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Etsy: Adam Rabbit Accessories

The Adam Rabbit shop on Etsy has handmade jewelry that's perfect for crystal lovers out there. Ashley Pasquan, the Phoenix-based owner of the shop, primarily makes her jewelry using raw crystals, but there are also some pieces made with minerals as well, like these totally badass Peacock Ore earrings. Super rad! Can't wait to drape myself in like, 50 of these pieces. —Katie

Pink Druzy Necklace

Raw Crystal Bobby Pins

Blue Metallic Quartz Crystal Statement Necklace

Raw Citrine Ring

Raw Quartz Crystal Statement Necklace

One Sick Stitch Etsy

Aw shit, guys. The One Sick Stitch store was only launched yesterday (by one of my favorite internet people, Mai), but these embroidery hoops are already flyin' off the shelves. The girl knows her way around a needle and thread. If by the time you see this post all her hoops have sold, never fear! She also does custom hoops, as well as collar embroidery, so if you can dream it, she can make it. And make it really fucking awesome. —Katie

(Hell yes she stitched that beetle on there.)

Baseball Card Vandals

Did you know Major League Baseball spring training just started? Of course not. Why would you? Baseball is mind-numbingly boring, and between spring training and the playoffs, the season takes up like 11 months out of the year. But witty Tumblr Baseball Card Vandals has me at least mildly interested in the sport again. Damn nostalgia. I mean, every boy had baseball cards growing up, and who doesn't love a tasty pun or a solid dick joke? Send the link to your dad. He probably still likes baseball and here's an opportunity to e-bond over America's dreadfully slow, outdated pastime.—Angelo

Kooky Krafts

Things to pick up this week: milk, cereal, $45 Boysaurus, paper clips...

Redhead Sadie Trunk Show

Ask anyone: Hollywood Regency was the best vintage store in Phoenix– that is, until it was no more.  Have no fear because Jenny Kuller, the redheaded sadie that was the life of Hollywood, is branching out on her own with a trunk show this Saturday.  With dresses, sweaters and undergarments that would put even Mrs. Cleaver to shame, you can bet I'll be there playing dress up. -Alyssabeth

MacAlpine's Soda Fountain

Photos by Daniel Greene

Forget the Farmer’s Market– my new favorite Sunday pastime is spending an hour, or four, at MacAlpines, a traditional soda bar housed in a drugstore circa 1928.  Mid-century furniture, pyrex ware, deli-style meals, phosphates and, oh yea, the best vintage closet this side of the Mississippi. - Alyssabeth

Rachael Koscica

“What I love about photography is that you can’t possibly manipulate everything in the photograph exactly the way you envisioned it. You can paint and draw your images until it is exactly the way you imagine it, but with photography, you have to learn to accept the things you cannot change,” says Rachael Koscica. Rachael's Cindy Sherman inspired self-portraits are literally an optical illusion, but, it was her ethereal underwater snapshots that caught my attention.  The 19-year old is currently studying Photography at ASU and dreams of traveling the world, working for Vogue.—Alyssabeth

The Underground First Birthday

In the '90s, the Nile theatre was Phoenix’s answer to the Whisky A Go Go.  The Nile hosted a stage to alternative greats such as Blink 182, Motorhead, and AFI – but in 2002, the venue could no longer hold its own.  But glory days resurrected, the Nile re-opened last February.  Friday they’re hosting a birthday party where new local legends will be made.  Bands on the bill include The Technicolors, Hooves, Radio Drive By, Mike Goodrick, Out Of Reverie, The Riveras and more! (Photo by Jonathan McNamara.) -Alyssabeth


Frances is the place to go when you need a gift but are feeling slightly selfish.  Frances’ focal point is by far the jewelry display smack dab in the middle of the store.  Pieces are hand crafted, some by store owner Georganne Bryant.  Also shop their collection of clothing which includes a great selection of delicate vintage items, novelty home items, and paper products for the school supply junkie. - Alyssabeth

Abbey Lynch

At 14 she discovered her mother's digital camera.  At 17 she received two film cameras from her uncle.  Now, at 19, it's clear Abbey Lynch (first photo) lives in a parallel state of Arizona.  Her dauntingly beautiful photographs of places I pass everyday here in Phoenix become places I have never seen before.  Perfecting her craft at Arizona State University, Abbey hopes to one day share her witchy ways with the world and shoot for National Geographic.- Alyssabeth


Artist Morgan McNally has headed several humanity-based ventures here in the Valley including her thousandforathousand project.  Morgan has created 1000 paintings priced according to the time a buyer spends volunteering– no receipt necessary.  Check out her other projects: Take a Fear, Leave a Fear and Project: Uncomfortable.  -Alyssabeth

The Technicolors

The first time I listened to Who Are You, I stopped dead in my tracks. The Technicolors is a fitting name for a band that seamlessly blends guitar plucking riffs, slow southern twang, and Celtic undertones into a colorful melody. Then I saw them play live– the show rivaled Elton John's (and we all know how I feel about Elton John).  Come see for yourself tonight, when they play The Winter Soulstice at Scottsdale Studios. -Alyssabeth