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First Person: Snow Day

Is everyone excited for this snow day? I am. Last year's winter was snow-free, so this year I am welcoming all snow with open, parka-clad arms. I am basically that penguin from Santa Claus is Coming to Town. I've come to find that having a snow day in a city is delightful, because it's still possible to go out and do stuff, unlike the 'burbs. Here are some of my surefire tips for having the best snow day ever. Katie

1. A wool John Mayer-y hat is actually fantastic for keeping warm
I found out on Sunday that my wool hat works a lot better at keeping my head dry than one of my beanies. Plus, it doesn't make hair all staticky like beanies seem to. Feeling a little Mayer-hat shame is worth it.

This is my Fraggle Rock face

2. Doc Martens, forever
Docs keep feet roasty toasty in the snow. I wore mine for hours on Sunday, and even stepped in one of those dramatic slush piles that would normally ruin someone's day, but my feet stayed warm and dry. I've had the same Docs for years, too. They are my children. I love them. Everyone on the East Coast should have a go-to pair of Docs.

3. Wander around, because it is an Instagram wonderland out there
The world looks like less of a garbage can on snow days, and it's just asking to have some filters slapped on top of it. Walk around! Even if it's cold, it's peaceful. Plus, there's the added bonus of no one being out, so it's okay to silently ponder the meaning of life while unashamedly eating from a hot dog cart in the snow.

4. The best hot cocoa money can buy
Put the Swiss Miss away and Yelp some local cafes to see who's got the best stuff in town. For anyone in Philly, I highly recommend Plenty Cafe's hot cocoa. Their chocolate syrup is made in-house, and the hot cocoa tastes the way I imagine Willy Wonka's chocolate river tasted to Augustus - delicious.

5. Winter festivals
Sure, they may be chilly, but that doesn't mean they're not fun. Philly has an abundance of winter festivals this season, as do most major cities, so check to see what's going on around you. The Christmas Village in Love Park even sells hot mulled wine, which makes the cold a lot more bearable.

Get Gifted: Natalie's Wish List

Get Gifted: Natalie's Wish List!

My holiday wish list combines everything that satiates the rambling, barefoot hippy in me, while helping me adjust to the bright lights, big city of my new Philadelphia home. —Natalie

1. The 2 Bandits Sunshine Daydream Cuff Bracelet
I collect turquoise jewelry and this cuff is calling my name. I also have my eye on this ring by Rejoice The Hands and these earrings, also by The 2 Bandits.

2. Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera
A digital camera that prints instant Polaroids and fits in the palm of my hand? Whoa, it’s like I’m living in the past and the future at the same time. Plus, it’s a rather pretty looking piece of tech.

3. BAGGU Small Leather Zip-Pouch
Small. Suede. Understated. Just the way I like my accessories.

4. Ferm LIVING spear vase
I’m on a ceramics trip right now. Until I start pottery class in the New Year, this hits the spot nicely.

5. Sole The MANHAPPENIN Bike
I am yet to graduate from wanting a bike for Christmas. Please Santa, can I have this pretty green fixie?

6. Anchal X Urban Renewal Zigzag Quilt
This beautiful one-of-a-kind quilt is made from vintage Indian saris, but my favorite thing about it is that a portion of its proceeds go towards the Anchal project’s effort to provide alternative careers in textiles to marginalized and exploited women in India. The greatest gifts are the ones that pay it forward.

7. The Wild Unknown Tarot Card Set
This Tarot set has become cult amongst both lovers of Magick and design. I happen to come from both camps, so I’ll be gifting these as well as wishing for one of my own.

8. Musi O Tunya Wings Of Africa
I am proud to say that I work for a company with a seriously expansive and eclectic vinyl selection. This 1974 Zamrock pioneering gem will be a delightful addition to my record collection and I'll likely display the gorgeous sleeve somewhere prominent.

9. Antler & Co. Sacred Sage Campfire Cologne

I just moved into a new apartment, so I’ll be using this sage bundle to clear the energy and set positive vibes for the year ahead.

Behind-The-Scenes: Jesse Medlin

Meet Jesse Medlin, our NYC-based senior display coordinator who can cook up a mean beet sauce for the ladies and will give the best homemade gifts this holiday season—the sweetest being a hug! Interview by Ally Mullen

Introduce yourself...
I am known as Manbaby or Beetle around the halls of Urban Outfitters. I live in Brooklyn and help out the visual teams in our flagship store on 14th & 6th in Manhattan, and the Canadian flagship store in Toronto on Younge and Dundass. I also help with special projects and concept development for the visual team at home office. On top of that, I recently started buying vintage clothing for the Urban Renewal brand, which has been a really cool addition to all the other stuff I do.

How have you incorporated the holidays into your stores display?
We have some really talented people in our stores, so they do most of the heavy lifting around the holidays. I like to help the visual teams I work with keep it fun and interesting for the local shoppers. We strive to inspire people to have fun through our holiday displays, otherwise what's the point?

What gifts from UO are you hoping to receive this holiday season?
1. Timberland Mt. Washington Chelsea Boot

And where will you be celebrating Christmas? 
I'm headed back to Tennessee for the holidays. I get to spend quality time with the family eating like a pig, being lazy, and watching cartoons with my younger cousins. I also have a tradition of spending a couple days with old friends, drinking too much, and going to as many thrift stores around Nashville as possible.

Do you like to cook? If so, what's your signature dish?
I make a pasta sauce out of beets during the winter months that is usually a big hit with friends. It turns the noodles pink, which the ladies always dig. 

When it comes to gift-giving, do you prefer to buy them or create something handmade?
Dang, I guess it all just depends on the receiving party. To me it's more about being thoughtful and giving someone the right gift rather than making vs. buying something. Plus, I live in NYC which is crazy expensive and I'm not a baller by any means, so most friends get a beer, a shot, and a hug. 

Brag a bit and tell us about the best handmade gifts you've given...
The last thing I made for a gift was a custom shoe-denim-sweater cabinet for my wife. She was pretty stoked on that one. I made stash boxes for my friends once, and filled them with a bottle of hot sauce I made myself and a customized swiss army knife. My friend Justin is really into spray paint, so I made him a custom storage cabinet that was built and painted to look like a Krylon paint can. I used to make a lot of silkscreens, so I've printed custom pillows, shirts, and posters for friends in the past. Oh, and I have a button maker, so I've made buttons for people as well. Everyone loves a good button.

Where can we find you online?
Nowhere at the moment but I will rep #gleepglopbycars

Get Gifted: Katie's Wish List

Get Gifted: Katie's Wishlist

All throughout December on the blog we'll be bringing you Holiday wish lists from our nearest and dearest, creative collaborators, stylish individuals and UO staff, and yours truly is kicking it all off. My choices are obviously a beautifully curated collection, only suitable for the fanciest adults out there, and filled with the essentials. Let's take a closer look at some things I've chosen. —Katie

1. Taylor Swift Red LP
If you've never wept in your car to Taylor Swift, then you're really missing out on a life-changing experience. Everyone deserves to feel like a teenage girl every once in a while, and that's why Taylor Swift's Red on vinyl is a must-have.
2. Etta + Billie Horchata Soap
I am dying to try this Horchata soap. I wish I could reach through the screen like that kid in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, because I want it, and I want it now.
3.  Kewpie Doll Figurine
My bedroom looks like the room of a teenage serial killer. I love taxidermy and vaguely creepy knick-knacks (like teeth molds), but I also love pop music and rainbow unicorn Pillow Pets, so when all that mixes together it makes for a very... interesting aesthetic. Anyway, this beautiful, slightly terrifying Kewpie doll would fit right in.
4.  Animal Ears Beanie
"One can never own too many animal hats." -Abraham Lincoln

Read Your Heart Out: Janet Morales & Stu Eli

For this series, we've been reaching out to some of our favorite people to ask for themed book suggestions. We then make those books available for you to purchase online. Easy! What better way to get to know some authors you might have overlooked?

This month, we spoke to Janet Morales and Stu Eli, the talented husband/wife team behind the perfectly curated Three Potato Four. With their adorable family, and a store filled with amazing vintage finds, we thought they'd be the people to ask for their favorite books to cozy up to.

Janet and Stu's choices:

Welcome to the Monkey House
This is one of our favorite collections of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut published in the 1950s and '60s. We first read it in high school and still feel nostalgic each time we get a chance to re-read it. Each story is a commentary on society's ills, and explains some part of humanity - the good and the bad. His stories and observations on life are intense, strange and moving. We love the story Harrison Bergeron.

Dear Photograph
We come across thousands of old photographs in our buying trips for the shop and always like to imagine the story of the faces captured in them. Each page in this book (which started first as a blog) takes an original old snapshot and lines them up with their current present-day setting. Dear Photograph lets us see the past set against the present and with the passing of time the nostalgic warm memories each photo gives us.

Sometimes on a cold winter night, we like to read a book that takes us to an imaginary world. Wildwood does just that with a story so wonderfully written and illustrations so detailed you'll easily be transported into a secret forest of wonder, danger and adventure. Written by Colin Meloy from The Decemberists and beautifully illustrated by his wife Carson Ellis, it follows a girl named Prue and her journey to find her lost brother.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
This is a favorite classic of ours that tells the story of a young girl named Francie growing up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the 1900s. It's one of those books that stays with you - about the struggles of life, the complexities of people and determination to carry on and see the positive through the most difficult times. One of our favorite quotes is from this book: "They lived comfortably and it was a good life they had…happy and full of small adventures."

Homebody: Wesley Bird

DENY Designs is a constantly changing collective of talented artists, one of whom is Wesley Bird. Since Wesley's cozy DENY textiles are currently being sold online at Urban Outfitters, we decided to find out a little more about her and what she does to keep cozy during the winter months. —Katie

Photos courtesy of Wesley Bird

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Wesley Bird and I'm currently dwelling in West L.A.! I am a full-time designer by day and an ultra-doodler, obsessive letterer and illustrator by night. I'm madly obsessed with my Yorkie (Tom Sawyer), my apartment, and black leather jackets.

Which design from your DENY x UO collab is your favorite?
Hmmm, this is hard... I feel attached to them all equally! But since I have to pick a favorite, probably the Saltwood Shower Curtain or the True Sign Throw Pillow.

Who are three of your favorite artists?
Top of my list will always be Steven Harrington. He is beyond rad and fully inspires me, not just through his art but his insane work ethic. Dan Cassaro and KAWS easily make up my top three.

What are some things you do to make your own homes cozier in the colder months?
CANDLES EVERYWHERE! I'll probably end up torching my apartment one of these days. And tons of fur blankets. And as weird as this may sound, Lava Lamps.

Photos courtesy of Wesley Bird

Any amazing thrift shops or flea markets near you?
I feel super lucky because I live close to tons of really great ones in L.A. The Rose Bowl Flea is pretty much the jackpot of all fleas. Good friends of mine have scored the most amazing treasures there. And this isn't really a thrift shop or flea, but there is the tiniest little shop on the side of the road on the way to the Grand Canyon from Cali called The Skull Shack. It's exactly what it sounds like: tons of really amazing and different sun-bleached skulls. It's one of my favorite discoveries.

Where are some of your favorite cozy spots in your city?
I love the Fall/Winter here! It's so foggy in the mornings. Urth Caffe, Intelligentsia Coffee, and Groundworks are my favorite cozy drink spots. I'm also obsessed with galleries and museums, so I hit those when it's cold outside. Known Gallery on Fairfax is always a good choice.

When you’re curled up at home for the night, what do you like to do?
I'm a homebody, so coming home at the end of a long work day is the greatest feeling in the world! I snuggle up next to my dog and drink tea and sketch with reruns of Sons of Anarchy on the TV. Throw in some homemade pizza and we're golden.

What’s your favorite comfort food?
Dark chocolate with sea salt. I've recently started to make my own at home and play with adding different ingredients. This week I made a batch with blackberries and honey. It's safe to say I might be addicted…


Obsessions: Jessica DeCarlo

Jessica DeCarlo first started selling her handmade jewelry at the age of 16, participating in local fairs in New Jersey. Since her youth, Jessica has built her craft both locally and internationally. She has gone from studying with goldsmiths in Florence, Italy, to working with talented designers in Philadelphia and Vermont, learning the ins and out of creating and making a business out of jewelry along the way. 

Today Jessica rests her head in Brooklyn, New York and works out of her studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn. She finds inspiration in mother nature and old objects, making her a big fan of everything antique and vintage. Jessica DeCarlo's collection is available online now and offers a variety of geometric jewelry — including crescent moon-shaped necklaces and a mix of crystals (both real and metallic) — that even Stevie Nicks would find herself charmed by.

Our obsession with Jessica is at a level ten, with her gems and metalwork making us wonder what is more important in the long run: An amazing new piece of jewelry or this month's rent?  Since we're fortunate enough to be carrying her latest collection, we decided to reach out to Jessica and find out what she is obsessed with. Below are her big top five (that we can't wait to check out!). —Ally

"S'more Bakery has the most amazing treats. They are handmade, handcrafted s'mores! My favorites are The S’morgasm and The Choco."

"Have you ever seen Antiques Roadshow? I'm obsessed. People's reactions when they find out what they thought was junk in their garage is worth $100k is nothing less than amazing."

"I use Acqua Di Rose from Santa Maria Novella every single day. It's an ancient recipe made in the Florentine Hills. I found it while I was studying in Florence over 10 years ago, it's magic and has been part of my life ever since!"

"Blithe and Bonny hand-crafted beeswax candles are the best; they are subtle and smell delicious. I burn them every day at home, in the studio, and in our shop. All natural, all handmade."

"All of the vintage and estate jewelry from my pals over at Estate Jewels by George and Raf. They are the most amazing duo, with the best taste and curation of special antique jewels."

Cult Beauty: TONYMOLY

If you've got a penchant for lip gloss and heart meltingly cute animals, then you'll definitely want to delve into the cat-adorned cosmetics brand TONYMOLY. The line has a great mix of items, including lip glosses, face mists, lotions, face masks, solid perfumes and more. (And they're all packaged adorably, which is the most important takeaway here, people.) —Katie

The 411: TONYMOLY is a South Korean brand that was founded way back in 2006. While all their products aren't shaped like a cat, the ones that are became something of a cult hit over here in the U.S. Until this year, though, the products were nearly impossible to find in the states. Unless you were ordering from shady sellers on Amazon or buying overseas, you likely couldn't get your hands on these gems. But that's not the case anymore, because now the TONYMOLY brand is available on our site for the first time ever. (You're welcome.)

Why we love it: The packaging, DUH! Because, hello, look at how cute these things are!? Who wouldn't want to slather apple-scented moisturizer onto their face from an apple-shaped container? If only all my moisturizer containers were so literal, life would be a lot more fun. Plus, the little bunny lip crayons are the perfect conversation starters. If you're feeling a little lonely at school, just whip one of them out and watch everyone jump over themselves to marvel over how adorable you are.

We want: Everything? But the products that I loved the most were the Hello Bunny Perfume Bars (above). The scents are far from sophisticated, but they remind me of high school, in a good way. My favorite scent was Pom Pom (aka Green Tea) - it smelled like a sweeter, punched-up version of actual green tea. The perfumes are easy to rub on, and I found that the scents actually lingered for most of the day. Score. The tubes are adorable (BUNNIES! BOW-TIES!), and their pastel colors and chunky shape helps them stay visible in the bottomless cave that I call a purse.

Interview: Joe Segal of Pretty Snake

You've seen them on Tumblr, you've seen them on Project Runway and now you can see them all over the Urban Outfitters website! Of course we're talking about the Pretty Snake Crazy Kitty Sweaters! Here we talk to Joe Segal, the designer and man who makes those magical cat prints come to life with fuzzy sweaters and 50,000 (yes I said 50,000) googly eyes a year.

Interview by Ally Mullen

Hi Joe! Introduce yourself with a quick bio!
My name is Joseph Aaron Segal, but you can call me Joe. I'm the creator of the fashion lines Pretty Snake and World of JAS. I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and eventually landed in Providence, Rhode Island where my career in textile and fashion design materialized. I work full time designing and making my fashion lines here in Providence as well as teach a computerized knitting design course at Rhode Island School of Design. 

When and how did your first "Crazy Kitty Sweater" happen?
The very first Crazy Kitty Sweater was born while I was working on my MFA in textile design at RISD. I was working on a textile collection inspired by a historical Indian tunic that was part of the RISD Museums Costume and Textiles Collection. I learned that the tunic I looking at was created to ward off the evil eye, and eventually I came to the black cat as a source of inspiration for my project. The Crazy Kitty graphic was originally a tiny painting I made inspired by an old collectible tin full of kitties and then I first knitted it as a wool dress in 2009. When I realized that knitting graphic sweaters affordably was super hard as an emerging designer, I decided to print the cats on pre-existing sweaters and that's when the phenomenon began!

Why cats? Do you have any of your own?
I love cats because they can be cute and loving while also being really weird and mysterious. Somehow, I actually don't have any cats, but my good friend — and only full-time employee — Hannah Abelow, brings her cat Pablo to visit sometimes! I like to think though, if I wasn't surrounded by kitty things all the time, I'd have some real ones.

Do you buy the decorative eyes in bulk at this point? Or are you well known at the craft store for picking them up?
I couldn't believe it, but I completely bought out my first source of cat eyes. Now I import about 50,000 cat eyes a year! 

How many goggly eyes have you ever use on one sweater?
Well, the average sweater has 16-24 eyes, but for one of my looks in my Northern Quilts collection I used about 300 eyes. The I've also made wedge shoes completely covered in kitty eyes!

Since you're known for such a unique item, how do you feel you will branch out in the future to create new, cat-free creations?
I actually have an all new cat-free collection out right now! I used cake icing to create a colorful photo realistic print collection that is available in all sorts of dresses, skirts and leggings. You can find the collection in my web stores (links below!). I'm super excited about my next collection coming out in December: it's inspired by curiosity cabinets.

Sorry we can't help ourselves: give us the dish on Project Runway!
Project Runway was just as crazy as it looks on TV! You have to think fast and be good at working with all sorts of personalities.
1. Your favorite judge: I wasn't expecting to think this, but I thought Heidi Klum was a great judge! She was always surprising me because she really appreciated the more artistic and conceptual approach to fashion design.
2. Most embarrassing moment: I feel like I'm always doing embarrassing things, we even call it "JAS-ing it up" while working at the studio, but somehow I managed to not have a stand-out embarrassing moment. I'm sure if I were to ever go on the show again I'd do some embarrassing things now that I'm comfortable with being on camera.
3. Something we might not know about the show? One of the coolest things about the show that you don't see is that a lot of us are still really close friends! Even a year later, I talk to a bunch of my fellow Season 11 cast mates regularly.

Where else can we find you on the Internet?
WORLD of JAS, Pretty Snake, and on Instagram @prettysnake!

Shop the Pretty Snake One-Of-A-Kind Crazy Kitty Sweaters

Read Your Heart Out: Kim Krans

For this series, we've been reaching out to some of our favorite people to ask for themed book suggestions. We then make those books available for you to purchase online. Easy! What better way to get to know some authors you might have overlooked?

For this installment,
we spoke to Kim Krans, the incredibly talented artist behind The Wild Unknown. In the spirit of the season, we found out what books Kim recommends to keep the mind mystical.
(Photo above by Daniel Arnold)

Kim's choices:

The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges
"The perfect bedtime book for anyone with a mystical mind. Borges tells the tales of over a hundred magical creatures, the likes of which you’ve never imagined before. My very favorites are the Animals That Live Inside The Mirror. And then there’s the classic tales of the Phoenix, Fairies, Gnomes, and Dragons. Oh but wait… you’ve never heard their stories told like this before."

The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda
"If you want to fall asleep at night and feel like you’re steering the dream wheel (at least a little bit), this is the book for you. Don Juan drops super knowledge on how to be a true 'sorcerer' and walk consciously through the sleeping hours. Believe it or not, your dream life is there for the taking – it’s just a matter of practice."

Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble
"Ladies, its time to get down with the Dark Goddess. Here’s why: Vicki Noble (author of the Motherpeace Tarot) gives us like a million reasons why not acknowledging this force within keeps us from finding inner peace, true creativity, and power. And then she gives us lots of ways to unearth this shakti, allowing it to unfold and brighten our lives. Ladies night book club, here we come."

Dune by Frank Herbert
"For years I made the mistake of thinking this was a sci-fi book for dudes only. Totally wrong. This is the most beautiful, spiritual, and intensely yogic story ever told. I am obsessed. If stranded on a desert island and I had to pick one book, this would be it. It’s wild and otherworldly and will have you sweating and crying at the same time. HBO, will you make a series out of this please?"

Shop The Wild Unknown Tarot

Interview: Moffat Nyangau

19-years-old Moffat Nyangau is an illustration student at Rhode Island School of Design. Moffat moved to the US as a young boy and, inspired by American cartoons, he started to draw. Last year, Moffat visited our Urban Outfitters SoHo store and ended up submitting drawings for a sketch contest at UO's Night Outinspired by our Women's Silence + Noise design Fall 2013 concept

The sweater featured in these photos come from his winning design, which (along with a cash prize) was chosen by Dossier Journal’s Polina Aronova, stylist Doria Santlofer, designer Katie Gallagher and Urban Outfitters’ very own Marissa Maximo to be turned from rough draft into reality.

Hi Moffat! Give us a description of your background.
I moved from Kenya, Africa around the year 2001 and continued to grow with the American culture, which at an early age influenced my love for art—all these new things widen my vision of what could be. Now I attend Rhode Island School of Design.

How did you get involved with the competition?
My friends and I were at UO's Night Out to see Icona Pop. While they were setting up, we went upstairs and found the competition was still going on, so I entered.

Silence + Noise X Moffat Nyangau Intarsia Knit Pullover Sweater

Describe your winning design!
It's a combination of a cat, fish scales and water. The cat would be centered, and it was also my intention to give it huge Buddha beads and added gold to make it look very ancient and majestic.

What was your initial reaction when you heard you won?
It was a lot more than I could handle! It was just another regular day of me checking my mail. It took a couple of minutes to register that I had won, which isn’t something I thought would happen. I walked around the room cheering, but no actual words coming out, rolling my arm in the air.

What's your personal style like?
I’ve grown in style of what I’ve worn over the years after having seen what other is out there, from what was only limited to me. I'm an Urban dresser. I wear anything from my granddad's sweaters to Obey and Stussy. The kinds of shirts I like to wear are simple and less graphic. I’m still trying to find new styles that are better than the last, while still maturing with my age — I can’t dress the same way forever.

What's your dream label to design for?
Obey. I love the color choices, which influence me in a lot of ways as an artist.

What do you want to do in the future?
Illustration for a published comic book company, which is something I really want to accomplish—specifically drawing for a continuing Superman story and some of it's covers. I love to create from my mind and create stories. Animation would be next in line — being able to bring ideas to life. My goal is to spread the magic of art to another child, like it was to me. Thanks to constantly watching Dragonball Z, my love for art grew into every form. 

Be honest. Are you going to buy the sweater?
Without question. Seeing something I have made displayed in Urban Outfitters is an achievement worthy of doing so. 

Moffat's Original Design  
Why would you want to collaborate with Urban Outfitters?
"I would like to introduce people to my unique sense of style, so that I'm not the only one dressing like this."

Wes Week: From Above - Richie Tenenbaum

If there's one thing Wes Anderson's movies are known for, it's their epic "shots from above." In each shot, a brilliant moment is captured with great detail and beauty.  It's one of the many tools in his directing that he uses to bring you closer to the characters, and by glimpses of their possessions and surroundings, you find out more and more about them. The shots—some simple, some silly, and some absolutely heartbreaking—are praised by fans and critics alike. 

While we may not be able to exactly recreate one of Wes' perfect cinematographic seconds, we can provide you with some products that, when put together, might make you feel for a slight second that you're one of the most beloved characters to ever come out of Mr. Anderson's brain: Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. —Ally

The perfect tent for the tennis playing, all-American boy inside him.

Vintage Classic Stripe Wool Blanket
A striped blanket to put inside your tent.

Magical Thinking Wild Thing Glow-In-The-Dark Tapestry
And a tapestry to decorate the inside.

Andrew Bannacker Black Bird Art Print
The closest thing to Richie's family photo would be a photo of his hawk. The closest thing we have to a hawk is this bird.

An old record player.

With the Stones playing in the background.

A unique collection of something to decorate your record player with.

For a traveler trying to escape his true love, and a map to always find his way back to her.

If you get a large, you can have enough room for two, no matter where you're camping out. Museum? No problem.

Allergy Shield Soft Pillow - Set Of 2
A pillow to rest a troubled head. Or two.

Crystal Growing: Giant Sequoia

After spotting this crystal growing plant pack on our website, we couldn't resist adding it to our bag and checking out! Here, Katie and I followed the directions, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best. Follow these super simple steps with your own pack and get the crazy beautiful results that we got in under 24 hours. Introducing the Giant Sequoia! —Ally

We opened up the crystal growing pack and found all of the ingredients we needed! First, we pulled out a mini sequoia tree that was made of what we're assuming is cardboard, but the "branches" were full of color. The sequoia fits perfectly into a circular tray, which comes along with the directions and a package of CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID!

The directions are simple and informative... probably. We didn't read them, we just went with our instincts. That's what science is all about, right? We suggest following them just in case, but we can't force you to, so just be smart and don't tell Mr. White. (Aw, too soon? We miss you, B.B.)

Next we cut open the CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID and Katie poured it into the tray. Almost instantly, the tree began to soak it up.

Step whatever we're on: LET 'EM GROW! Let those crystals start to form and be patient. I began seeing tiny results after a few hours, but after it hit 5PM I left for the work day, excited at what I'd find the next morning...

TA-DA! Crystals! Beautiful, marshmellow-y crystals had grown all over my (mini) giant sequoia tree! Just look at them...

So cool, right? WARNING: Be careful when moving your tree after the crystals have grown, as they might fall off, causing you to pick them up, squish them in your fingers and get weird magic crystal fluff on your hands. If your skin DOES come in contact with the crystals, wash your skin immediately! Possible outcome if you don't: nothing, tingling feelings, or crystals growing all over your body turning you into a full-on crystal person (think the human tree man but prettier!).

Mystify Your Space

In need of some more mystical vibes in your room or workspace? There's so many magical accessories you can place all around your room to possibly help you channel your inner clairvoyant self! Conjure up the spirits with crystals, candles, terrariums, dream catchers, and plenty of other enchanting little things. Our "Let's Get Mystical" board on Pinterest will make all of your crystal visions come true. Seriously. Maddie

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Magical Thinking Mystic Folk Tapestry

Beci Orpin Dreamcatcher

Mini Mercury Glass Candle

Magical Thinking Star Tabletop Terrarium

Skull Plaque


Paddywax Apothecary Candle

Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Eli Cash

In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

Wes Anderson films are a treasure trove of costume ideas because so many characters have distinctive, identifiable personal styles. But some Anderson characters have been overdone. (Richie Tenenbaum, amiright?) So why not venture out and try one of my all-time favorite characters, Richie's best friend and love-trangle-er, Eli Cash. Like anyone from The Royal Tenenbaums, Eli can be accomplished pretty easily with a couple trips to the thrift shop, but dedicated-ass Halloweeners will be particular to find the slightly smaller than average, sandy suede cowboy hat and the perfect fringed jacket. If you have a parent who was big in the line dance scene in the '80s, you might not have to shop at all. Angelo 

Take your Halloween game to another level by memorizing some Eli Cash quotes. I would be so impressed if I walked up to someone dressed as Cash and the first thing out of their mouth was "The crickets and the rust-beetles scuttled among the nettles of the sage thicket. 'Vamanos, amigos,' he whispered, and threw the busted leather flintcraw over the loose weave of the saddlecock. And they rode on in the friscalating dusklight." At the very least mutter "Wildcat" to yourself as an exit from the awkward conversation that ensued after a failed attempt to hit on a girl. 

If regular old Eli isn't your bag, opt for meltdown-car-crash Eli, complete with three-piece suit and wicked face paint. 

If you choose this route, you need to go hard enough that you end up on the floor with one show, contemplating the lamentable state of your life.

Get the look:

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Brand We Love: TONYMOLY

(Image source)

TONYMOLY is officially the cutest beauty brand, ever. There's definitely no one who would disagree with that. And now we've got the brand for sale on our site! Check out how cute everything is below. Because I am dying. And need everything. Because bunny lip gloss. Help. —Katie

TONYMOLY 7 Fruit Princess Lip Gloss

TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

TONYMOLY Red Appletox Honey Cream

TONYMOLY Bunny Lip Gloss

TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar

TONYMOLY Appletox Smooth Massage Cream


Wes Week: You Should Totally Be This For Halloween - Steve Zissou

In honor of The Wes Anderson Collection book, we'll be showcasing costume ideas from some of our favorite Wes characters this week.

If there's one Wes Anderson character you consider being for Halloween this year, I say go for the incomparable Jaguar Shark-hunting Steve Zissou, who was played by Anderson favorite, Bill Murray. Nearly everyone in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou wears the same thing: a blue collared shirt, blue pants, a pair of Team Zissou Adidas, and that signature red beanie. In a Jacques Cousteau-like fashion, Steve takes his team on the hunt for the killer Jaguar Shark, who apparently killed his partner, Esteban. Steve Zissou is a Wes Anderson icon, so much that nobody will even have to guess who you've dressed up as this year. Gather up your pals to be Team Zissou, but make sure one of them can sing David Bowie songs in Portuguese. As Zissou says, "this is an adventure." Such is life, right? Maddie

Get the look:

Hawkings McGill Pinpoint Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Roll up the sleeves and you're ready for your ride on the Belafonte.

BDG PE V-Neck Tee
Another full blue outfit option, to perfectly match the pants I'm about to suggest to you.

Levi's 511 Legion Blue Skinny Pant
Look, the model is already ready to be Steve for Halloween. Check out his Zissou-esque sneakers already on.

adidas Gazelle Indoor Sneaker
One pair of colorful sneakers for your mission, check!

Timex Brown Leather Easy Reader Watch
Since you may not be able to count on your unpaid interns, you'll need a watch on your own arm. "Don't shoot him, he's an unpaid intern." -Steve Zissou

UO Watch Cap
Team Zissou bright red beanie game EXTREMELY STRONG!

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Win This: Autographed Album from The 1975

*Update 10/17: THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. The winner of the LP is Jenna W. Thanks for entering the contest, and stay tuned for more!*

When we interviewed The 1975 over the weekend, we also got our hands on this LP signed by the band. If you'd like to get your hands on it, all you have to do is email us here at the UO blog [] with the subject line "The 1975." Tell us your favorite lyric from the band in the body of the email, and that's it! You'll be entered to win.

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced tomorrow, 10/16 at 12:00pm EST. Open only to U.S. and Canada residents, please. Good luck!

Wes Week: BTS Photos from 'Royal Tenenbaums'

In honor of us selling The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz, we wanted to share these brilliant behind the scenes photos from (my personal favorite film) Royal Tenenbaums. The image of Luke Wilson with that hawk STILL gives me the butterflies. (Via Vulture) —Ally

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DIY: Goosebumps Nail Art

If you are a fan of the Goosebumps series, and Halloween, and FUN, then you'll definitely want to try out this super easy nail tutorial. It seriously takes only a few minutes, and is easy enough for even me, a DIY failure, to execute, which is a real feat. We chose to do this mani in orange and blue because it matched our favorite Goosebumps book, but obviously you can do it in any color combination. LET YOUR IMAGINATIONS RUN WILD, CHILDREN! Let us all bask in the glorious nostalgia of the '90s with this nail mani. Here's how to get it! —Katie

Get the look:

We chose to use these two polishes! The pen set is great for doing lots of fine details on your nails. The tip is very, very fine. The orange we used is 'Tiny Short' from our UO nail polish, but any polish will do!

NPW Pastel Paint Pens Set

UO Kimchi Blue Collection

Next up...

...paint your nails! If you don't know how to do this, then you're on your own. Put on a couple coats if you're feeling CRAZY. But since the next step is the nail pen, make sure all nail polish is completely dry before you move forward. Otherwise you'll just wreck all your hard work with the hard point of the nail pen.

Once your nails are dry, uncap that nail pen and draw on some drips. Don't worry about being precise. The drippier, the better. The tip of the nail pen makes it easy to spread the nail polish down toward the middle of your nails. Just make sure you don't put the polish on there too thick, because then it'll take forever to dry. (If you don't have a nail pen, you can always use a toothpick in any ol' polish.)

SEE? WOW! We got this done in only a few minutes, and we are in no way experienced nail art artists. Once you've got the drips on (and they're DRY!), go over the whole nail with a top coat. I mean, you don't have to if you're feeling antsy, but it'll obviously make your nails last a whole lot longer.

VOILA! Finished Goosebumps nails. They're so spooky I'm getting GOOSEBUMPS. HEY-OOOOO. And that's it! You're done!

If you try this manicure out, let us know! We love to hear from you guys. Happy Halloween, y'all.