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Strange Magic: Prom Night

The closing party for Strange Magic was truly magic, and only a little bit strange. We roamed the dance floor and the gallery snapping pics with these disposable cameras (we had the fiesta, party and happy birthday versions), and found that they perfectly captured the alternate-universe feel of the night. You know, that alternate universe where everything in the real world is actually as cool as it is in your head. 

Hi again, Malcolm!

Sigh. We miss that alternate reality already. 

Ask Our Beauty Buyer: Part 2

Last week you tweeted us your beauty questions, now our beauty buyer Marlyn has your answers!

Marlyn: This is my forte! Comb eyebrows straight up to reveal your natural eyebrow arch. Trim all eyebrow hair that extend more than approximately 1/8 inch above your top eyebrow line. Pluck all hairs that grow below the natural eyebrow arch. Comb hairs back into place. Pluck all hairs that grow above the top eyebrow line. Lay a pencil vertically along the inside of your nose toward your forehead. The point where the pencil hits your eyebrow is where your inner eyebrow should begin. Pluck all hairs that fall inside of this point. Line a pencil up between the outer edge of your nose and the outer edge of your eye. The point where the pencil crosses your eyebrow is where the eyebrow should end. Trim or pluck all hairs that grow beyond this outer point. 

how should I change up my beauty routine from winter to summer? #askUO
Marlyn: Here are my tips for fuss-free summer beauty:
1. Beach spray.  Everyone loves beach-blown wavy locks.
2. Bronzer adds instant warmth to your face, sweep color on the bridge of your nose, top of your cheekbones and lightly hit the forehead and chin to finish. 
3. Lip gloss. I love juicy colors like coral, bright pink, and lilac for summer. 
4. Pretty toes. Choose a shade that is unexpected like charcoal gray, or try something fun like ombre toes—a different shade on each one! 
5. Body Art. Summer is the time to show some skin, why not decorate it? Use traditional henna patterns or create your own!

See Part 1 here and read more beauty tips on our Twitter @UrbanOutfitters!

Ask Our Beauty Buyer: Part 1

Last week you tweeted us your beauty questions, now our beauty buyer Marlyn has your answers!

Amber: I'm trying to grow out my hair as quickly as possible. Any suggestions on how to this/new styles to try while in the process?
Maryln: Growing out your hair can suck, but think of it as an opportunity to try new things with your hair. When bangs start to grow and get in your eyes, shift them to one side—you can use a mini flat iron to get them to go in the direction you choose. Another great trick is a small twist or braid to one side. Start with your bangs and add a section of longer hair to blend into the twist. Pin above the ear with a cute barrette. As far as your ends go, adding a wavy or curl at the bottom hides dry or split ends. Use two large hot rollers (one for each side of the hair) to create a quick curl without looking like Shirley Temple.

Sara: What is best strategy when applying bold lip colors like coral & fushia? lip liner before/after stick? I was never taught!
Marlyn: Before is best, it gives you a shape to fill in. To keep color in place use concealer around the perimeter of your lips. To go one step further, blot lips with a tissues and then dust translucent powder over the tissue to hold color in place.  Now you're ready to try out some bold lips, like these shades by PAUL & JOE.

Beauty Tip: The Hair Bow
Put your hair in a ponytail on top of your head. (To get it in the right position flip your head upside down and brush the hair from root to tip to get it smooth and in the right direction.) Once you have the pony split it into two even sections. Bend the left section into a loop and pin on the ends on the back right side, do the same on with the other section in the opposite direction. Tuck any unruly pieces under the loops. That’s it! Easy. For an even easier way, try a clip-on hair bow like this one by Hershesons.  This look is great for a night out or for prom!

See more beauty tips on our Twitter @UrbanOutfitters!

Prom Style Icon: The Lisbon Sisters

It's no secret that Sophia Coppola's film adaptation of The Virgin Suicides has reached a cult-like status with teenage girls everywhere—and for good reason.  The five Lisbon girls' lives, experiences, struggles, and moments of desperation resonate deep within anyone who's ever been a 13-year-old girl.  When school hunk Trip Fontaine gets permission to bring Lux to the prom, the girls get to escape from their parent's strict ruling for just one night. We've picked a few items that we think the Lisbon sisters would have enjoyed before the missed curfew and inevitable crackdown.

KNT By Kova & T Chiffon Floral Maxi Dress
Mrs. Lisbon would never tolerate anything too revealing (she'll add an inch to the bust line and two to the waist and hems).  We think Lux would look perfect in this floral maxi, complete with sheer flutter cap sleeves.  We also found a few choices for MaryBonnie, and Therese—we'd like to see her try to turn those into sacks!

Lace Boyshort and T-Shirt Graffiti Pens
One way to show your true devotion to your prom date?  Write their name on your underwear.  Just don't let Mrs. Lisbon see or she'll wash it right out.

Floral Crown Headwrap
The Lisbon girls may be doomed for total isolation but this free-spirited floral crown will help them let go for the night and dream of a better tomorrow.

Lomography Spinner Camera
The Lisbon girls should have made it a point to capture their entire prom night—if not for themselves then for the neighborhood boys who would try to figure them out for years after their deaths (but never could).

Prom Style Icon: Courtney Shane

Courtney Shayne is the ruthless queen bee from the movie Jawbreaker. She walks down hallways in slow motion, takes girls under her wing for makeovers (duh), and accidentally murdered one of the ladies in her entourage during a careless prank. But it's okay! Courtney totally took it like a trooper. She won't let anyone ruin her prom night! Here are some picks for Courtney Shayne, "Satan in heels."

Silence & Noise Cleopatra Strapless Knit Maxi Dress
A long, blue, strapless dress for a total ice queen.

Sparkly Lurex Braided Headwrap
Courtney's hair at prom was an updo held with a series of silver headbands so try these futuristic braided bands to get the look. Just leave enough room for your crown, which you're sooo going to win! Seriously, you're going to win, even if it means threatening everyone around you in order to do so.

Sam Edelmann Lorissa Heel
A spiky heel to possibly stab someone with... as a joke! Ha! But really though.

Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara
When people at prom find out that you're a murderer, you'll probably start crying, and you want as much mascara running down your face as possible. This amplifying mascara should do the trick.

Impossible Project First Edition Spectra Polaroid Camera
You have to bring your polaroid camera! How else would you capture the ridiculous and gruesome spectacle that is prom? - Hazel

Prom Style Icon: Kat Straford

Katarina Stratford is the uptight, always-pissed older sister in one of our favorite '90s movies, 10 Things I Hate About You.  Described in the script as "eighteen, pretty—but trying hard not to be", Kat spends her time reading Sylvia Platt and hating everything high school.  Unfortunately for her, she gets wrapped up in one of those incredibly predictable movie bets where the bad-boy hottie of the school, Patrick (played by the ever-so-dreamy Heath Ledger, RIP!), is forced to take her to prom.  Let's just say we don't feel too bad for her.  Here are some picks in honor of Miss Statford—the anti-prom queen!

Silence & Noise Goddess Maxi Dress
Although school is full of oppressive patriarchal values that dictate our education, that doesn't mean you can't look totally hot in a '90s thin-strap inspired dress for the big night. Plus, the slit on the side makes it easy to run when you’re hightailing it out of the prom.

We Who See Knot Wedge
Hey Kat, we know you hate Patrick's big dumb combat boots, but we hate your platform thong sandals. These are a good clunky compromise between the two.

UO Hammered Metal Choker Necklace
Lucky for Kat, choker necklaces are back in style. Lucky for us, pearls aren’t. We love this modern choker with a little bit of edge (at least enough to scare off Joey "eat me" Donner).

Marina Callis Multi Flower Clavel Headwrap
Even an angry feminist wants flowers for prom.  She wants you, she needs you, oh baby, oh baby!

Kat might claim Patrick had no effect whatsoever on her panties, but we all know you don’t buy black lingerie unless you want someone to see it—plus, no underwear lines!

Could this mini journal be any more perfect? Okay, it could be the size of a binder, but still!  It's great for any angsty after-prom writing. BRB, we're crying watching the video of Kat's poem for the 100th time. ;(

Employee Prom Stories: Arthur Velocette

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Arthur Velocette, Senior Corporate Merchandiser-Mens

"I have no rational explanation for this photo except that it was the '90s and I was president of the drama club. The theme of my prom was "Stairway to Heaven" as you can tell by the completely unrelated plywood gazebo in the background. Needless to say, I did not "score" that night."

Prom Style Icon: Carrie

If you disregarded the whole pigs-blood, murder situation that went down on at Carrie's prom, you would have realized that Carrie looked sooo pretty! Wearing a simple, '70s dress and glittery make up, she totally looked like prom queen. Then all that blood fell on her :(. Ugh, way to ruin a look, mean popular kids! Try these pieces and tips to get the (pretty and mentally stable) Carrie White look!

Betsey Johnson Pink Label Mixed Up Prairie Dress
An ethereal and flowy pale '70s dress is perfect for a Carrie prom look.

Mia Braided Quarter Strap Heel
Wear a chunky '70s heel! Just don't trip on your onstage accepting your prom queen award, although that's not the worst thing that can happen to you...

Clip Scene Hair Extensions
You can't have the Carrie White look without some seriously long straight hair.

Anna Sui Eye & Lip Color Palette
Get a simple but super groovy lip and eye palette to get you pretty for (pig-bloodless) prom! - Hazel

Employee Prom Stories: Vanessa Romeo

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Vanessa Romeo, Men's Assistant Designer

"This photo is from my 2004 prom.  The prom itself was pretty lackluster. We left early and went to the local Denny’s with another couple, where one diner called me Gwen and asked for my autograph (I did not give it). I later found out I was voted best dressed, which just shows how little effort everyone else put into the night."

Employee Prom Stories: Lauren Mahoney

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Lauren Mahoney, Director of Fashion Merchandising-Women's

"My parents practically begged me to let them throw a "Punch Party" at my house before the dance. I wasn't into the idea, but they tempted me by offering to pay for a limo. Little did I know, they had also arranged for the limo to come back after it had dropped us at the dance, to take my parents and my date's parents to downtown Detroit to visit the casinos. Meanwhile, at the dance, my date and I were crowned king and queen. 

The dance ended, everyone left for the after parties, and we were left stranded outside of the banquet hall waiting for the limo. By the time we reached home our parents were having a better time than we had. A week later, the film was developed we found some hilarious (or not so hilarious to us at the time) photos of our parents wearing tilted crowns and a half-full bottle of grappa."

Prom Vibes: Pretty Goth

It's totally cool to sulk around the dance floor on your prom night. Isn't that what being goth is all about? Going to popular high school events and hating everyone? Give everyone a satanic eye-roll in these super "doom and gloomy" dresses and accessories. Stay grim!

Shakuhachi Lace Maxi Dress
A long lace dress screams "I'm at a funeral" which basically is the same thing as "I'm at prom."

Betsey Johnson Pink Label Mixed Up Ballerina Dress
A shorter dress is easier to dance in, because I know you'll be doing a lot of dancing (aka moping around).

Shakuhachi Pointy Wedge
Make your toes as pointy as vampire teeth with these black wedges.

MariaFrancescaPepe Cross Shaped Safety Pin Necklace
Gotta stay religious at prom! LOL, not! This will just give you some '80s goth flair. - Hazel

Employee Prom Stories: Samantha Fletcher

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Samantha Fletcher, Junior Web-Stylist 

"This picture is from my senior prom!  I went with my high school boyfriend. He won prom king and someone else won queen, bitch! ;)"

Employee Prom Stories: Jessica Wassmer

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Jessica Wassmer, Mens Design Coordinator

"This photo was taken my freshman year of high school back in ’98 (I'm the 3rd from the right). A small group of our girlfriends and guy friends rented a limo and went to dinner before the big dance. I had no date for the evening, so all of us girls stuck together and danced the night away. I believe “I’m A Barbie Girl” was the “it” song at the time, haha. Great memories!"

Employee Prom Stories: Julian Noble

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Julian Noble, Associate Planner-Direct, Men’s Accessories

"I always loved my prom execution. My best friend and I went as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber and rode up on a mini bike. It was a magical evening. :)"

Employee Prom Stories: Kate Brunner

Since prom is a night you'll always remember, we asked some of our employees to dig deep into their memories and share their stories (and photos) with us.

Employee: Kate Brunner, Urban-Direct Copywriter

"This was senior prom, 1996. I was wearing a linen sack dress with silver Birkenstocks. My BFF was wearing a vintage dress and blinky raver ring. When this was posted on Facebook, our friend wearing the puka shell necklace asked, “Why were we so dressed up?”, not remembering that this was from the prom. A few weeks after the prom, the boy I had a crush on wore this same linen dress to school in a different color—he looked way better.

For my junior prom I was going for a Courtney Love look but kind of look like an Amish waitress. My BFF dyed her hair to match her dress (which was from 5.7.9) and everyone is wearing candy necklaces.

Last picture.  This dude’s name was Toast, obvi."

Prom Night by Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark's Prom Night photographs show the cultural differences in the behaviors and way of dress between students during their special night.  Using a Polaroid 20-by-24-inch land camera, Mark took these 20-minute portraits which depict the importance of prom night and remind us of how quickly the time goes by.  Read more about the photos and watch the slide show here. (via The New York Times)

Prom Vibes: Painted Lady

"Irises in a Monet Garden" Claude Monet 1900

Want to look like a beautiful painting for prom without slathering yourself in watercolors? Check out these gorgeous dresses and accessories that have some painterly vibes without the actual paint. You'll look like a work of art! The boys at prom will be all, "Girl, you'd probably sell for bajillions of dollars at auction!"

Sparkle & Fade Shangri-La Dress
Did you get paint on your dress? Kidding! Try this floral dress with kimono sleeves.

KNT by Kova & T Diamond Meadows Dress
Wear a dozen colors at once with this floor-length cutie.

Jeffrey Campbell X UO Foxy T-Strap Heel
Brighten up the dance floor with these chunky Jeffrey Campbell heels.

BB Dakota Wonderland Dress
Not into the long dresses? Try a mini! They're better for dancing anyway! - Hazel