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UO Live: Jungle

The next up in our newly-premiered UO Live series, Jungle takes a break from their first US tour to perform "Busy Earnin’" to an intimate audience. On the heels of a breakout TV appearance and releasing the much-anticipated self-titled album, Jungle’s T talks to us about the secrets behind the mysterious group’s process, working and touring with his best friends, and never taking any of it for granted.

Hi T, can you tell us about yourself?
I’m T, from Jungle. I guess there’s not much else to say, really (laughs).

You guys have known each other for a long time, right?
Yeah, I’ve known J since I was 10 years old.

What’s that like, to now be traveling the world and working and making music together?
It’s really good, it’s our relationship that keeps us grounded. It helps in the studio as well, because when we’re creating together I’m not afraid to tell him an idea is bad. We’ve known each other so long and we know each other so well that I’m not afraid of hurting his feelings and we’re always honest with each other like that, rather than spending three weeks working on an idea that isn’t good. We can immediately nip it in the bud.

Do you ever fight?
Yeah, of course! I think it’s actually a good thing that we do that, because then we can take our frustrations and our fears out on each other. We know that we don’t mean it and we know we can be there for each other and kind of be an emotional punching bag.

Your recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel was incredible. What was that experience like?
That was a really cool experience, it was a completely new experience. I think with the project, the great thing about it is that we take each day as it comes and I don’t think we’re scared of anything because we’re all in it together. There’s such a great team of people behind it. We’re so lucky to have been able to come to the United States in the first place that I think we’re not taking it for granted. We’re really focused and energized.

Had you been to the US before this tour?
I’ve been to New York once. Yeah, it’s a bit of a dream! When you get to LA and you see all those palm trees.. there are too many palm trees! And we’re touring with Beat Connection, which has been great. It’s been really special.

So now you’re traveling all over the States, seeing everything.
Yeah, that’s the beauty of it!

Are there any cities or shows on this tour that stand out to you?
The El Ray in LA was the first show, and that was pretty special because it was an amazing theatre. It was really full and everyone was really happy. I got all the nervous energy out of my system and I think that was a really great place to do it. Everyone has been really amazing, and the response in all the cities has been overwhelming and surprising.

Tell us about the new album.
I’m really excited about it. I think it’s been inside our heads for so long, it’s a really special thing to be able to release it and give it to people to make judgment on, to form their own opinions. It’s kind of beautiful; we have the control on the stage or in the studio, and it’s nice to now put it out there and not have any control whatsoever. You free yourself of that worry.

How long did you work on it?
It took about 12 months in total. A lot of that was interrupted by the early days of forming the live band. That took a lot of time. So maybe 3 months, solid focus, day in and day out.

When you first went into the studio to make the new album, did you go in with a clear idea of what you wanted it to sound like, or do you feel it out as you go?
I think with me and J, we literally just sat down, and our mantra was that whatever feels good, we go with. Whatever sounds cool and whatever sounds unique is where we start from, and then our influences and subconscious takes over a little bit. When you’re being so conscious about creating–being very focused on the task at hand and trying to create something new–you completely free your subconscious of negative thoughts. The what if, or why, when, how. That’s the really interesting thing about it, the whole record has kind of been a battle between our conscious and subconscious.

Jungle has been shrouded in mystery until recently–was this intentional?
Being mysterious was never the intention. I think the intention was to remove our egos from the process of creativity and the idea of a front man, someone who has to be the alpha. It’s quite a negative thing in my eyes. A shared experience that is more focused on a group mentality and a set of ideals rather than a set of individuals, that’s much more important to us. In a way, it’s sort of the old way of going about things. We’re not after Instagram or Facebook likes. People used to not know anything about musicians. We’ve chosen to communicate with the world through our music.

You’ve still cultivated a generous following, which is really refreshing in this technology age.
Yeah, I guess you don’t see it as a bigger picture. We don’t have that same sense of scale. Every night is a surprise, selling so many tickets. We don’t expect it, how popular we are, because we don’t tend to focus on that aspect of it.

You worked so hard to make the album, do you feel like you’re celebrating it over and over each night when you perform?
Yeah, I think what we really love is making the connection with audiences. Sharing that energy and experience with as many people as possible.

What’s it like to travel the world, live your dream, and experience so many things with a crew of your best friends?
It’s amazing! It’s a real privilege, I don’t think we’ll ever take it for granted. Each day is different; we’re in a different place, or on a different road, in different circumstances. It’s very exciting.

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Recap: Afterfest Chicago

At this time last year we were holding our first ever Afterfest in the ever-charming Chicago, and now this year, with a few more successful Afterfests under our belt, we were happy to return to The Mid for our second Chicago Afterfest! For our triumphant return, we headed back to Chicago Friday night where we had Liars, one of our favorite bands, and Vatican Shadow, one of our favorite electronic artists, play to a packed house. As always, Dave P. and Sammy Slice from Philly collective Making Time were on hand to DJ throughout the night to make sure everyone was dancing their little hearts out. (We seriously wanted to hand out medals to the intrepid partygoers who made it all the way until 4am.) The whole show went off without a hitch and was a perfect end to our otherwise super hectic Friday! If you're bummed you missed out, keep your eyes peeled for more of our upcoming Afterfest events, because chances are we'll soon be in a city near you. Photography by Evan Jenkins

Dave P. and Sammy Slice...UNITED.

The awesome graphics from Klip Collective.

Vatican Shadow taking the stage.

Liars on stage.

Read our recent interview with Liars!

First Person: Karaoke

Karaoke isn't just standing in a room and singing a song
it's a performance, a live show, a party and, yes, it's even a form of art. Whether you're renting out a room at your local karaoke hotspot, singing in front of 35 strangers, or busting out your PlayStation at two in the morning for a round of SingStar, k
araoke is one of our top party pastimes. 

What's better than
 getting together with your friends to sing your favorite songs and failing miserably while trying to remember the choreography to "Single Ladies"? 
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

For those of you too shy to try, I promise you won't regret it. 
When it comes to karaoke, there are no regrets—only proof that you're way more fun than you thought you were. 

We asked some friends and karaoke aficionados for their favorite places to perform, their go-to songs and their ultimate karaoke moments. Trust us, you won't want to miss a thing. —Alex & Ally 

Who: Charli XCX / Musician / London
Karaoke Song: "Kiss" or "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Prince
Karaoke Spot: New York. It's always better there and people take it really seriously, which is always funny. I actually went 'round one of my fans house recently to have a karaoke party with them and all of their friends. It was kind of crazy... 
Charli XCX's new album SuperLove is out now. 

Who: Tyler Glenn / Singer in Neon Trees / Provo, Utah 
Karaoke Song: "White Wedding" by Billy Idol. Belting the "start again" part is a real treat. 
Karaoke Spot: I'm very picky, but mostly I like to do it at stuffy industry parties or creepy sports bars. 

Who: Olivia Bee / Photographer / Brooklyn
Karaoke SongSomething by Madonna! Or the "Ooh You Touched My Tralala" song.
Karaoke SpotA friend's basement.

Who: JC Coccoli / Comedian / Los Angeles
Karaoke SongSalt-N-Peppa's "Shoop"
Karaoke SpotKorea Town. (Or a rich person's house. Those are always pretty epic.)

Who: Katie McCurdy / Photographer / NYC 
Karaoke Song: Cheap Trick "I Want You to Want Me" 
Karaoke Spot: Sing Sing or 59 Canal, NYC. 
Recently at a karaoke bar in the Poconos, PA, I was reprimanded by a security guard because my "dance routine" was a "safety hazard." 

Who: Jeremy Burke / Founder of Loud Village / Los Angeles
Karaoke Song"When You Were Young" by The Killers and also "Time To Pretend" by MGMT when I'm with my buddy, Ryan.
Karaoke SpotYE RUSTIC INN! We go every Tuesday after my comedy show at Best Fish Taco (it's right down the street). That or some good ol' Korean Karaoke in KTown.

Who: Miles Garber / Musician & Model / L.A. & NYC
Karaoke Song: "With Arms Wide Open" by Creed
Karaoke Spot: Wherever my friends and I stumble upon.

Who: Bobby Whigham / Photographer / Philadelphia
Karaoke Song: Salt-N-Peppa and any '90s love ballad 
Karaoke SpotRed Lounge in South Philly. It's a semi-hidden gem that is just starting to get some exposure. The amount of space you have to perform and hold the audience in the palm of your hand here is epic.

Who: Jac Vanek / Boss Lady at JAC VANEK (Shop at UO) / Los Angeles
Karaoke Song: Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"
Karaoke SpotEither a shitty dive in Korea Town or for embarrassing novelty, Saddle Ranch.

Who: Joe Kusy / Guitarist and Vocalist for Far-Out Fangtooth / Philadelphia
Karaoke Song: "Give Me Just A Little More Time" by The Chairmen of the Board, although I really want to get wasted and do "That's Life" by Frank Sinatra.
Karaoke Spot: It's a tie between Ray's Happy Birthday Bar and the Adobe Cafe.

Delorean - "Spirit" at UO AfterFest Presents Making Time

We wish Delorean was still going to be in town to play at Fun Fun Fun and our AfterFest this weekend.  In honor of the lovely Spaniards, here's a video of their live performance from AfterFest FYF of their song "Spirit." Be sure to check the guys out when they return to the states in the new year! —Ally

Sky Ferreira Announces Debut Album, 'Night Time, My Time

Recently coming down from the success of last year's Ghost EP (buy it on iTunes!), 21-year-old singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira has been teasing clips from her then untitled debut album (the title has changed like 300 times—she's either stone cold ADHD or simply indecisive) on Instagram, on stage and in tidbits of lyrics on her personal Tumblr. (Look out for the kawaii .gif of her licking the cheeks of DIIV boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith!)

It feels like over the past few years we (as in the internet) were all watching Sky in transit and expected her to takeoff in the way we wanted her to, but since she is a young woman, we should let her find her identity. Let her slip different ones on like dresses, without judgment, until she is comfortable in whatever fits best. I mean, come on; growing up in the public, real time world must be pretty scary.

Now, it feels like her time has finally come and we can't be more proud. Patience is real!

She's gone from MySpace to Ck One to the cover of literally every magazine ever, gaining her a respected crown in the indie music scene. And now, Sky Ferreira is finally releasing her debut album Night Time, My Time via Captiol Records on October 29! 

For more info, head over to Pitchfork to see the tracklisting for the album as well as her future tour dates! —Alex

Malibu's Live in the Lot Recap


(Photos via Steven Andrew Garcia)

In conjunction with the grand opening of our newest and prettiest UO store in Malibu, we teamed up with Converse to present our Live in the Lot music series with live performances by Bleached and Dum Dum Girls. It was quite a treat for us and everyone else who came out to the mellow beach vibe of Malibu to enjoy the tunes, drinks and yummy food trucks! Huge thanks to Converse for co-sponsoring and to everyone who came out and made the event a success! —Tania

UO x Converse: Live in the Lot

This Saturday, August 24, we're teaming up with Converse to present our first Live in the Lot performance at our brand new Malibu store (3806 Cross Creek Road)! There will be live performances by Bleached and Dum Dum Girls, as well as food trucks and other refreshments. The party starts at 12 p.m. and ends at 5 p.m. but since there's limited capacity, we do recommend getting there early! Follow @uo_losangeles on Twitter and Instagram for more details. See ya there!

Interview: Jessie of Bleached

Bleached have been touring the world in support of their debut record, Ride Your Heart, and now they're headed back to their home state to play our new store in Malibu. We spoke to Bleached about what they've been up to in the last year.

Interview by Maddie Sensibile

Hi Jessie! Introduce yourself!

I’m Jessie from Bleached!

Since the last time we talked to you guys, Bleached released its debut record, Ride Your Heart, which, in my opinion, is the perfect summer album. What was your favorite part of the process of creating the record?

There were so many fun parts to it because I feel like there’s so many different stages of making a record. Getting together, me and Jen, we sit down in a room just me and her, you know just kind of working on stuff, and the most fun part is when you kind of like already record everything. You track the bass, the guitar and drums, and that’s all recorded, and you’re almost done with the record but you’re not quite done, then you kinda start listening to it, and you’re like, oh my god, I can’t believe this is sounding really awesome, and you’re adding those last minute things. Maybe those last minute harmonizing parts, and that is the most exciting part.


During Fall 2013 fashion week, you guys played at the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony presentation, along with some other incredible ladies, including Kim Gordon. How was that for you guys?

That was super fun, because it was this last minute thing. It's awesome to be on a level with Chloe, where we’re kind of like, hey, we’re just friends, and would you mind playing my fashion show? Like, what? That’s crazy and really awesome. It was so cool. There were a bunch of bands, and we were all set up next to each other making kind of a circle. We were right next to Kim Gordon who was doing a little side thing which was really rad. The models were just off-stage, and we got to wear Chloe’s clothes.


Speaking of female musicians, are there any female acts that you specifically have drawn inspiration from throughout your musical career?

We grew up with punk music. It was the music that got us to even start playing music. I feel like me and Jen, weirdly, are on the same path of music and don’t even realize it. Lately we’ve been listening to a lot of psychedelic early Pink Floyd stuff. Even Blondie is such an inspiration, and the Rolling Stones. My first tape I ever got was a Velvet Underground tape. Even when I was a kid I was listening to the Velvet Underground. I still listen to them; so inspired by their music.


Bleached has also been touring all over the place in the last year, and your gigs always turn into an all out moshing and stage diving extravaganza, like the one in May at the Troubadour. Whats the most memorable gig you've ever played?

I mean the Troubadour was definitely one. I would say the most memorable gig, there’s a lot, but what really just came to my head when you mentioned crowd-surfing was the show we did in Chicago. We were on tour with this band Hunters; really, really, really awesome people and cool band. We met up with them halfway through this tour, and they played their show and we were headlining that show; it looked like it was sold out. But it was really fun and everyone was going crazy. Me and Jen both were just going crazy too.

All of a sudden, I don’t know how it happened, but I was crowd-surfing while playing guitar. I don’t even know how that happened. All of a sudden I was up there, and I just remember seeing Jen from a distance, and I’m still playing and our friends were running off the stage and jumping into the crowd. It was so much fun.


What is your end all, be all favorite record of all time that you never get sick of?

This one record always comes to my mind. It's actually a compilation record, and it has every awesome band on it from Patti Smith to Richard Hell. Hold on one second, I’m going to ask my boyfriend the name. We’re finding the record! It was almost one of the first records that I got when I was a kid.

It was kind of the first time I ever heard a lot of those bands on it. Patti Smith is one. Okay, it's called Rock at the Edge. It’s a really cool compilation. Patti Smith does this really awesome cover of Gloria. I’ve never actually picked a compilation before, but every song is so cool. There’s like Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Richard Hell, Graham Parker, Blondie is on it, Television, yeah. It was a really great turning point in my life when I found that record.


If you weren't playing music, what do you think you would be doing?

With no music involved, I would definitely be making films. I can even answer for Jen, because she’s not here right now: Jen would be doing fashion. Jen would be doing fashion and I would be making films. I always say when I don’t feel like touring anymore and I’m too old to be in a band I just want to be making music for movies, like score music. If it was really no music at all, I would be doing film or photography.


Like you guys, I, too, am a San Fernando Valley native. What is something you love about the Valley?

It was actually my birthday yesterday, and we had this crazy party, and I went out the other night and some kid, I don’t know how we started talking about the Valley, but he was like “I’m from the Valley,” and I’m like, "Dude, I’m from the Valley," and there was this immediate connection we had. Then I was like, "Oh my god, look at my lips," because me and Jen both have tattoos on our lips of “818” and I was trying to show it to him but it was really dark and I was kind of drunk. I’m like, "It's right here, I swear," and he was like, “I don’t see it.” I was telling my friend to shine her phone on my lip; I’m so into the “818.” Valley pride.


Since you're LA natives, are you excited to be playing our new Malibu store opening? 

Oh my god, yeah, I’m so excited. I feel like Urban Outfitters is always a place to go for any girl. Whether you’re a total punk girl or whatever type of girl you are, I feel like UO will always have the things you want there. It was funny, recently I went there and they were selling these Metallica sweaters, and I was like, no fucking way, Metallica sweaters? I almost got it but I didn’t have enough money. But I was like, oh my god! I’m stoked because I go to Malibu so much. We're really excited!

Interview: Dee Dee of Dum Dum Girls

We spoke to Dee Dee Penny, vocalist of Dum Dum Girls, about how she never stops finding inspiration musically, her favorite albums, and knowing she was born to make music.
Interview by Maddie Sensibile

Hi Dee Dee! Introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit about how you became interested in music.

I've always felt called to music; it's a compulsion. Sorta like that T Rex song: I sang myself right out of the womb.

When did you decide you wanted to start your own band, and how did you come up with the name Dum Dum Girls?
I was VERY over being in bands, so much that I was depressed beyond just creatively. I wanted to scrap everything and do my own thing. I had very little intention other than to be psyched on art. DDG was simply a vessel for me to hone my songwriting and remained very DIY in terms of recording even through the first album was on Sub Pop. I wanted to perform too, though, so I eventually assembled a band which has been relatively consistent since then.

Dum Dum Girls' music definitely has a '60s and '70s flavor. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations from those time periods?
I have always strived to write good songs. My earlier material is perhaps easiest to liken to '60s pop and '70s punk in its simplicity. You could say I attended the schools of Ellie Greenwich, The Velvet Underground, and The Ramones. Most of what I do just sorta happens, but I'm a mega music fan and years of obsession sink in, even if subconsciously, as studied.

That being said, I could nail all of Surrealistic Pillow at age ten. Grace Slick mimicry.

Are there any albums you had growing up that really changed everything for you?

An Elvis compilation, Pet Sounds, Let it Bleed, Revolver, Surrealistic Pillow... these were favorites as a very young child thanks to my parents' record collection.

I got into NKOTB, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, Whitney, Mariah, TLC, SWV, and Madonna in elementary school; Nirvana, Hole, REM, NIN, and Garbage in middle school; Bowie, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Thompson Twins, Blur, Wham, Elastica, Sonic Youth, etc. in high school... misfits for the misfits.

I heard, really HEARD, Patti Smith when I was 17, and Horses changed everything. My desire to do something became less passive. I threw myself into the VU and Siouxsie cults as well. Then came The Smiths and Moz. The list is endless. I am always finding new songs and artists that impact me severely, and thank god for that. Wait, is that what you asked?

Since you guys are called Dum Dum Girls, what is your favorite part about being in an all girl group?
The name came before the actual band. There was definitely something I was drawn to about having a band of all women; there's just a different vibe to every aspect. And it's obviously something I hope will encourage other girls to pursue their artistic leanings. But I'm not married to it politically or aesthetically; for me it will always be about serving the songs.

I know that you began Dum Dum Girls in Los Angeles, which leads me to ask: what do you love about the city, and are you excited to be performing at our new Malibu store opening?

Truth be told, I started it in a bedroom, which arguably could've been anywhere. There is an undeniable magic to L.A., though, for me personally. A lot of the old Hollywood glamour. It's a good place to feel an outsider. Lots to get lost in.

And yes, I'm excited to play for you. I love the Malibu coast!

Lastly, is there anything you're currently working on that you're super excited about, or that we can look forward to?
The next record will be out in January; its been a long labor of love for me and I can't wait to share it.

Come out and see Dum Dum Girls perform with Bleached this Saturday, August 24, at our brand new Malibu store!
(3806 Cross Creek Road, noon to 5 p.m.

UO Afterfest Presents Making Time

It's that time again! #AfterFest is coming to L.A. and this time it's happening at The Fonda (6126 Hollywood Blvd.) on August 23 in association with FYF. And yes, we know it's not technically an #AfterFest since it's happening ahead of the festival, but what can we say? We were excited!

Our party will include performances from Glass Candy and a very special guest that you definitely won't want to miss (seriously, you'll be face-palming if you miss it). And of course the Making Time DJs, Dave P. and Sammy Slice, will be on hand along with GODDOLLARS to DJ throughout the night. This is going to be a good one, folks. RSVP here. See ya there!

Station to Station Event

Station to Station is, in the project's own words, "a public art project made possible by Levi's." Basically, for 3 weeks in September, a train full of artists and musicians will be traveling cross-country and stopping to perform in 9 cities across America. The train will start its journey in NYC and end its journey in Oakland, CA. From what we can tell, this is going to be a crazy interesting undertaking.

While the general public can't ride on the train themselves, they're able to buy tickets to any of the scheduled stops for $25 each. Some of the artists scheduled to perform are Beck, Cat Power, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Savages, Cold Cave, Dan Deacon, Twin Shadow, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, as well as many, many more. To check out all the stops and artists involved, head on over to the Station to Station about page! And then let me know if you can figure out if Beck will be on the same train as Dan Deacon for 3 weeks because, like, think of all the adventures they would have. —Katie

Virgin Free Fest

The Virgin Mobile Freefest, an event that happens at Merriweather Post Pavillion in MD, is in its fifth year and, amazingly, it's still free! The lineup is kind of a mixed bag, but with names like Vampire Weekend and Chvrches, it's still pretty solid. But like, it's free, so even if you only like a few of the bands on the bill, it's still worth it. And it's happening September 21! So, to recap: a free festival in a less sweaty month. Sounds good to me. Presale tickets for this event are available starting August 8 if you follow the event's Twitter and FB, and general admission tickets go on "sale" August 9. If you're in the Northeast and haven't had your fill of fests, give it a shot! —Katie

Deadhead Fashion

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JERRY GARCIA! You crazy old hippie, you. (Also, RIP. Much respect. Instead of pouring out a 40, I will go shake a weed bush or something. [Sidenote: I just had to Google "does weed grow on a bush," and... I'm still not sure.])

Anyway. There's an awesome, previously unreleased Grateful Dead concert film titled Sunshine Daydream airing at select theaters tonight. The film shows the band's 1972 concert performance in Veneta, OR, which was apparently the stuff of legend. If you're a fan of the Dead, you'll definitely want to check out if this is happening near you. And if you want to dress up like the Deadheads of yore, here's some inspiration for you. We love you, Jerry. <3 Katie

Get the look:

Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses

Ecote Patchwork Dress

Flower Crown Headwrap

Alternative 2-Tone Patterned Henley

Globe Dana Pool Short

UO Striped Gym Sock

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Washed Men's High-Top Sneaker

Teva Original Mush Sandal

Nice Daze Pint Glass

MDBP Interview: Swizzymack

Over the weekend we headed out to Mad Decent and got a chance to talk to Swizzymack about his beats, Philly and, of course, his mom.
Interview by Ally Mullen

Introduce yourself! Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

Hi, I’m Swizzymack. I’m from Philly and I’m 18. I make beats and DJ.

When did you start making beats and getting interested in music?
I’ve always been interested in music. When I was like... 15 I got really interested in electronic music, so ever since then. Over the years I sped up the tempo and now my tempo’s like 160, that’s like the fastest I go. It’s pretty fast.

Who are some of your favorite artists and people that you’ve looked up to?
Growing up I liked DJ Get Em, he’s one of the younger Philly club producers. He’s only like 20. And a whole bunch of other younger Philly club people that make crazy music. I don’t really know their names, they just put a lot of their stuff on Soundcloud.

Do you put a lot of your stuff on Soundcloud? Is that where we can find it?
Yeah, at Swizzymack. You can also find me on Twitter at Swizzymack.

What’s it like playing the Mad Decent Block Party in Philly when you’re from Philly?
It’s crazy! I brought my mom and my grandma and my aunt and my sister! They’re all backstage. It’s just more meaningful to me. It’s a crazy experience. Like my mom got to see me DJ in front of all those people. It’s crazy.

Did they believe you when you told them you were as big as you are?
My mom doesn’t believe when I say I’m going to a different place to do stuff like this. She’s like, “You’re lying, you’re probably at your friend’s house!”

What’s been the highlight of your day so far?
Everything! Everything so far. It’s just been like, the best day ever.

Out of everyone playing today, who else do you think everyone should check out?
Dirty South Joe. Obviously Diplo. [Laughs.]


(Photo C/O Sidewalk Hustle)

On Friday night we had our first ever Making Time Afterfest at The Mid in Chicago and everyone had a blast! Even though it started pouring right as doors opened up, the rain didn't stop everyone from having a good time. First up on our bill was Classixx, the L.A. based electronic duo whose video is currently residing at the top of our blog along with an exclusive interview with the band and director. Everyone was super pumped to hear "All You're Waiting For" live, and the band played to a full house.

(Photos C/O Sidewalk Hustle)

Philadelphia's own Dave P. and Sammy Slice were also on hand to DJ throughout the night, and they kept everyone dancing with plenty of fist-pumpin' dance songs.

After Classixx finished their set, Chromatics were up next! The Portland-based band famously provided the live soundtrack to Chanel's S/S 2013 runway show, and everyone was excited to see them perform. They did not disappoint! Lead singer Ruth Radelet was lookin' good in a gold dress and beautiful, perfect bangs, and sounded incredible to boot. They played a great set and the crowd was really loving them.

(Photos C/O Sidewalk Hustle)

(Backstage. It was packed!)

Finally, we closed out the night with an intense DJ set by Glasgow's very own Optimo! Even though it was past this blogger's bedtime, there were still plenty of people dancing and having a good time way into the wee hours of the morning.

Overall, our first ever Making Time Afterfest was a huge success and we can't wait to do it again. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and The Mid for having us! Here's hoping we'll see you all at the next one!

Store Opening: Columbia, SC

Attention! We have a new store opening in Columbia, SC (912 Gervais St.) on Thursday, July 18! To celebrate the store's opening, we'll be throwing a rockin' party on Saturday, July 20, featuring DJ sets by Tanlines and Washed Out. There will also be free BBQ and free beer. (Yes, FREE!) If you're in Columbia, you should definitely come on out!

RSVP here!

Interview: The Blank Tapes

(Photo: Karen Knoller)

The Blank Tapes are a three piece band from the West Coast that call their genre "Beach Party." Awesome, right? Now, Matt Adams, Pearl Charles, and DA Humphrey bring you their first full length record, Vacation on Antenna Farm Records, from sun drenched California. Recorded in Oakland, CA, Vacation has influences from all over the map, but mainly the psychedelic '60s. The Blank Tapes will also be performing tonight at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles to celebrate the opening of the new pop-up shop put on by Blood Is The New Black. Check out my interview with the band's front man, Matt Adams, below! Maddie

So, first things first, introduce yourselves!
Matt Adams here! I started The Blank Tapes back in 2003 and played most of all the instruments on 99% of my recordings up until last year's 7" release and this year's Vacation release. I'm sitting with my bandmates DA Humphrey (bass) and Pearl Charles (drums, also my girlfriend). We've been playing together as a trio for about a year.

Since you guys are west coast based, how has the state of California influenced the music you make?
So much great music has come out of this state and continues to come, but other than being immersed in Southern California's surf and skate scene and the Bay Area's psychedelic scene I imagine I take little bits here and there without being too conscious of it. Some of my favorite cosmic California spots are Joshua Tree, Big Sur, Bolinas and Silverado Canyon.

(Photo: Joey Tobin)

Between your band's name, sound, and cassette releases, it seems that The Blank Tapes are pro-analogue. What is your favorite part about being able to produce music that way?
My favorite part about recording analog is that you get a lot random tape noise and unpredictability that digital recordings don't offer. That, and you can physically see the tape spin around and you can manipulate the tape speed. I guess all this is possible with digital recordings too, but it doesn't sound the same.  Analog is a dying medium and is the only alternative to digital recording.  Another thing I like about recording analog is that you approach the recording process differently. With analog recording, you usually have a limited amount of tracks to work with so you have to be a little more confident and dedicated with your performances and what you decide to commit to tape. I grew up with both, and continue to use both. The bottom line is that tapes have more "vibe," whatever that may be.

The Blank Tapes have toured all over the place. What has been your favorite place the band has been so far?
Brazil! We have a ton of fans and friends down there and have played some amazing shows! I've spent a total of two and a half months in Brazil and hope to return soon. The title track from Vacation was actually written on our first Brazilian tour and the song "Brazilia" references our travels down there too.

(Photo: Deidre Schoo)

Your debut record, Vacation, has a clear psychedelic 1960s influence. What records or artists were most important to you when growing up or growing as musicians?

It's funny that to many Vacation is considered my "debut" album since the band has been around for ten years and we've released over a dozen albums in various formats and mediums.  That said, it is our first official studio full length album release and a lot of peoples' first impression of the band. Most of my albums have a '60s vibe, because that was the music I fell in love with when I became obsessed with listening to and playing music. I was heavily influenced by all the '60s staples: The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, CCR, Jimi Hendrix, The Velvet Underground, The Grateful Dead, Leonard Cohen, etc. I always like to reference The Beatles' White Album when trying to explain the variety of styles on my own albums. I just love how different all the songs and styles are.

So, now that we've got a taste of The Blank Tapes with the new record, what's next for the band?

More tours and more albums! Tonight, July 12, we're playing the Blood Is The New Black party at Space 15 Twenty and we have tours planned with Mystic Braves and The Hindu Pirates for August, and Sean Hayes for September and October! As for the albums, it's hard to say which will be coming out next, but there's at least three home recorded albums in the can and two studio albums almost finished! That's not even counting the new songs I have yet to record...

Comedy Central's 'Stars Under the Stars' Recap & Interview with Adam DeVine

This past Wednesday, Comedy Central was back at the Summer Stage in Central Park, with their 'Stars Under the Stars' show hosted by Gabriel Iglesias. The night included live stand-up acts by comedians Dan Soder, Adam DeVine, John Mulaney, Jeff Ross and Amy Schumer, as well as my personal favorite part of the night: a surprise five minute long torrential downpour right before the gates opened.

Aside from a bunch of wet butts—including my own—the show went amazing. The crowd was treated to jokes about tight buttholes, got a glimpse of Amy's perfect poses, and a few lucky (actually... pretty unlucky) attendees got raunchily roasted by The Roastmaster himself. Note to anyone who meets Jeff in the future: do NOT shake his hand, as it was probably just down his pants.

To top it all off, the lovely crew at Comedy Central hooked us up with an interview with the hilarious Adam DeVine. So now, without further ado, hear what the Workaholics star told me about how he prepares for his stand-up, his hatred of fedoras, love of jet skis, and what his top three words to describe himself are. —Ally

Hey Adam! Introduce yourself to our readers! 
My name is Adam DeVine, I am a comedian. I am on the show Workaholics that I co-created and star in with my buddies. I'm actually doing this other show called House Party that comes out in the fall on Comedy Central that is like a stand-up hybrid show... it sounds so stupid when you explain it that way. You're like, "UGH! I hate that show!" But it's really fun and cool.

So how do you prepare for your stand-up shows? Is it a lot of improv or do you write most of the jokes out in advance?
Ecstasy. I do a ton of ecstasy right before.

See now, I believe that.
Mmhm. You saw me up there, I'm oozing sex appeal, sweating a little too much.

I just saw you talking to your beer and it not answering you back. So how would you compare stand-up to working on your shows? Which is harder?
Stand-up is really fun because it's instant gratification. You tell a joke, and people laugh, and you're like, "OOH! I'M GOOD!" But then, on the show a lot of time it's like, "Is this stupid? Like, are we blowing it right now?" So I would say that shooting the show is a little bit harder in that respect. And it takes forever to write. For stand-up, jokes are just easy.

So who are a few of your favorite stand-up comedians? You can't say anyone performing tonight, to be fair.
I like, I feel like in my soul I'm a black comedian, so i like black comics. I like Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Kevin Hart is super funny.

Growing up did you watch a lot of stand-up?
Yeah, my dad was a huge Evening At The Improv fan so I watched stand-up all of the time with him. And I actually got a job working at the Hollywood Improv when I moved out to California when I was 18.

So onto fashion... where are some of your favorite places to shop?
URBAN OUTFITTERS! The Buckle sucks! Urban rules, fuck The Buckle. PacSun: suck my balls!

Hell yeah! So what do you think is the best accessory for summer?
Scarves. Wool scarves.

Yeah. Nothing underneath, let's keep it casual, titties out... titties OUT!

Wait, what? No, I mean for guys!
Oh, for guys. I don't know! I'm not an accessory guy. Just no fedoras.

Why not?
They're just bad looking. Especially when a few dudes roll out with a fedora, you just gotta make sure two guys put it away and one guy wears the fedora. He can be the fedora guy. There shouldn't be three dudes in your clique rocking fedoras like it's 1962 and you're part of the Rat Pack.

Be honest. Have you ever worn a fedora?
I've never in real life worn a fedora. I've worn it as a bit—comedy hat.

Now that I DON'T believe!
[Laughs] I've worn some other... Pooka shell necklaces I rocked for way too long. People were like, "No, that's a bad look" And I was like, "Psssh, yeah right." And a shark tooth. I wore a shark tooth necklace.

So what are your plans for the summer? Any traveling?
Yeah! For Fourth of July I'm renting a house in Big Bear, which is mountain-like, in California. I'm going to rent jet skis. That's all I'm really excited about is riding jet skis. I have a weird love for them. They're so much fun.

How fast do you go?
You can get them up to like, 45 miles per hour! That's fast! Then you jump off and really hurt yourself. I couldn't move my head for two weeks.

You did that?!
Yeah, I was riding on the back of one going 45 miles per hour and I was like, "I'M GONNA JUMP!" He's like, "Alright, you fucking maniac..." And then instead of jumping off the back and covering and landing, I decided to dive in, like this maneuver [makes diving maneuver] headfirst and he said he saw me like, cartwheel in the water like ten times. Jet skis. It's a jet ski summer, baby.

Okay it's time to go, but before we do... on a scale of one to ten, ten being the tightest, how tight is your butthole tonight?
I've only had a few drinks so I would say about an eight.

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