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Dank Magazine

Dank is the artsy skateboarding periodical you've likely never seen or heard of if you haven't been looking for it. Something tells me you won't find page after page of advertising filler in here, just great content. Don't speak Norwegian? Worry not, every story is also printed in English. Though no stockists are listed stateside, the magazine can be order from the UK at Flatspot.

NSEW Summer 2012 Artist Postcard Series

NSEW is a small press by formerly Brooklyn and now Oslo-based talent Jessica Williams. The artist focused press, which uses as a Risograph printer, has recently come out with 18 artist postcards by 10 different artists.  With artist participation from faves like Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, Paul Paper, Pia Howell and Ye Rin Mok, it's hard to choose! Also, another cool thing on her webshop are her amazing collage magnets—which are now sold out—but there is a digital version that you can make new artworks with, with a gallery of completed collages to boot.  - Jennilee


I'm not usually the one you'd turn to for recommendations on new music (as I'm quite happily living in the past as far as that goes) but it doesn't get much more shredding than Norway's own Gerilja and their mind-blowing new video. Keep an ear out for their upcoming album, 'Step Up Your Game.' X - Jen

Phone Joan "Damned"

If the girl in this Phone Joan video is damned, then we all are.

Videos by Jessica Williams

These wonderful snippets of small pleasures by Oslo based artist and publisherJessica Williams are like a big hug. Her most recent videos are about and her trip to China with Oslo based Espen Friberg, and living in New York. - Jennilee

Artist Series: Natalie Rognsoy

Our Art Department asked some of their favorite designers to show us their take on Urban Outfitters by creating a limited edition shirt for us.  Meet the men and women behind the collaboration!

Tell us a little bit about you, including where you are from. 
I'm Natalie Rognsoy and I am 26 years old and have lived in Oslo for the last six years. I come from a small island called Hareid where the population is about 4,500 people. The weather is rough but the island is surrounded with beautiful mountains and fjords. 

Describe to us the inspiration behind the design you used for your shirt. 
I wanted to do something painterly that did not look like it was done on the computer. 

What other projects have you been working on lately? 
I have just finished my Bachelor in fine art. I have also been a part of exhibitions in Bodega in Philadelphia, Alessandro De March in Milan and Y3K in Melbourne. 

What inspires you the most when you're working? 
Nature, looking at photos, walking and listening to my favourite hits. 

What is the hardest part about putting together an exhibition? 
Being confident in my choices. 

Where did you go to school and what for?  
I went two years at art school where I was drawing and working with photography mostly. Then I applied to the art academy where I almost immediately started working with sculptures and installations. Now I have finished my BA. 

What do you like to do on a typical night out? 
Have a few fruity drinks with my girlfriends and then go out dancing in circles. 

Describe your personal style for us in one sentence. 
I am not sure if I know how to do that!

What are your favorite materials to use when working? 
Fabric, plaster, paint and wood.

Shop Natalie's shirt.

Dutch Summer Bux de Luxe

I am a huge chesterfield fan when it comes to furniture and I can't get over how cute these little Bux de Luxe seats are from Dutch Summer. Litter them throughout your house or confuse your friends by putting them outside in the garden! X - Jen

Lisanne Janssen Lockets

For her graduation project, Lisanne Janssen hopped on a plane to Oslo and spent a month couch-surfing the country, all the while making small etchings of the places she felt most at home on her trip. Now safely back in her real home, she's offering her etchings in a series of lockets, complete with a "home is where your heart is" note in her grandmother's handwriting and two prints of vintage pictures she found during her travels.  Check out the lookbook picture from our About a Girl, Valentina Vos!

Lords of Chaos Shirts

When was the last time you were wishing you had a Varg, Euronymous or Dead shirt? Well now's your chance! For anyone who hasn't read Lords of Chaos yet, you're sorely missing out! I'd suggest heading out and picking yourself up a copy ASAP. X - Jen

Veronica B. Vallenes

In addition to her eponymous avant collection, designer Veronica B. Vallenes also does dance costuming for performances like Loop Loop Loop's Murder in Dreamland

Lydia Hearst for Vixen

Lydia's dye-job in the latest issue of Vixen mag is reigniting our obsession with rainbow, ombre hair.  


Pickles is a blog run by two of our crafty sisters up north in Scandinavia. Peruse the sewing projects and crochet patterns before whipping up a batch of treats to bring to knitting club. Sweet domesticity!

Rune Guneriussen

Placing everyday, indoor objects outside, artist Rune Guneriussen manages to turn an ordinary table lamp into a thing of indescribable beauty.

Lars Botten

Loving Lars Botten's outdoor shoots. Actually, his indoor shoots are just as beautiful but when you throw a couple masks and some half-naked devious looking characters in the mix, then you're pretty much winning over everyone no matter where you shoot it. X - Jen

Obscur AW '09

The lookbook for Obscur AW '09 is inspired by super natural creatures. Creatures that have fangs, wear black, and look beautifully tormented just wandering around in the woods. Twilight, anyone?

Days of Thunder

Days of Thunder is a mountain bike competition now in its second year, and it features some of the most bad-ass riders from Europe and around the world. What goes up must come down...sometimes painfully.