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Foreign Horror: Martyrs

October has arrived and you're in the mood for horror. You've seen all the American classics and the Japanese stuff is totally overrated. So watch Martyrs, the remorselessly violent, super scary but contemplative French movie from 2008. This the point in a review where I should write something like "Martyrs is the story of..." but this shit is too crazy to even summarize. In the beginning it seems like an ultra-violent revenge story, then it becomes an ultra-violent, what-the-fuck-is-that-scary-monster movie, and then, because it's French, the movie asks us (violently) to ponder the nature of life and death and the limbo that may exist between them. It sounds a bit confusing, but the varying plots ask you to find the connection between them, leading to an ultimately satisfying ending. Being clear: it's a good movie.

Being clear again, Martyrs is hard to watch. But what do we do with unsettling things? Make light of them with screen caps and jokes, obvi. Plus you need to watch it so when that asshole horror buff in your film studies class is getting all pretentious you can be like "Bro, have you seen Martyrs?" and he'll be like "...No. What's that?" and you can be like "LOL bro aren't you up on French horror?" and he'll feel all stupid. Unless he has seen it, then you guys can bond like "Dude isn't it fucked up?" and high five and become lifelong friends. Angelo

Archival footage, a staple of any good horror film, featuring scary nun with bike.

Great winter style: beanie (I mean toque,) trench and a shotgun.

It's French so the girls are obviously flawless.

Hi guyssss!

This is the still I sent to my horror-buff friend to explain why he should see Martyrs.

Then this scary old lady shows up and stuff starts getting existential, LIKE ANY GOOD FRENCH MOVIE SHOULD.

I'm not going to tell you what's up in this scene but believe me, it's rough.

And it all comes down to this one moment, a whisper spoken from the brink of death, and you're either like "Ohhhhh," or "What???" but either way it makes you want to watch the movie again (in a couple months, after your stomach has settled down).

Rookie: In The Stacks

A couple days ago, Rookie put up this amazing photoset, shot by Molly Dektar and titled "In The Stacks," that shows what life is like for the people who choose to live at the famed Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris. Basically, anyone who chooses to live in the store can, the only stipulation being that they must also work at the store and they must write a short autobiography before they leave, complete with picture. The photoset of the author's time in the store is a great look at what that life is like. So magical! Booking a plane ticket now, TBH. —Katie

Movie Style: The Dreamers

Spoiler alert: The Dreamers is a really creepy movie. But it's about people in the '60s in France, so it's obviously tres chic. (That means stylish right? I mean that this movie is stylish.) The awesome Michael Pitt, awesome-r Eva Green and some other good looking guy basically hang out and talk about pretentious films but also have weird sex for two hours. Oh, and smoking. There's a lot of smoking. Don't smoke. But do dress like the kids in The Dreamers. Angelo

Smoking is not tight, but if your cigarettes are red, it looks kind of tight. 

Pitt peeing in the sink is the least creepy thing that happens in this movie. 

Levi's and Chucks: never not a good option. 

Oh shit, mom and dad are home, and all we've been doing is hanging out naked. 

Oh shit, there's some sort of revolution happening and I don't understand the historical context but look at that great sweater.

Get the look:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Women's High-Top Sneaker

Levi's 511 Rinsed Playa Jean

Quay Kittie Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Coincidence & Chance Baby Corduroy Overall Skirt

UO Watch Cap

Kimchi Blue Velvet Skater Dress

Movie Style: The Science of Sleep

I hadn't seen The Science of Sleep since my freshman year of college, when I thought I was smart and artsy but didn't get it. Now that I am old and totally smart and artsy I watched it again and... still didn't really get it, but I'm pretty sure the point of the movie is that if you're chic and sexy and French, like Charlotte Gainsbourg, you can basically wear any old drab thrift shop looking thing and still be super chic and sexy and French. Also, in your dreams you can wear whatever crazy shit you want and it's all good. That applies in real life, too, because who cares but also because maybe being awake is actually dreaming and dreaming is the real world!

Anyway... everyone in this film has a general uniform of a few items they wear in different iterations. There's probably some like, thematic, symbolic reason why, but who has time to figure that shit out? All I'm thinking about is how dreaming is tight and can it be fall now? I want to buy sweaters and hang out with Charlotte and smoke cigarettes in France. Can that just happen now? Angelo

Charlotte makes grandma sweaters sexy. 

"What are you wearing?" "It's punk." Don't mind that play button, it's supposed to be there, I swear. 

You wouldn't even be mad if your mom dated a guy in a leather vest because leather vests are dope. 

These people are supposed to be boring and drab but they're French so they're actually mostly on point. 

Another awesome Charlotte sweater.

Wow, it's not even a sweater, it's a badass sweater dress. 

Oof, it's a hot ass sweater dress. 

But this guy is an asshole, as indicated by the striped sweater. 

Back to the gold ol' granny knit, phew. 

Just driving a cardboard car, nbd. 

Sweater dress again, nothing makes sense! But paired nicely with the parka. 

Here's a different knit. What does it mean?!? 

Andddd let's end on this guy because he's a badass.

Basically, we should all just buy some sweaters.

Daft Punk feat. Pharrell: "Get Lucky"

You guys! Daft Punk news is finally here, and its something tangible! The always secretive French electronic duo just dropped "Get Lucky," which features rapper slash singer slash unfairly cool dude, Pharrell Williams. The nearly five minute track is basically a disco dream. The song comes from their new album, Random Access Memories, which also features a slew of other notable collaborations. Our favorite masked robotic French guys have done it again! I can't get the funky groove of this guy out of my head. "Get Lucky" is now available on iTunes. - Maddie

Grimes x YSL

If you've been paying attention to fashion news this past year, you probably know that iconic French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has been overhauled by designer and photographer Hedi Slimane. Slimane changed the house's official name to Saint Laurent Paris. At first, I admit, the change was a mega shock, but now that Hedi Slimane has shown several collections for the house since then, all is well and what was formerly YSL has never been deemed cooler. 

As if the brand, which now has an overlying sense of rock and roll radness, could get any more coveted, they have hired the one and only Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) to design artwork for a limited run of T-shirts. Grimes has won over just about everyone in the last year or so, music and fashion critics alike, and so has Hedi Slimane, so could there even be a better pairing? Although I thought the common image of a YSL T-shirt was entirely gone, several of the T-shirt designs drawn by Claire include the original logo. Regardless of the brand's official name, these shirts are pretty perfect. If I were to purchase a graphic tee other than a band's tour shirt,  I'd for sure get myself one of these. - Maddie

Phoenix: "Entertainment"

Exciting news! Parisian rockers Phoenix are back from their successful 2010 album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, with a new single called "Entertainment," which is totally making me want to have a dance party, like, now. This is the first song they've released since the band announced their new album, Bankrupt!. The album will be out the week of April 22nd.Maddie

Early Color Photography of Paris

Curious Eggs put up this really cool post highlighting old color photographs of Paris in the early 1900s. They're interesting to look at since most of the photographs from that time are in black and white, and it's easy to forget that people back in the good ol' days weren't actually colorless, soulless humans. It's totes like Instagram for early 20th century Parisians.—Katie

An Interview With Robyn

Pitchfork put up this interview with Robyn and it is sooo cute. She's the absolute best. You should watch it.—Katie

A.P.C. x Nike

A.P.C. and Nike team up for their third collaboration on some clean re-workings of classic sneakers. This time around they went for the Dunk and Air Max 1 styles. The Air Max 1 (pictured above, an all-time favorite) is done up in a navy canvas with a classic gum sole while the Dunk below received the monotone treatment in three colorways. Check out the whole line here. -Bob

The Plant #3

The Plant, a magazine by the Barcelona based team of Cris Merino, Isa Merino and Carol Montpart, has just released the third issue of their beautifully designed journal about their affection for ordinary plants and greenery. They had a great interview with online magazine Bad at Sports here. This issue features articles, photo essays, monographs and illustrations by Coke Bartrina, Scheltens & Abbenes, Matt OlsonJessica Hans and many more artists, including myself! If you happen to be in Paris, they will be having a magazine launch at 0fr Paris (20, rue Dupetit-Thouars) on Saturday, September 22, featuring an exhibition by Coke Bartrina. I wish I could attend! - Jennilee

Patrick Norguet for McDonald's France

I am loving the look of these ceramic cups, designed by Paris-based industrial designer Patrick Nourguet. McDonald's France commissioned the artist to make these reusable cups for their new range of premium roasted coffees. Simple, colourful and minimal. - Jennilee


Larose Paris will be launching their line of short-billed five-panel caps this coming fall season in a slew of handsome fabrics. Constructed in English tweeds, flecked Donegal wool, and French cottons these caps are sure to fit right into your cool weather wardrobe. Is it fall yet? -Bob

Tobias Wistisen

Holy hell! This shrunken head chained necklace from brilliant jewelry designer Tobias Wistisen is the raddest necklace ever! The thought process that led to this piece must be unreal. This is way too cool! X - Jen

Annabelle Dexter Jones x Andre x Faith Connexion Scarf

I couldn't have asked for better timing with these pieces from Annabelle Dexter Jones for Faith Connexion to slowly trickle out into shops! Oh yes! My birthday just happens to be in a few days so that means this bodacious collab scarf with ADJ'S BF (and major dream date) Andre Saraiva is on its way to my doorstep as I type. X - Jen

Roger Vivier Leopard Boots

No one can deny how hot a leopard boot would look paired up with your favorite tight black jeans. Roger Vivier obviously wants you to be as rock 'n' roll as possible with these awesome calf hair fur boots. X - Jen


Maybe it's from growing up with a French grandmother but I've known Boissier sweets about as long as I can remember loving skateboarding. These days I see my friend's homes filled with chic glass apothecary jars which remain empty or filled with the mundane candy of today. I think Boissier could have a big resurgence in the right crowd if they know what's good for them. X - Jen

Zadig & Voltaire x Erin Wasson Boots

I've never not been searching for a dreamy pair of snakeskin boots so this sick pair from Erin Wasson's capsule collection for Zadig & Voltaire sure do make me drool. The beautiful camel color and surprisingly perfect cut of these boots will undoubtedly make them your go-to pair to slip into when heading out to see your favorite band or just meeting with that hot new dream date. X - Jen

Repetto Striped Zizi

If you know anything about me then you know I'm obsessed with Repetto. Every month a few desirable pairs leak out and no one does details better than they do. These black patent and suede striped Zizi's would no doubt look perfect with every single thing in your closet. X - Jen

Artisanal Ansatz x Bic

T-shirts by illustration duo Artisanal Ansatz in collaboration with Bic (yep, the pen company) which are being exclusively offered at Colette in Paris. Each tee comes with a Bic pen and notepad. See the rest of the tees here. -Bob