene and I had tears in my eyes from her riffing. Holding myself together was tough. Also, Ali Wong is just unreal. She is so tiny and such a spitfire chick with the funniest opinions about life and what we’re doing on this planet. Good chicks. Off the show. I mean, Hannibal Buress is king. Dude is such a nice guy and just has such a chill stage presence that blows crowds away. Kyle Kinane is another one. And Maria Bamford and Sarah Silverman are just two people I can always watch and be like, damn I love my job. Also, he’s not a comic but I have to say it: I’m in love with Colin Hanks. There I said it!

Show off a bit. Tell us all about what you're working on now, your past work, and what you want to do, I mean, WILL DO, in the future!
So there’s the show Hey Girl for MTV and I am developing another show for MTV based off of my YouTube page. So fingers crossed that goes. I have a relationship advice show out now that airs every other Monday on @ThePlatformYT and its called Dear JC (see opening question!). It’s pretty epic if you like your advice with a bit of tender sass. I finished VH1’s Best Week Ever, did the Chelsea Lately panel and a weirdly funny interview with Keith Olbermann about politics. I am writing sketches weekly for a kids’ network which has been really weird and fun, since in my head I’m still a 10-year-old girl that wishes she got her period like everyone else. I’m still working with @HelloGiggles on projects, talking about Champagne Problems, and now auditioning like a mad woman for whatever comes next. All of it is good.

For my final question... On a scale of one to ten, how pretty ARE you? How about on the inside?
I’m way too pretty to be on a scale, to be honest.

For more on JC, click all of the links we've provided for you and follow her on Twitter @JCcoccoli.

Friday the 13th Tattoos

Ben Kopp

It's Friday the 13th so you know what that means... it's time to dig through your couch and old purses for some change to take to TD Bank, so you can scrounge up enough money to get a $13 tattoo of something FT13th-inspired!  

We know tattoos last like, a really long time or whatever, so to make it easier for you to choose on this super-duper-stitious day, our lovely team in the art department have provided us with awesome designs to share with you! 

It's simple: Just print one of these bad boys out, take it to your local parlor, and get it tattooed on you! We suggest your face as the best possible spot.

P.S. If you DO happen to get one done, please send us an email of it at! —Ally

This tattoo will remain timeless as your body withers away and dies.

And it's only 13 calories!

What a tough pussy.


I feel like I just lost 10 years of my life by just POSTING this last one.

Ben Sifel
2 cute 2 resist. Seriously, try to tell me with a straight face you don't want this right now.

Father John Misty "I'm Writing A Novel"

You know how when you've been dating someone for a while and you get to the point where you can openly talk about other people that you think are hot? And then you play the, "What celebrity do you think is the hottest?" game, which leads into the "One Free Pass" talk? You know... that talk where you agree to give one another a get out of jail free card to hook up with someone famous, but you can only choose ONE person and no one else or it's considered cheating?

Well, for me, Father John Misty's Josh Tillman is that ONE person! I mean, my lord, if his face and music alone aren't enough for you to accept my nomination, then take a few minutes to watch the video for "I'm Writing A Novel," and I'm pretty sure that after a few shakes of his hips you'll fully understand why. —Ally

Hot-Dog Legs Tumblr

This new-ish Tumblr, Hot-Dog Legs, poses a very important question: hot dogs or legs? While there aren't too many pictures up yet, let's hope this mysterious Tumblr person keeps on posting hot dogs (or legs) because this is the most genius idea ever. Legs really look like hot dogs sometimes, like oh my god. My brain can't wrap itself around this mindblowing fact. NORTH IS SOUTH AND UP IS DOWN IN THE WACKY WORLD OF HOT-DOG LEGS!—Katie

Dream Catcher and Feather Shorts by reMusedClothing

These Dream Catcher and Feather shorts are fucking rad! Designed and hand bleached by reMusedClothing, an Etsy clothing line based out of Hawaii, these high waisted shorts will have your booty catching more than just dreams, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I'M SAYIN'. —Ally

Danielle Guizio

Oh damn, the always lovely Danielle Guizio has been creeping around inside my brain. How else would she know where my mind wanders when I'm staring into cyberspace? Her All Day I Dream About Burritos Crop has my stomach growling, my mouth watering, and has made me realize that I truly don't know which one of my not-so-strange additions are stronger: shopping or burritos?! Luckily, this shirt doesn't make me choose. Oh, nom nom nom. 

(The cutoff version for those who prefer to show off the side boob instead of the mid-drift!)

Check out the rest of her summer collection here, and make sure to read the descriptions for each item—they'll give you a good glimpse into the killer sense of humor the girl behind the line has! -Ally

Northside Festival Recap

This past week (June 13-20) was Brooklyn, NY's Northside Festival, featuring over 50 films and 350 bands performing at venues, warehouses, rooftops and parks all over the borough.  With so many places to go and new bands to check out, we teamed up with the @uonewyork crew to cover as much music as our feet could drag us to. Together, we saw so many amazing bands, artists, and outfits that we felt the need to share our experience with you. So, here we go!


The first show we checked out was Iceage, who played with A Place to Bury Strangers and Lower at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. The night was really gloomy and rainy—perfect for a dark Danish punk band! The crowd really went nuts for them and the mosh pit started during the first song. Lots of stylish punk kids and Europeans in attendance.

Next up was Twin Sister and Ava Luna at 285 Kent. There was a great local fan turnout. The band recently got into a car accident so the guitar players from Twin Sister and Ava Luna could not perform. Andrea, the singer for Twin Sister, performed with a broken leg!


We got into the Iceage secret show at Saint Vitus. This show was more intimate than the show the night before. The fans were a little more sophisticated and the pit was non-existent. But the audience was still cool and stylish.

Pop.1280 at 285 Kent. The show was filled with great screamy goth metal and mosh pit action! 

A few of us met for Black Flag at Warsaw, where we watched from above on the balcony, getting a great view of not just the band, but the crazy crowd below. 

White Fence and Las Rosas at the BK Knitting Factory. Las Rosas consists of members of Brooklyn locals Wild Yaks, and their singer is from the Austin band Harlem. Overall, a great rock and roll show! 


We started out the day with Phosphorescent and The Walkmen at McCarren Park, where we got out of the sun and into the Heineken tent, where we got to drink cold beer and snap photos of the some really rad outfits. 

Afterwards was Son Volt at the Music Hall of Williamsburg We ended up going to this on a fluke, but this country band was actually pretty enjoyable. Not an aspirational crowd, but it was nice to see some diversity in the festival.


The early afternoon started with Bambara at The Jameson Black Barrel Lounge at Villain (mmm, free whiskey). Afterwards we hung out with the guys and got to know them a little better (interview to come!).

Solange and Petite Noir held down the last day of the weekend at McCarren Park, bringing together the best dressed crowd we saw all weekend. Lots of dancing, some more Heinekens and plenty of  "I LOVE YOU!!!"s shouted at the (arguably) cooler of the Knowles sisters.

The Soft Moon played 285 Kent Great, and their name was a bit misleading! They're an industrial, post-punk, goth band. They did an encore set playing drums on folding chairs and plastic buckets which surprisingly worked up the croud! 

Born Ruffians packed the Brooklyn Bowl, and had us dancing and singing like there was no tomorrow.

The last show of the weekend was Light Asylum @Cameo Gallery. What a fun dance party! Some of us were turned away at the door, but for the rest of us, it was a great way to close out the festival.

Happy Birthday James Franco

Just in time for 4/20, we get to wish our favorite stoner a very happy 35th birthday. Here's to you, Mr. Franco (a.k.a. how I envision myself singing HBD to him)! Xoxo. —Ally

Spring Breakers Now in Theaters!

It's March 22. That means it's time for you to grab your girlfriends, go to your local movie theater and get ready to experience the film of the year: Spring Breakers. It's finally time to see what we've been raving over, quoting and full-out obsessing about for the past few weeks. Whether you end up loving it or hating it, just be ready to FEEL something in a movie theater again. We guarantee it's not something you'll be able to fall asleep during—it's about to invoke some spirits up in y'all. 

Before you go, make sure to check out our interviews with director Harmony Korine, his wife and star of the film Rachel Korine, and our newest About A Girl with the film's stylist, Heidi Bivens. Spring break forever bitches!

South By So Single?

Remember how in that post I did like 10 minutes ago I said that the make-out potential was high at SXSW? Was not lying. —Kate

Packing for Spring Break

Okay, so, I just robbed the local Chicken Shack and FINALLY have all the money I need to go to Spring Break!!!! But wait... what the fuck am I gonna bring besides my fat stacks?  Time to pick out my party gear and hop on a bus heading south. Cue the music, it's time to pack bitches! —Ally

Urban Renewal Vintage Neon Hat
First off. Neon. EVERYTHING NEON. And they definitely need to glow under black-light. These hats are perfect and come in four colors for me and my three BFFs who are like, totally going to find ourselves on this trip. (I'm throwing my middle fingers up.)

Sparkle & Fade Cropped Side Vent Mesh Tee & BDG Lou High/Low Denim Short - Dye Tech
Next, I'll need a badass outfit to wear on the bus ride down south.  My neon hat, plus my mesh crop-top and cut off shorts will give me that young, "girls just wanna have fun" look, with just a splash of trash. Now, where can I get these shorts air-brushed? 

DC Pop Wayfarer Sunglasses
For fun in the sun, going to concerts on the beach that take you to a different planet, and hangin' with da dopeboys.

Lolli Tie-Dye One-Piece Swimsuit
I need a totally skimpy bikini. If not, something neon tie-dye, with side-boob cut outs, and no back will definitely do during the wild booty poppin' party days! Or, it would look super swaggy with a pink unicorn face-mask and DTF sweatpants during sunset. Note to self: keep boobs in bathing suit.

Gun Power Screwdriver
Oh, duh, totally forgot to mention a gun. A gun is a MUST. Real or fake, you never know whose mouth you're gonna have to stick it in. Plus it's hot pink, what now motha' fucker? GIMME ALL UR MONEY!!!!

Deena & Ozzy Gemma Festival Backpack
Because need somewhere to stash them dolla dolla bills, y'all.

Nike Delta Lite High-Top Sneaker
Finally, some kicks. Did you think I'd be runnin' this town in flip-flops? Just ask everyone we stomped out. Check that pop of green—that's for Alien. Love you for fucking ever, mane. Spring Break Forever...

Trend: Tie-Dye

House of Holland

Although we were already down for wearing tie-dyed everything 24 hours a day/seven days a week/365 days a year, our beliefs that tie-dye will never go out of style have been confirmed thanks to the Spring 2013 runways. Whether you're doing it yourself or buying it from a store (no shame, we'll never get those god damn spirals perfect!), tie-dye is the perfect print for all your spring break fun in the sun.—Hazel

W118 by Walter Baker

Tory Burch

Get the look:
Hometown Heroes Yin-Yang Tie-Dye Tee
Life and death, yin and yang, tie and dye. It's all here in one shirt.

Ecote Carved Out Maxi Dress
Navy and bleached white? Or white and tie-dyed navy? IT'S A MYSTERY.

Lolli Tie-Dye One Piece Swimsuit
If there is one place tie-dye was born to be, it's at the beach in the sweltering heat. For that, this suit is perfect.

Tie-Dye Earbud Headphones
Tie-dyed tunes? Count us in!

BDG Twig Mid-Rise Jean - Tie Dye
A little bit of spattered green to punch up boring denim

Making of Spring Breakers: Behind the Scenes

Meet the cast of Spring Breakers as they give us a behind the scenes look at the making of the film.  Look at all of those extras! They all picked the perfect time to go on spring break, and have a film other than Girls Gone Wild to remember it by. Jealous! —Ally

UO Look of the Week: Brian DeYong

Here's our favorite look of the week:  Our Display Director Brian has traveled everywhere from Walmart to Paris, but our favorite piece of this look is his panda patch! 

Hi Brian! What do you do at UO?
I am the Display Director yo!!! Basically, I get yelled at by every creative person out there who thinks all Urban does is steal their ideas. Frankly there is nothing new under the sun and we have probably been doing it longer than they have. I guess that is just part of working for "The Man." UO is an easy target.

What are you wearing?
Haha, you kind of caught me on a good day. I am going to sound so well travelled!!! I am wearing a black hat from WalMart, a Henrik Vibskov button up, a vintage Oakland Athletics tee I found in San Fran, Black Levis 510s, USA sock from DC, and oxblood MOMA boots from Merci in Paris (I love that store).

We love your panda patch. Do you have a collection? If not, do you collect or wear a lot of any other clothing accessories?
Uhmmm, not typically an accessory kind of guy. I'm usually pretty stripped down and generic. I have to give Jesse Medlin (a Senior Display Coordinator in NYC) a shout out for getting me into the flair game. We went to this giant flea market/thrift store in Maryland and I found a rad old Caboodle so I filled it with cheap pins from the same spot, since then I have been stocking up on quirky patches and the like. I will probably end up giving them all away in a few months—nothing lasts.

Tell us a funny or sentimental story behind a piece of clothing you own.
Lets see, about five years ago Julia Koral (Manager of Display Design) gave me a sweatshirt with a really bonkers techy/African print on it. I was in Berlin a few years back and let a cute friend of a friend borrow it after a long night of hanging (it was chilly in the early morning). I didn't see her again during the trip and thought the sweatshirt was all but lost. Last year I met up with my friend Chris in New York (he was visiting from Berlin) and he had rescued the sweatshirt and returned it to me. I have probably only worn it like three times ever but I really like that I have it.

You travel a lot, which I'm sure leads to shopping in a lot of strange places. In your opinion, where is the best shopping city/town in the USA?
I guess its all about what you are into. Some of the weirdest, smallest cities have the best thrifting and generally rad shit, New York has essentially any designer you are looking for, but I have found the mid-sized cities like Austin, Minneapolis, San Fran, etc. have a lot of personality and great vintage without much pretense.

Where can we find you on the web?

Justin Timberlake "Suit and Tie"

Here is Justin's new video for "Suit and Tie." It's really, really magical that the year is 2013 and he's still doing choreographed dancing. We should cherish this gift.—Katie

Valentine's Mixtape by Lonely

It's OK to be lonely this Valentine's Day. We like our romance served year-round, anyhow. We do, however, see it as an excuse to gift ourselves a little self-love token from our favorite New Zealand lingerie purveyors, the very aptly named Lonely. And if you're hell-bent on wallowing in solitude, the designers (who just so happen to be a romantic couple, too--awww) have dedicated a mixtape filled with alternative love songs to all you lonely hearts out there. Plus, a sneak peak of their new collection! --Natalie 

The Playlist:
The Vaseline's: Molly's Lips
Daniel Johnston: True Love Will Find You in the End
The Runways: Cherry Bomb
Oasis: Songbird
Old Crow Medicine Shop: Wagon Wheel
Dead Moon: Play With Fire
Neil Young: Harvest Moon
Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
Yeah Yeah Yeah's: Maps
Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

Workaholics Valentines

OMG I am in. fucking. love. with these Workaholics Valentines posted on their Facebook page.  I can't decide which one is the more repulsive (srsly Adam? SRSLY?), so I'm just going to choose Juggalo Jillian's as the card I would accept.  Go to their page more and try not to die/vomit/ROTFL.—Ally

LastNightsParty Trailer 2013

An all-access pass to New York City's nightlife is something that everyone wants, a lot of us feel entitled to, but only a few actually manage to achieve (aside from the celebrities, models and socialites of course).  So, it makes sense that the trailer for the LastNightsParty documentary goes behind the scenes to give you a look at what it's like to be VIP in the city where nobody sleeps.  Just watching it makes you want to go out tonight and dance, do something crazy, and surprise yourself at what might happen.  Because really, who knows? Maybe tonight will be the best night of your life. -Ally

Bang with Friends

Back in the college-only golden age of Facebook, there were no illusions about its purpose: getting laid. But the landscape has become harder to navigate with your mom tagging you in baby photos and various other game-killing innovations. The new app Bang with Friends hopes to bring Facebook back to the basics of hooking up.

But don’t worry, they say they can do it while sparing you the embarrassment of telling your friends you want to smang until the app is sure your friend wants to smang, too. In a perfect world we’d all just casually tell our attractive friends that we’d like to get busy, but until everyone stumbles upon enlightenment, we’ve got Bang with Friends.

We haven’t tried it yet (promise) but I doubt it will be long until one of my friends gives it a run. No shame if you’re interested—like I said, isn’t that the entire point of Facebook? Fictionalized Zuckerberg even said as much in The Social Network. Our only advice is to take a sober test run to figure out the mechanics before you drunkenly click around after a night out. Sending an anonymous tip to the office hottie is all good as long as you don’t accidentally click on your cousin.—Angelo