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Music Monday: April 21, 2014

No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

Hermitude - Ukiyo
I hope this track is one of many new Hermitude tracks coming out for the summer. If you haven't checked out the Hermitude Boiler Room session, head over here to give it a watch.

NAAVI - Speak
It's always nice to hear a chill-wave song that brings you back to the glorious times of Life of Leisure and early Toro.

VEYU - The Everlasting
VEYU are a good example of what a Local Natives vibe can sound like when paired with a groovier beat. This track keeps it moving in a good way.

Holy Models - Des Tropiques (Island Demo)
We're really going in on smooth summer jams this Monday, especially with this Holy Models tune. Check out some of their other songs on Soundcloud.

Bipolar Sunshine - Where Did The Love Go (A-Minor Remix)
Full of NRG. This is like Friday wrapped up in a four minute remix.

Music Monday: April 14, 2014

This week for Music Monday we're doing something a little different. We have an EP premiere from I Break Horses!

Following much acclaim for their new album Chiaroscuro, Maria Linden’s I Break Horses have now enlisted an illustrious cast of artists to rework songs from the album that will make up their new Remix EP, the premiere of which can be found below. The list of artists includes East India Youth, Clarence Clarity, The Horrors’ Tom Furse, The Field and Tim Gane of Stereolab. Check out more of I Break Horses through iTunes!

Music Monday: April 7, 2014

No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

Chrome Sparks - Goddess
This is a spiraling, dizzying new one from Chrome Sparks. It encompasses the ambiguity of the seasons right now here in Philadelphia. Is it spring? Because I can't tell. Anyway, "Goddess" is a tune. Good for late night drives. If this one is for you, check out this and this

Strand of Oaks - Goshen '97
This one should be set up slightly. There's this wave that seems very strong at the moment of Springsteen-esque feel-good tunes. This is one of them. (Also worthy of calling out for this feeling is The War On Drugs new record.)

Tala - The Dutchess
This is killer. Fans of Jai Paul and Hemsworth will like this one a lot. Make sure to also check out Ben Khan. AIRHORN SOUND EFFECT, Y'ALL.

Lone - 2 Is 8
You know what? 2 IS 8. Lone, you always are the guy. 

Mirror Kisses - Genius
Nice '80s pop vibe from Mirror Kisses. Really wonderful full sound and nice Ian Curtis vocals. The track remind me a lot of Var (War, Iceage).

Music Monday: March 31, 2014

No more Monday morning excuses! Stop staring at the clock and start your work week out right with five hand-picked songs from our music stylist, Corbin, who wants to fill your brainwaves with summer-ready sounds and auditory illusions.

WOODS - With Light And With Love
What a wonderful nine minutes here from WOODS. This is the title track from the forthcoming LP due out April 15. This tune has an updated '70s blues thing happening: It's chill but still makes you want to move. These tracks are nice if you want to focus on one thing for a minute or two, for instance, the bass, all the little accents and stuff coming together for the bigger sound. This is super cool and totally summer ready.

Colours - You Can't See Me
The Australian born, London-based band Colours has a sick industrial shoegaze happening here. Some parts are so jarring while others all smoothed out and glimmering. This track reminds me of a more trip-hoppy track that saw MM ages ago, here. "You Can't See Me" is full of ups and downs and is also, totally, completely waiting for the summer. 

Francis Inferno Orchestra - G.A.B.O.S
This third track is so smooth and nice. This has the vibe of The Field, but with more of a broken four on the floor, which is becoming The Thing—mainly because of people like John Talabot, Ryan Hemsworth, and Jacques Greene.  It's kind of like an optical illusion, but an "auditory" illusion. Regardless this is super cool. 

Yumi Zouma - It Feels Good To Be Around You (ft. Air France)
I don't know where to begin here... So Air France is a staple in Swedish Balaeric pop. Check out the explanation behind this cover. Man this is interesting. And listen to the original here

Fennesz - Static Kings
This track has a delicate half in/half out sound. It's soothing, but still not there totally, which is nice. It sounds like if they did bring in a full sound with drums and all the classic elements, the internet would explode. Very nice Monday tune, since it's super gloomy in Philadelphia. 

Music Monday: March 24, 2014

Even though it may snow tomorrow [insert Charlie Brown "AUUUUUGH" here], we're still in full-blown spring mode over here. And just because winter is knockin' on our door again doesn't mean we're going to pack up our sunny weather vibes. This week, we've got a fresh batch of new tunes to keep everyone groovin' well into April. Corbin

Cyril Hahn - Getting There
Oh, y'know, just a killer dance floor-filler from Cyril Hahn. If Cyril Hahn is a new name for you, check out this and this

Ben Khan - Youth
Ben Khan, veteran Music Monday super producer, has another one for us. This one really utilizes a classic break sample and a wider vocal. What a great, great track. It's kind of insane. It has that '80s romantic aura.

Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants
New track from Ten Walls. If you're unfamiliar with Ten Walls, they have the enigmatic Gotham as well as the minimal but solid Requiem. They're all very epic and drawn out, in a good way. The backing string section in this one draws me in.

Pattern Is Movement - Climb To Me
This track has that new-wave college vibe to it. It's reminiscent of the late '90s college jam sound, but updated with new sounds and arrangements. Pattern Is Movement have an extensive tour planned that you can check out on their Soundcloud page. 

Timber Timbre - Curtains!?
This makes me think of Nick Cave. Anyone remember the scene in Scream when they are showing the town with a curfew and they play Nick Cave?

Music Monday: March 17, 2014

SXSW may be done, but that doesn't mean we are! To fill the void of the around-the-clock sounds of Austin (and the bajillion tacos that were consumed during the past two weeks), we cooked up a fresh batch of songs to kick off the official start of festival season AND the first week of spring. Yes, it's the beginning of another long work week, but by typical Monday standards, this is one that's totally worth celebrating! Corbin

Tirzah - No Romance
Greco-Roman, you've done it again, with a killer chill new track from Tirzah, taken from the forthcoming No Romance EP out April 21. 

Oliver Wilde - Play & be Saved
Another fantastic track from Oliver Wilde! While Music Monday has heard another Oliver Wilde track some time ago, this one is a bit harder and less Radio Dept. I'm looking foward to this album: The stinging guitars with the soft pillowy vocals sound really, really good. 

DJ DJ Booth - C U L8r
Activia Frenz Vol. 1 comes out March 17 and so far all of the previews of this compilation are great. This selection is bouncy, along the lines of Cashmere Cat and Arnold—and with a great artist name to boot.

Jacques Greene - No Excuse
Jacques, the now veteran broken beat dance producer, doesn't need to make any excuses for his music. This song is off his forthcoming EP on LuckyMe Records, which we're big fans of over here. This is one label we're staying "Faithful" to.

Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)
Here's Cid Rim's take on Sky's big hit of last year "You're Not The One." If you dig it, we recommend you follow it up with "Draw," another one of our favorite remixes by the artist.

Music Monday: March 10, 2014

Here are five of our favorite tracks for this week, bringing us from Monday all the way to Friday! If these don't get you dancing, then check your pulse because you might be dead. Corbin

Phoenix - SOS In Bel Air (Ariel Pink's Krystal Bamboo Remix)

The always surprising and low-key Ariel Pink puts his spin on a Phoenix track. This track is really chill and has that cool '50s vibe that Ariel Pink is known for. Good way to start off the week. 

T. Williams & Shadow Child - Want You To
This is one of those "finger-gun" songs. Both of these dudes are veterans, and thanks to these two, some of the best UK bass/house tracks in recent years have been produced. Check out T Williams - Three Letters, and Shadow Child - 23. You've been warned. You may want to save this until Friday at like 4:30pm.

Holiday Sidewinder - Carousel
Solid pop track. All around good sound and everything is executed properly. 

Wild Beasts - Wanderlust (The Field Remix)
This is The Field remixing Wild Beasts. This one speaks for itself. As a bonus, here is a track that was a remix of The Field by Sonn. The Field creates an almost mechanical sound that is amazingly therapeutic. 

Lil Spook - Without U (Prod. Greaf)
Take a spin on this one and see what's good. This one is along the same lines as Yung Lean for me.

Music Monday: March 3, 2014

Today feels like the perfect Monday to reference this soundbite from SNL, because "Mondays! Boy, I hate Mondays! They make me-eee so steamed" is exactly what I am feeling on this snow-filled nightmare of a day. But since that clip is only 20 seconds long, here are five other real tunes to keep you from thinking about the fact that it is March and winter is the worst. Corbin

Rodrigo Amarante - Hourglass

Whoa, this is a good one. This has a '90s thing happening and it's just all over the place goodness. Rodrigo Amarante's recent LP Cavalo is definitely something you'll want to check out. 

Boy In A Movie - Change You
Soft and subtly moving deep-groove track here. The vocals are well-placed. Plus, Boy In A Movie is definitely along the lines of Tycho and Odesza, two of our favorites over here. 

Movement - Like Lust
Movement made noise with their last single "Us" a few months ago. This new single proves they're going to be around for some time. 

aamourocean - Yuntekkem
TUNE. This one doesn't need much explanation. Wowzers.

Vindata - Bad Dreams
Nice trap Rnb song here. This one's got that classic bed spring sound every once in a while, but we love this track for all its NRG.

Music Monday: February 24, 2014

If you only listen to one song this morning, make sure you make it "The Invisible Woman" by Woody and Pip. I'm seriously obsessed with this song. It made my Monday so much better, and when it picks up at the end, it will have you seriously dancing in your seat. Corbin

Black Atlass - Burning Man

"Burning Man" was played at the Ray Ban Boiler Room by Jacques Greene last year at Pitchfork, and now we have the fully produced track. Black Atlass recently released his Young Bloods EP, and with help from XXX, "Burning Man" became a definite stand-out track. Check out the rest of the tunes here.

Woody and Pip - The Invisible Woman
This was a perfect way to start my Monday, to be honest. Stumbling upon a track/artist like this is the bomb. Check this one out and head over to their Soundcloud to check out their other track that incorporates Spanish singing. It's a big one. 

Factory Floor - How You Say (Daniel Avery Remix)
Daniel Avery has provided us with a precise, deep remix. It slugs along, with wonderful ins and outs to keep us guessing. This is a chiller, but it's also a banger. 

Krane - Too Cute
Trap/Rnb loveliness from Krane here. Apparently this track didn't make it onto his EP, which we're looking forward to. 

Your Friend - Tame One
Shoegaze is here to stay.

Music Monday: February 17, 2014

Boy, have we got some jams for you this morning! You're going to have a bit of trouble sitting still at your desk, so just let it happen: Bop your head, tap your feet and air guitar the first half-hour of the day away! Corbin

Todd Osborn - 5thep

Just give this a listen and try to stay in your seat. If you're not in a seat, get nuts. TUNE.

Odesza - Sun Models feat. Madelyn Grant
Odesza, the chill-wave meets driven-trap bounce artist, has a killer new tune here. What makes this stand out even more than his already killer Summer's Gone LP is the vocal integration. Hopefully this new tune is an indicator that more is on the horizon. 

Gardens & Villa - Bullet Train
Here's a nice and poppy indie RnB tune from Secretly Canadian. This is the kind of track that really makes you look into the full-length. Luckily their Dunes LP is consistent with this goodness.

Todd Terje - Delorean Dynamite
As usual, Todd Terje has churned out a super rad nu-disco/funk gem. This thing rolls on and on in the best way possible. If you haven't yet checked out his Essential Mix from last year, now's your chance. It's like this but two hours long.

Kappa Kavi - Yami - No - Kami
This one is for the Hemsworth and Cashmere fans. This track is a good example of the glowy, stuttering, pitched vocal thing that's happening in music lately. The end really makes you want a drop, and the whole thing is on point.

Music Monday: February 10, 2014

Our Music Monday post is totally special this week, because we've got an exclusive track to premiere from White Rainbow titled "Be the Dancer, Be the Dreamer." After grooving to that one, make sure to check out our other favorites from this week, too. Corbin

White Rainbow - Be the Dancer, Be the Dreamer

Here's our exclusive premiere! White Rainbow has released countless albums, and his upcoming album THRU. U is full of killer trap-influenced and washed out RnB/indie sounds. This track "Be the Dancer, Be the Dreamer" is a wonderful seven minutes of bounce and layers. There isn't a dull moment between the vocal loop and dreaming swirling synths. You can purchase THRU. U on Bandcamp digitally and on vinyl.

Jamie XX & Four Tet - Seesaw
Reading the title of this should be a clear indication of the quality level of this collab. "Seesaw" is a deep, bumpy movement, tied together with gorgeous Burial-esque vocals. This is an unreleased rip, and we're really looking forward to the official release in March. Let this one take you away. 

Windy & Carl - I Walked Alone
This slowed down dreamer is reminiscent of the glo-fi tracks from 2012. And it also reminds me of Nico. There's a lot of Nico vibes in here. Somber but still uplifting.

Giraffage - Nikki She Needs My Love (The Dream)
Giraffage decided to remix the entire Love Hate album by The Dream. This one is full of club-ready bangers, and it's a good summary of the remix album. At a time when Rnb Trap is under slight fire because of its massive presence in underground and Top 40 alike, this is a nice reminder of why it is where it is.

Yumi Zouma - The Brae
Here's a wonderful indie chiller to stay warm this Monday morning.


Music Monday: February 3, 2014

We're welcoming in the month of February with five new tracks. Check 'em out below. Corbin

Beat Culture - Shibuya (feat. KID A)

Beat Culture had the pretty amazing "Orange" last year, and this new one from Beat Culture comes with the wonderful vocals of KID A. From the start, the vocals make you think Bjork, but with a 2014 update. This is a late night chiller for sure.

Cam'ron & A-Trak - Humphrey 
This is pretty self-explanatory. Party Supplies, the tag-team behind the production of this banger, is really killing it these days. (Both of Action Bronson's Blue Chips have amazing production.) This has a lot of straight rips and flips that we've all heard come from our parents' old school living room speaker system.

Cash + David - Funn
This song is perfect for this snowy morning. (Hey, East Coast) This track starts off as a super chill, slow jam, right until you hit around the minute point and things get their legs. Great example of where this kind of music can go. Kind of Memoryhouse-ish, no?

Emma Shaheen - Saving Grace
The first ten seconds of this sound exactly like the beginning of Bjork's "Unravel." This is another vocal chiller. Check it out.

R L M D L - Bilingual 
Radio Dept, anyone? This is like a more electronically driven Radio Dept, pretty much all the way. But it's great. Really, really great.

Music Monday: January 27, 2014

This week we've got some new tunes from Ghost Culture, Lorca, Tone Ra and more. Check them out below! Corbin

Ghost Culture - Guidecca (Edit)

This track makes me go "whoaaaa." It's really hard to know where to start with this one, but it's definitely gonna be in your head for a hot minute. It reminds me of Disintegration (the track, not the album).

Lorca - Naoko
Really on point house track here. It's one of those tracks where patience matters. It's heavy but bouncy and creates a sort of trance. These new deep house tracks are chill, technical, and remind me of everything Dusky does. (And sort of similarly, Lxury.)

Braxton/Palmer - I Did Something Wrong
This track is monster. Generally we try not to group up two tracks with hardly any vocals, but this seemed to flow well. Again, this is the kind of chill and technical deep house mentioned earlier with Naoko. This track really shines at the end. It's insane.

Tone Ra - Say Something
Here's Tone Ra doing a wonderful flip of Christina Aguilera vocals that I've never heard before. The vocal line sounds a lot like FKA Twigs - Water Me. This is a slow one, but pretty and pleasant. 

Surf Club - Until Then
I'm getting a rad, "'80s indie pop" vibe from "Until Then." Vocals are in a great spot, and the whole thing is upbeat and very present. It kind of makes you think of the new Washed Out record. Or even Sun Airway.

Music Monday: January 20, 2014

Here are five new songs to start your week off right (and to hopefully keep you warm through Polar Vortex 2.0). Enjoy! Corbin

King Krule - Easy Easy (20syl Remix)

20syl has done a wonderful flip of Archie's "Easy Easy." It has a nice Ta-ku bounce, and provides a nice new perspective on the song. This particular remix reminds me a lot of Oisima - Everything About Her (Ta-ku Remix).

O'Kobbo - Only Thing To Do
This track is gentle, and seems really perfect for this time of year. The end is really a stand out for me. Looking forward to hearing more from O'Kobbo.

Jamies Bea - Right Away
Is this Jai Paul? Good question, right?

Very interesting new piece from Innovative Leisure. It's hard to put your finger on the sounds in this, but it's kind of jammy, kind of dancey, and kind of Bonobo-ish. This jazz trio from Toronto are onto something. 

Casino Times - Principles
And finally, here's a deep house number to seal the deal on this Music Monday. It won't be hard to get into this one. 

Music Monday: January 13, 2014

This week, our favorite tunes include anthemic pop and some always appreciated saxophone. Check out our other faves below. Corbin

A Sunny Day In Glasgow - In Love With Useless (The Timeless Geometry In The Tradition Of Passing)

This is a tune. In the beginning you may be wondering if your speakers, and/or internet connecting is timing out, but don't be alarmed. It's just the awesomeness of A Sunny Day In Glasgow. This is a feel-good, lo-fi tune, the kind of track that really makes spring seem right around the corner.

White Rainbow - Batman Palace
The title of this track may have been adapted from that time a dude in a Batman costume climbed onto Buckingham Palace. But however it came to be, this track is great, and the vocal is very reminiscent of Washed Out. The stuttered hi-hats in this are great, too. Overall, an awesome tune, which shows why it's going to be a single from the full-length White Rainbow has coming in February. 

Misun - Nothing Else
Wonderful anthemic pop tune here from Misun. This track is great, because it perfectly melds acoustic instruments and computer-made music. Solid anthem here.

Cashmere Cat - Untitled
Not much to say about this one. Turn it up really loud. Starrrr st starrrr starrrsss.

Henry Andres - Thanya (Saxo Edit)
Killer deep house track here with some perfectly placed saxophone throughout. And bonus, it reminds me of the Joe Hertz track Music Monday saw a couple weeks ago.

Music Monday: January 6, 2014

Did everyone already give up on their New Year's resolutions? Us too. Exercise is hard. But don't worry, we'll never give up on Music Mondays. Here's five new tunes for you! To either work out to or, you know, not. Corbin

Breezy Lovejoy - P.Y.P (Mr. Carmack Edit)

Mr. Carmack, a veteran dream trap producer, has put his own spin on P.Y.P. This track is super danceable, and has a full spectrum of greatness and surprises. This is the kind of track that makes you wish Soundcloud had a repeat button. 

School - SoLong
'80s innocence is at the heart of this killer track. This is the debut track from School, and I'm really looking forward to more of this. It's like John Maus and Molly Nilsson made a track together. There's a great bass sound, and a great vocal presence. 

Lone - Dream Ache
Here's a new super sultry chiller from none other than Lone. There's not a whole lot to say about this track other than it's Lone. Definitely worth a listen.

Favela - Easy Yoke
This is a great RnB tune from Favela, and it's a perfect tune for some post-holidays relaxing time. It gives the listener a nice vulnerable feeling.

Mise - Eclipses; eyelashes
This tune has a shoegaze vibe to it, but also holds a '90s grittiness. Halfway through, you may be tricked into thinking you're listening to a Nico track. This is a really good one.

Music Monday: December 30, 2013

Our last Music Monday of the year, just in time for New Year's Eve. Hope everyone has enjoyed our Music Monday reboot this year, and we'll see you in 2014! Corbin

Disclosure - F For You (Rejeeected Remix)

Hemsworth has done it again. This remix was originally dropped at this past Pitchfork Festival, and if you haven't checked out the RyanPack V1, you should. It's a good collection of Ryan's remixes and flips.

The Smiths - This Charming Man (Skream's Heart Wrenching Ballads Remix)
Ever since Skream linked up to form Magnetic Man and dropped the track Flying Into Tokyo, it's been a mystery as to when we would get to hear more of this side of Skream. This track provides some insight into that mystery. They took a classic song and did something very interesting with it.

The Boy & Sister Alma - It's You
This track has a nice epic feel to it. It's reminiscent of Cock and Swan, a past Music Monday track. This track is bigger sonically than Cock and Swan, and finishes nicely  with strings and moving vocal wisps. It's a pretty killer tune. 

Flecs - Portmanteau
At first glance this track may seem like a run of the mill deep house/tech house tune, but give it a few listens and the depth of what's happening starts to set in. The breakdown at the end is on point. 

Oscar Key Sung - All I Could Do
UK Garage-y vibe, a nice RnB vocal hook, and overall good energy in this one. Looking forward to hearing more from Oscar.

Music Monday: December 23, 2013

Holiday week already stressing you out? Here are some tunes to help chill you out.
Casino Gold - All I Need

"All I Need" is a track from the Casino Gold All I Need EP, released today! This is a super killer house tune/floor filler. It has a feel-good vibe to it, and all the right elements of a high energy dance tune. It is the first track on the new Magician Magic Tape 38, and what better way to start out a mixtape? Casino Gold is a duo from LA, and the B side to this EP is just as killer. For more dance goodies, check out their Facebook.

Tip Toes - So Much
From the looming, looping string sample, to the fluffy backing beat, and well-placed vocals, this track is great. Tip Toes is Sam Nobles, one half of the duo Mean Lady. Mean Lady recently put out a full-length on Fat Possum. "So Much" is off of the Nieces EP, released December 3rd. This track is perfect if you like the chill wave vibes of Washed Out. Great tune, Sam.

AraabMUZIK - BlackOut
Veteran MPC handler AraabMUZIK just released two goodies that will be on his forthcoming LP. The trap wonderfulness coming out of Araab these days is insane. Heavy instrumentals, with the signature "You are now listening to AraabMUZIK." Everything about the beats he's been doing has been a bouncy joy. 

Clams Casino - Youforia (Mac Miller Instrumental)
A third installment of the Clams Casino Instrumental tapes was released last week. Need I say more?

Last Lynx - Lacuna
Wonderful Scandinavian indie-pop track from Last Lynx. This track is light and has an amazing hook. Look forward to more coming from Last Lynx in January.

Music Monday: December 16, 2013

Sure, it's Tuesday, but we did our Best Of Music Mondays yesterday, so we decided to save this Music Monday for a very special, day late Tuesday treat. Enjoy! —Corbin

Burial - Hiders

Come Down To Us.

headaches - Snacks
This is a chill house tune from Landon Speers. It has a warm vibe, perfect for the freezing cold. This song is light and repetitive - great to get lost in for a few minutes. 

Nate Connelly - You Echo
Nate Connelly has the sultry post-RnB thing going on in a real way. This track is slow and soulful, and you get pulled through it by Nate's well-placed vocals. Nate has released a bunch of different stuff recently, all on his Soundcloud page.

Northern American - Wander
This track has a college feel to it, and the percussion break in the middle is pretty awesome. This is reminiscent of early Bloc Party, and, of course, Vampire Weekend. (Vampire Weekend owns the term "college indie rock.")

Round - Glass
This track has been haunting me since the John Talabot DJ-Kicks hit a few weeks ago. It may be the best track on there, but there's no information on it whatsoever. Maybe it's Burial? Maybe it's Jai Paul? Maybe it's Yeezus? We'll have to wait and see.

Music Monday: Best of 2013

These are our favorite tracks from our new, relaunched Music Mondays. And they aren't in any particular order, either, because they're all great! —Corbin