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Happenings: Outside Lands Music Festival

One of my absolute favorite things to do every year is head up to the Bay Area to go to Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. This year, the festival featured some highly notable names like Kanye West, Arctic Monkeys, The Flaming Lips, and The Killers, as well as newer favorites like Jagwar Ma and Woods. While you’re not catching a band play, there are literally so many other things to keep you busy. There’s this incredible stand-up comedy tent called The Barbary, a digital detox zone called summer camp for adults, and not to mention Chocolands (literally all dessert all the time)!

Golden Gate Park is no ordinary park. When at the festival, you feel like you’re surrounded by an unbelievably beautiful forest that you never want to leave. Seriously, I didn’t want to leave. But to commemorate my visit, I snapped a ton of photos over the weekend with my Polaroid camera. Above, you'll see a shot of Woods who I started the last day of the festival with, and one of the many cool homes around the park. See the rest of my photo diary below! Maddie

The food situation was excellent. Above is the giant "Beer Lands" sign and below is my favorite vendor from the fest. They had the best sweet tea.

Two of my favorite acts that I saw at the festival were Jagwar Ma, and Arctic Monkeys, who closed out Friday night.

Here we have the incredible Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips in a tinsel jacket, the beautiful greenery and my favorite spot at the festival, the 2 Bandits booth!

Myself in front of one of the many hand painted walls at the festival.

I carried these flowers around the festival and felt like Morrissey.

UO Creative Grant: Samuel Michael Casebolt

It may have taken Samuel Casebolt only one day to pitch his idea for our UO Creative Grant, but he's been working on the concept for years. Here we speak with the artist about his background in film, his love of the great unknown, and the plot for his winning concept, Hell's Belles, up today on his Kickstarter!

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background!
My name is Samuel Michael Casebolt and I live in Oakland, CA, working in downtown San Francisco as a display artist for Urban Outfitters. I have worked as a production designer for a couple of feature films by Ben Wolfinsohn, one of which, called High School Record, made it into the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. I've also produced and directed four other features, a music video for The Mae Shi, and the short Goodbye Sun, which I released in 2012.

Where did you go to school?
I went to the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, CA. and got a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. I worked in many mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpture, and was showing in galleries around L.A. almost once a month for a while. 

How did you get involved in filmmaking?
Although I was making so much art, I honestly felt a bit limited. Films just seemed more visceral and really had the power to move me. While it is true that art and film are meant to convey different types of things to a viewer, I never felt that way standing in a gallery and I really wanted to. I began making skateboard videos and abstract art videos with semi-plots on a camcorder and editing on betacam cassettes. Over time, my films began having more and more story driven premises, although I still feel like film is another extension of the art I've always done. In fact, I always make paintings to prepare for and capture the tone of my films.

So, tell us about the UO Creative Grant contest!
I have been working on the concept for the film Hell's Belles for five or six years and was finishing another film, Goodbye Sun, which is kind of a sequel to Hell's Belles. When UO announced that they were giving a grant to someone who needed funding for a project, I was all over it. I had the concept fairly fleshed out and the thought occurred to me to make a trailer for a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money for the feature film. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but Urban Outfitters announced the contest on a Tuesday and required submissions by THAT Friday! My first thought was, "Forget it. That's not enough time." But I realized, "This is what everyone else will think, too, which might give me a better chance!"

With this in mind, I made a video proposal in one night, sent it in, and ended up winning! I received $1500 and three weeks paid time off, which paid for most of the wardrobe, props, travel, and food for actors. Everyone else donated their time and efforts for the project, which was amazing! I spent the three weeks off editing, organizing and shooting scenes for the trailer.  

What is Hell's Belles about?
Set in the 1970s, Hell's Belles is a mockumentary about the 4444 Cult, which consisted of four women that had left society to live in the desert and then disappeared. The women had attempted to control reality with their minds in a series of exercises or "spells" to manifest objects and life forms, travel through space and time, and possibly transcend the physical realm altogether. Evidence of their abilities, which they believed all humans are capable of, was found in the form of photographs, film reels and other various objects, locked in a trunk on the bottom of the ocean. In Hell's Belles, scientists and other experts analyze the footage and eyewitness accounts of terrifying encounters in the desert, leading the filmmaker to take an expedition to the desert to find the church.

What inspired you?
I was inspired by regular trips to Joshua Tree National Park with friends. It's easy to come up with crazy stories when you are surrounded by interesting people in that environment. It would be harder to come up with a boring idea there. I am totally fascinated with physics and science and how it could be used to explain the mysteries of existence, which is partially what this film is attempting to do. I have also been inspired by UFO and Bigfoot documentaries as a kid, most specifically in this case by a film called Overlords of the UFO ( I love their dead serious delivery of "facts" about UFOs that are just silly at times, but still intriguing to watch).

What are your…

Top five films of all time?
This is a really difficult question to answer because there are so many films that I put in the flawless category, which don't get sorted from best to worst. They are untouchable, but I think lovability is as important as the avant garde. There is something to be said for a film that can make you love a character, whether it's a Disney film or a Criterion Collection film.  The Shining, Rushmore, Pulp Fiction, American Graffiti, and Boogie Nights stand out to me as films that have a lot of both.

Top five actors?
Sorry I can't choose five: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson.

What do you want to do in your future? Do you plan on continuing with film? 
I have several films at various stages of production and will continue to find ways to make them happen one way or another because I just feel the need to. I have a haunted house story, a horror film, and a short about the origin of mermaids. I love the challenge of making my thoughts become reality. It's something I am really passionate about. 

When does Hell's Belles come out? Give us all the details!
I don't have a release date for Hell's Belles the feature. I will have to make a plan for shooting once I know what the budget will be. Possibly as far off as 2016.

What's the number one reason we should watch your film?
It will be pretty funny.

Make sure to check out Samuel's Kickstarter page to help make this film happen!

Cult Beauty: Etta and Billie

Alana Rivera is the woman behind Etta and Billie, the handcrafted skincare line we have to thank for this delicious Horchata soap. Alana was kind enough to let us know a little bit about her business, how she uses her essential oils, and the surprising scent mistakes she's made over the years.
Interview by Katie Gregory

How did you get your shop up and running?  
I started soap making in 2006 while working an extremely soul-sucking job. I enjoyed the product making process so much that I decided to turn it into a business. But, it was a very gradual process. I went to get a certificate in Herbalism in 2008 and launched the business in 2009 on Etsy. Then I got my first wholesale account, more followed, and things grew steadily from there. I quit my day job in the Fall to follow my dream full-time.

What is your favorite product you sell?
My favorite product is body oil but soap is by far my favorite thing to make because I get to be really creative. The product that many customers keep coming back for are the scrubs, especially the Grapefruit Cardamom. People love the combination. (It's one of my personal favs, too.)

Body oils seem so amazing, but we're lost! How do you recommend we use yours?  
Body oils can definitely seem a bit intimidating, but they are surprisingly versatile once you know what to do. I use my body oil like a lotion, as a hair treatment and in the bath. If applying like a body lotion, apply a few drops right after you get out of the bath or shower (you can even apply some as a face moisturizer in a pinch or if you have dry skin). I rub a drop through my hair when it's wet as a leave-in conditioner and sometimes use a tiny bit on dry hair to tame frizz. Adding a drop or two to your bath is a really wonderful way to add scent and moisture. I always take a small bottle with me when I travel because it's so multipurpose.

Did you ever mix up a scent you thought would be amazing that just… wasn't?
Yes, although most of them turned into scents other people love. When I first formulated the Cedarwood and Bitter Orange soaps, I was going for completely different scents. For the Bitter Orange, I had envisioned a really lovely citrus-sweet orange-blossom type scent (I was going to call it Orange Blossom). When I mixed up the scent, it just smelled intensely bitter, nothing like I had imagined. I was able to add some additional essential oils to get it closer to what I had wanted, but there is only so much adding you can do before it really starts to get worse! When I poured the soap, I just hoped for the best. After the curing process, I still didn't like it and wasn't sure if anyone else would either but it was so pretty that I had to take it to craft shows with me. So I re-named it Bitter Orange, and to my surprise, people actually really like it. It's a seasonal soap, so I only make it a few months out of the year but it has some die-hard fans that would love to be able to get it year round.  

When you go about mixing up something like the Horchata scent, how long does it take you to get it right?
The Horchata took only two batches to become perfect. It was mostly just fine tuning the scent strength. It all depends on the how complicated the scents are, but I usually get it right within two batches or less. I don't do small test batches. I just get an idea, sketch out how I want the soap to look, think about the scent, sniff a few bottles of essential oil, come up with a scent recipe and go for it!

What are some of your favorite gifts to give for the holidays?
I love finding a unique item for each person on my list, whether it's jewelry, ceramics or a great printed t-shirt. Or giving something that I've made myself, like vanilla extract or rosemary salt.  

Favorite gifts to receive?
I always enjoy getting items that are something I may have mentioned in passing to a friend or family member and then forgot all about it until it shows up. I love a surprise!

What's next for Etta + Billie?
Well, I've always got ideas for new products; developing new ideas is one of my favorite things to do. I'll likely be adding candles and liquid soap to my offerings next year. As far as scents go, I'm toying with a scent based on Dynamo Donuts', iconic Maple Bacon Apple donut or one of my other favorites, the Chocolate Rosemary Almond donut.

Where can we find you online?
Check out my website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Recap: Outside Lands Festival 2013

I flew up to San Francisco last weekend to pay a visit to the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival in Golden Gate Park, where I saw tons of incredible artists, new and old. It was so nice to get a break from the Los Angeles summer heat and experience a music festival in a non-sweaty environment (like that other festival I go to, Coachella). Here's what I experienced throughout the 3-day happening in the forest! Maddie

My first set of the weekend was Smith Westerns, whom I've always loved. It was great to hear some of their new songs from Soft Will, their new album. They surely started the day off nicely, and I'm pretty sure their sweet sounds cleared the clouds and let the sun shine in SF, even if it was just a little bit.

Next I saw Surfer Blood from afar at the main stage, who brought their East Coast beach jams to the West. Lead singer JP even put on an American flag print cap at one point during the set. Always gotta be on trend, right?

The music at this festival is always great, but so is the food. Outside Lands always provides a "taste of the bay area," as they call it, with vendors lining the fields at the festival to bring the best eats. I often found myself staring at other people throughout the weekend just to figure out what food they were eating. Sorry everyone for creepin' on your fine foods!

Also aside from the music are lots of fun activities to do in your down time, like free bouquet and flower crown making!

Then I went to the smallest stage, the Panhandle, to see Daughter perform, whom I had never seen before. Elena Tonra's vocals seemed to fit perfectly in with the beauty that is Golden Gate Park.

I ended Friday night with a nearly three hour, 40 song set from Sir Paul McCartney that included fireworks! Basically, I couldn't believe my eyes the whole time; he is a total rock and roll legend. Sir Paul played tons of Beatles and Wings hits, plus played the intro to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze." Badass much? It was so beautiful.

Saturday came along, and started with a great set from The Growlers, whom I also had never seen before! They played a perfectly psychedelic set that also fit right into San Francisco. I swear, there is no chiller dude on this planet than the lead singer, Brooks.

A little later on I saw Bombino, all the way from Niger! I reviewed their recent release, Nomad recently!

It was impossible to get remotely close at the main stage for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but regardless of where you were standing their set was one to remember. They even played "Date With the Night"!

Rounding out Saturday night was Nine Inch Nails. I may be about 25 years late to the party as I was a small child when they were popular, but they seriously impressed me. At the last minute my friends and I decided to stay for their whole set, and I'm really happy I did. Who knew I would enjoy industrial rock so much? NIN's visuals were also totally A+.

The last day of Outside Lands, Sunday, began with a massive set from Foals. No doubt one of my favorite sets of the weekend. I jammed so hard to "Two Steps, Twice." I need to see them again ASAP!

This festival definitely involved endless trekking to and from different ends of Golden Gate Park. Along with incredible performances, I also got lots of exercise, hopefully enough for the rest of the year.

King Tuff was next at the Panhandle stage, and there was moshing. Lots of moshing, naturally!

I think I took all of one photograph during Vampire Weekend's set, which was my favorite of the weekend, and honestly the last I really paid attention to! I was looking the most forward to seeing them play; they are one of my favorite bands ever. It was great to hear new and old songs of theirs, especially "Hannah Hunt" from Modern Vampires of the City.

I spent most of Sunday night in "Chocolands" eating delicious desserts underneath these light-up sugar skulls in the trees. Like all festivals, Outside Lands quickly came to an end, but it was a great one this year! I saw and discovered some super bands, ate some sweet treats and enjoyed the cool San Francisco air. Hoping to make it back to the forest next year for Outside Lands 2014!

Outside Lands Festival Street Style

It may have been a cold one this weekend in San Francisco for the Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, but I still managed to pick out a few cuties in the crowd looking their best in their layers upon layers. Here's some snaps of what those cool chilly folk were wearing amongst the beautiful trees and fog in Golden Gate Park! Maddie

Saw lots of '90s grunge plaid situations at this festival, but I loved her flannel dress rather than regular shirt.

How about their matching boot AND beer action?

I wouldn't feel like I was truly in San Francisco without a sighting of something related to the Grateful Dead, right?

Don't mind the restrooms in the background, focus on her rad DIY-ish denim necklace.

Interview: Floss Gloss Girls

You may have caught some of our amazing nail tutorials with the Floss Gloss nail polish gals—now we're lucky enough to have an amazing interview! We recently spoke to the girls about the future of their brand, how they became besties, and what it takes to keep one's nails flossin'.
Interview by Ally Mullen

Hi ladies! Introduce yourselves and tell us some things about yourselves that everyone should know!

Aretha: I'm Aretha and I live for the rap game, rockstars, and caffeine.
Janine: Hey, I'm Janine and I am half Korean. I have a baaad Blue Boston Terrier named ~Bodie~ and my nails are naturally square.

How long have the two of you known each other?
J: Since roughly 2007/2008. We met in college.
A: Janine and I met in 2008.

How did Floss Gloss begin and where did you get the name from?
A: I have been mixing colors since the '90s; there weren't many good ones in stores forever. Janine and I instantly hit it off in college and she'd help me hustle my mixes and one thing just led to another. The name was just some fun rhyme we called our nail crew.
J: In college, after class we'd paint nails with Aretha's new one-off color, chillin' and watching ANTM. The name "Floss Gloss" was born during a nail art session after I had rapped to the group that my nails were flossin' and glossin' like a boss. My nails were flossin' cuz Aretha's colors were soo bossy and original. Floss Gloss is what we had to stay true to when we started the company.

Where do you find inspiration for colors?
J: Most importantly, colors we've never been able to find, ever. But def music, fashion, personal idols.  
A: I get inspiration from any and everything. It can get weird. 

What's your favorite FG color at the moment?
A: My current favorite FG color has to be Dimepiece cuz it's an instant rave, but I also cannot live without Con Limon and Fastlane.
J: OMG, well Neon Nacho is my baby. I am obsessed with our new summer collection (coming to Urban super soon!). Pony and Blood, Suede & Tears. But I'm obsessed with Bikini Coral, Glowstar and Con Limon. Soo hard to choose, though!

Since starting FG, what's the longest time you've gone without having your nails painted? How often do you change your nail color?
J: So embarrassing, but probs like 2-3 days, at my most stressed out. There's nothing I hate more than a chipped mani, so in those cases I'd rather be bare than chipped.  
A: The longest is like 30 seconds tops, YOLO. I change my nails for every outfit, so about 3-6 times a day.

After nails, what's your second favorite beauty product(s)?
A: Love me some vamp lipstick. Gotta keep it goth.
J: Eyebrow/Lash gel is my #1 after nail polish--I'm big on Brows.  Close seconds: Maui Brown Babe, Body Time's China Rain scent in anything, Davines Vegetarian Hair Mask.

Ever do any celeb nails? If not, if you could have any celebrity wear your polish, who would it be and why?
J: Never done any Celeb nails, although Floss Gloss has graced the nails of celebs like Anne Hathaway and Gangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia. But if I had to pick another celeb it would probs be Britney. BritBrit2000 is our homage to her. Her 2000 VMA sheer, peachy, nude sparkle cat suit was the direct inspiration for this sheer piece of art in the form of nail lacquer.  This clearly stemmed from our pre-teen baby fangirling, along with my Baby, One More Time cassette tape.  Duh, Idol.

Give us some quick tips!

How to not get paint on your skin?
J: Honestly, just a steady hand and practice. But when I paint my nails I always paint my thumbs last, so I can use my thumbnails to clean up the cuticle area around my other nails.

Tips for getting paint off your skin without getting it off your nail?
J: Def try a flat and thin paint brush or gel brush and using acetone/remover paint the brush around your cuticles.
A: Dip a brush in remover if you want to go to the next level.

How much time do you give yourself to let each coat dry?
J: Depends on polish, but it's Floss Gloss, no waiting.
A: I don't wait. It's Floss Gloss

The biggest mistake people make with nail polish/nail art?
J: It might not be considered a mistake, but a lesser-known fact is that many nail polish companies are male owned and dominated. I'd personally prefer to buy products made and designed for women, by women. Just sayin'.
A: Not having them flossin'.

Best nail polish remover in the game?
J: Personally, I'm still rocking that Walgreens/CVS Strengthening remover, cuz I'm still on that budget. But if I get to it, the SpaRitual Conditioning Lacquer remover with citrus extract is amaze.
A: I use non-acetone drug store or whatever's around. But if its glitter I go for the acetone.

Any future plans for expanding the brand? What's next for you two?!
J: So many plans for expanding the brand. New products, hot garments and accessories.  Lots for all the Floss Gloss FanBabes to look forward to! Look out this Fall '13 for a soft grunge inspired collection and into 2014 for new nail polish colors and glitters!!
A: Lots of fun plans for the brand including more makeup, some clothing and other party supplies ;)

Shop Floss Gloss

Nail Art with Floss Gloss: Round Three

It's the final round of Janine and Aretha from Floss Gloss' nail art series! Using inspiration from May's Bazaaaaar Pop-Up shops (R.I.P.!), our favorite summer trends, and products from our site, the duo has created three unique and easy-to-follow nail art tutorials. To go out with a bang, they stepped their game for a great grand finale. With the experience you've gained from Rounds One and Two, you should be totally prepared to try out this awesome nail art guide like it ain't no thang.

Janine: "For this week's mani I was inspired by the pronounced zig-zags in the Urban Renewal Drop-Waist Knit Dress.

I'd been wanting to share some nail art with a little more difficulty, as well as a colorful mani that was playful with different kinds of simple patterns and lines.

The Polish: 
For this look I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline, Fastlane, Neon Nacho, Tanlines and Stun. (All Floss Gloss Ltd lacquers are available online at Urban Outfitters!) As well as a nail striper in white and the Gloss top coat. 

The Steps:

For the tutorial I'll be showing you how to achieve the design I did on my pinky, but the designs featured on my index and ring finger are very simple to mimic. Using the skills from Rounds One and Two of our collaboration, you should be able to easily attain these cute designs that could easily be worn alone. 

Step One: Always, always base coat !

Step Two: Select your base colors. Apply two coats of your desired color to each nail. I chose to use the 'geisha kiss' mani on my index finger, a two toned ring finger and a fully covered middle and pinky finger. You may do a solid base color, a french tip, or all glitter—get creative! I chose to use an opaque holographic glitter as an accent nail for some depth and easy bling. Even without a stitch of nail art, my mani already looks interesting and conversational. 

Step Three: Start at the tip of the nail and create two V's. 

Step Four: The point of the outer V ending right before mid nail. Create a large V opposite the previous Vs, with it's point extending into the point of the outer V. You should now have what looks like a vertical bow-tie. 

Step Five:  Fill in the remaining negative space, or empty space, outside and inside the Vs filling the space with an all-over tribal like print. 

Steps Six through Eight: Get liberal and go bold in your lines adding a color blocking effect or keep them thin and minimal. I personally like how the design fills the entirety of the nail, giving you a full coverage lace effect over the neon red base color. 

Having fun with the rest of the nails!

OMG, can the girls do tutorials for us forever and ever and ever?

Make sure the base color and nail art designs are fully dry before top coating to prevent smearing. Apply the Gloss for a glossy and protective finish. 

Try any of these designs on all 10 nails, four or just one for a statement!"


Shop Floss Gloss and follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter at @FlossGloss.

Check back next week for our exclusive interview with Janine and Aretha as we talk nail art, BFFS and killing it at the polish game!

Nail Art with Floss Gloss: Round Two

Janine and Aretha from Floss Gloss are back! Using inspiration from the Bazaaaaar Pop-Ups in L.A. and NYC, and products from our site, the duo has created three unique and easy-to-follow tutorials to get your nails on-trend just in time for summer. It's Round Two and we're even more excited than last week to try this out in the office! If you missed last week's nail art, make sure to try it out here!

Janine: "This week I was inspired by the Della x UO Strapless Romper.

The thing I love most about Africa Prints, which I mentioned last week, is that they are so organic in nature. So for any nail art skill level there really is no "wrong." I loved the heavy opaque dots in the rompers print. This is quick and hot nail art look. Perfect for time-conscious nail art babes.

The Polish:  
I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline, Glowstar, Wavepool, and Con Limon for the base colors (all colors are available here). I used Partybruise and Glowstar for the accent dots with my dotting tools and topped it off with Gloss top coat. Dotting tools can be purchased at local beauty supply, but also be found or made easily at home, for example: ballpoint pen, top of a dressmaking pin, toothpick, etc... get creative! 

The Steps:

First, basecoat all nails—always!!

For base color I've been obsessed with this mini french-tip-inspired nail—it's quick, easy and chic. I love wearing this alone in multiple colors when I'm in a rush and have bare nails or with nail art. Just apply a short swipe of the base color with the nail polish brush leaving half of your nail natural. Like last week, I chose to do a multi-hued mani. This adds more variety and color! You can stop here and choose to top coat or continue with nail art. 

I used the lid to a jar for my pallet and dropped a bit of polish in each shade I'd be dotting with. 

Begin dotting at the tip of the nail on the base color. A lot or a little—it's up to you. I chose to add more at the tip and work my way back to the cuticle adding dots sparingly to give a gradient effect. Play with multiple dotting colors, in different shades or glitter. Play with a full nail of base color, vary the size of dots, or add less... the possibilities are endless! Repeat on the other hand for a full mani or just play with various fingers.

Finished! The result is a printed mani, sure to catch the eyes of all of your BFFs.

Shop Floss Gloss and make sure to check back next week for Round Three!

Follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter at @FlossGloss 

Nail Art with Floss Gloss: Round One

Floss Gloss has an incredibly fun palate of colors to choose from. With their bright colors and pretty packaging, we had a feeling the women behind the brand, Janine and Aretha, could teach us a thing or two about nail art... and we were right. Using inspiration from the Bazaaaaar Pop-Ups in L.A. and NYC, and products from our site, the duo has created three unique and easy-to-follow tutorials to get your nails on-trend just in time for summer. Here, Janine takes us through Round One, and it has us dying to see what they have in store for next week!

Your guides Janine (left) and Aretha (right).

Janine: "I was inspired this week by the Sparkle and Fade Cut Out Romper

I love the triangles and the variety of the print with only the simple triangle shape. This design is fairly easy and can be done just on one nail, two or all ten! Play with different color stripers or do the design on naked nails with a colored tip for a lace effect.

The Polish:
I used Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Bassline for the base coat, Bikini Coral, Neon Nacho, Perf, Fastlane for the color scheme, and topped it off with Gloss for the top coat. All Floss Gloss Ltd lacquers are available online at Urban Outfitters. I used a nail art striper in white for the design.

Bikini Coral

Neon Nacho



The Steps:
Always base coat! Using a base coat will help make the longevity of your manicure longer and protect your nails from any staining from highly pigmented lacquers etc. This design can be modified for ability level by simply not doing step seven. Get playful! Try just one triangle on each side of the center front line or two center front lines! The possibilities are endless and because African Prints are so organic, the lines do not have to be perfect."

Step One:

Step Two:

Janine getting into the zone! (And showing off her crazy cool nail station)

Step Three:

Step Four:

Step Five:

Step Six:

Step Seven: Add the Gloss and...
Ta-da! Janine shows off her amazing work.

Already getting ready for next week? Stay tuned to find out!

Shop Floss Gloss and make sure to check back next week for Round Two!

Follow the girls on Facebook and Twitter at @FlossGloss 

Thee Oh Sees: "Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster"

"Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster," easily my favorite song off of psych-rockers Thee Oh Sees new record, Floating Coffin, now has a rather dark video to go along with it, directed by John Strong. The protagonist, clearly a murderous fellow, has some trouble getting on with his night, because of well, the other people he runs into throughout the evening. Actions of the dude in the video aside, this song is seriously one good jam, and if you like this one, go listen to the whole album. Maddie

Fatal Jamz

Sometimes it feels like Burger Records can do no wrong. A nice addition to the Cali label's roster is glam rock group Fatal Jamz, whose LP "Vol. 1" is awesome. Not to mention their song Rookie has won my heart over. Though there seems to be no official connection to Rookie Mag, I'd like to think they're singing about Rookie readers. Hazel


Happy Birthday James Franco

Just in time for 4/20, we get to wish our favorite stoner a very happy 35th birthday. Here's to you, Mr. Franco (a.k.a. how I envision myself singing HBD to him)! Xoxo. —Ally

UO x Converse Pop-Up

The Converse pop-up shop inside of the 80 Powell St. Urban Outfitters in San Francisco is still on and poppin' until April 13th. If you've been dying to get some new Converse, now is the time to buy because you'll be able to get an awesome customization with your purchase. —Katie

Nike x Levi's 511 Skateboarding Collection with Omar Salazar

Levi's and Nike have released this quick preview of their upcoming 511 Skateboarding Collection. Rooted in the same marriage of style and sport as the popular Levi's Commuter Series, the line will add skate-centric details to the 511. The video features Nike SB pro Omar Salazar, whose ability to mix old school tricks into an aggressive style fits well with the theme of classic brands continuing to innovate. The 511 khaki is my go-to skate pant, so I'm stoked to see what details this collab brings to the table. -Angelo

The Sad Girls Guide to SXSW

This "Sad Girls Guide to SXSW" by Tatyahna Cameron is brilliant for a million reasons. I am literally this girl at every show ever, always yelling at my friends to stay hydrated (that shit is serious!). For some excellent tips on making out with music bloggers and chilling out about where you're going, this is a handy lil' guide. Cameron will also be tweeting more Sad Girls tips from SXSW with the hashtag #sadgirlsguide2sxsw. You can also read a few more of her Sad Girls Guides here on her tumblr because, come on, we're all a little sad sometimes. - Hazel

Employee Side Projects

Over the past few months, Urban Outfitters has supported employee entrepreneurial efforts by creating Side Projects, a chance for employees to show off their amazing talents and get their products featured in local stores. Below were our first round of employees, with more coming throughout the year. Enjoy! -Ally

Zatara Skateboards
UO Sales Associate Andrew Cunningham has spent his time working with wood and building for the last 11 years. Recently, he's been making his own skateboards out of reclaimed wood, turning material that others might pass right by into hand-carved works of art.  The reason he started making these decks? "I couldn't find the skateboards that I wanted, so I went out into my parents garage and started making my own."  He's been perfecting his craft ever since. You can find his boards in our Santa Monica store (1440 Third St. Promenade).

Scout Vintage Minneapolis
Upper Midwest District Manager John Migala helps run this vintage shop which is described as, "American heritage with a touch of white collar flair referencing utility, work wear and military styles." Focusing on the needs of the quintessential "man," Scout manages to mix the outdoors with low-cost, unique clothing that will have even the most experienced male thifters at a loss for words. Go get some new digs before they run out at our NYC stores at 14th and 6th (526 Avenue of the Americas).

Black Pyramid Vintage
This vintage shop is filled with all of the things you want to fill your closet with but can never find in any stores. If you want some one-of-a-kind outfits (especially with festival season right around the bend), then this is your to-go shop for making you look cooler than you are.  Shop BPV by San Francisco Store Merchandiser Laura Cerri and her BFF Jessica Dega at the NYC Broadway Store (2633 Broadway) and in San Francisco (3322 Fillmore St.).

Hollywood Sales Associate Sean Tully (and our former Employee of the Month) is back for more Urban fun with a bunch of new zines, T-shirts and faux wooden spray cans he created in between his surf days at sea.  You can find his stuff in San Francisco and on 5th Ave in NYC. Get 'em while they're hot!

Looking for some new zines to flip through? Then Portland Sales Associate Sara Golden is your girl.  Just browsing through her photographs on Tumblr is like having a little kid on your leg begging you to take her on a trip to Disney Land (yeah, that's my idea of a getaway. Sue me.).  Her 'Zines are in San FranciscoCambridge, MA, and NYC.

Write More. Wrong Less.
You would never guess from employee Kat Mills' cat-filled Tumblr that she makes super gnarly zines. You can buy her satanic kitty zine (and more) here, or check her out in San Francisco and NYC.

Lila Ash
Lila Ash, assistant display artist at UO Space 15Twenty, is an illustrator, sculptor and performance artist from NYC who lives and works in L.A. Her paintings and comics have been exhibited at L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) and are published bi-monthly in L.A. Record Magazine. She is an alum of the painting department at the Rhode Island School of Design, class of 2011.

100s 'Ice Cold Perm'

Recently discovered 100s out of the Bay Area. His album Ice Cold Perm is killing it right now. With clear inspiration from Snoop and 1970s pimp influenced flow, you can get his album here. -Lorin

Agyness Deyn x Dr. Martens Spring/Summer 2013

You may remember that British model turned designer Agyness Deyn created the coolest collection of shoes and clothes for Dr. Martens last fall, and you found yourself wanting more, of course. Luckily, Aggy is back for Spring 2013, and has possibly created an even cooler range of shoes and clothes for the brand, ranging from fisherman sandals in patent and metallic leathers, heeled sandals, as well as some totally awesome clothes, including an eyeball print dress. Basically, I want it all! Check out the campaign video above, shot in the always wonderful San Francisco, and shop her current collection here.Maddie

The Essential Guide to Dim Sum

We all know what it's like to be at a restaurant and have no friggin' clue what we're actually eating or how to even pronounce it. The Essential Guide to Dim Sum breaks it down for us with the history behind the food and what's in each of the 24 dishes featured.  You'll be a menu master in no time and your friends will be all WTF? when you simply explain what's in Har Gow. (via Buzzfeed) -Ally

This Is A Memory Of

This Is A Memory Of is a Tumblr that will make anyone drown in a sea of nostalgia. The author of the site, Olga Nunes, asks her Tumblr visitors to call a number and leave a message about the last time a sight, smell, or sound triggered a long-forgotten memory. She then posts the voicemails to the Tumblr for everyone to hear. So cute (and often cry-worthy). The internet: Bringing everyone together since Al Gore invented it. -Katie