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Arcade Fire: "Afterlife"

"Afterlife, oh my God, what an awful word," sings Win Butler on the new Arcade Fire tune, getting super deep and making us think as usual, and simultaneously making us dance at the same time. The video is comprised of the song's lyrics and footage from an old film called Black Orpheus, which manages to totally depict the song's story. Very impressive! Arcade Fire's new record Reflektor is out next week on October 29th. Maddie

Vinna Laudico

When my everyday struggles make me want to get whisked away to a whimsical world, I rely on photographer Vinna Laudico to take me there.  Her dream-like photos take me away to a simplistic universe where flowers, flowing hair and mysterious lands rule the realm, and you can become anyone you want to be.  Can I stay there forever, please? –Ally

'LSD' by Benoit Paille

Montreal-based photographer Benoit Paillé explains on his Flickr page that his series LSD is "a meditation about the holism of nature surrounding me.” Like the title suggests, the series was made after Benoit dropped acid in the woods, lit candles and took four-minuite exposure photos, making a beautiful series of photos that make me want to get out of the city and set up somewhere along the woods now! Breathtaking. - Jennilee

Grimes "Genesis"

How in the hell do I get to join Grimes' posse?  I'm totally willing dress in full rave, carry around dangerous weapons, and look as innocent as a kindergartener.  This chick gets cooler by the week and it doesn't seem like she's stopping anytime soon. "Genesis" is by far my favorite video of Claire's yet, and I'm psyched to see what she's going to come out with next (including her next hairdo). -Ally

Norwegian Wood Psych Out Thigh Highs

Everyone knows and loves Norwegian Wood's Angie Johnson for basically inventing the cage skirt but have you seen her Psych Out faux thigh highs?! I've only just discovered them and love the sneaky way she finally made a pair of thigh highs that won't fall down! (Not to mention the amazing fabrics she choses.) If I were you I'd grab them fast! X - Jen

Grimes Pussy Rings

WTF, Grimes is one of the coolest chicks ever.  Above are a preview of her jewelry collaboration with Montreal designer Morgan Black.  Girl power !

Grimes "Oblivion"

Major girl crush alert! Watch the pink-haired Claire Boucher bounce around dancing in some crazy sweet outfits in Grimes new video for "Oblivion" and try not to fall in love.  For those of you in Austin next week, don't miss her preforming live at our UO store (2406 Guadalupe Street) on Saturday, March 17 at 6pm!

Mac DeMarco "She's Really All I Need"

Dear Mac DeMarco,

Will you please be our best friend?  We want to lay on green-screen beaches with you, play air instruments together, and do silly dances all night long.  We want to be really all you need.  Just don't invite that guy at the end of the video to come, okay?

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Yard 666 Sale

Yard 666 Sale is the best thing we've seen all day.  We don't know what we love more: the outfits, the models or the backgrounds.  We're going to just stalk their Tumblr until we figure it out.

Sofia Ajram

We are really digging these dream-like black and white poster-sized prints by one of our Flickr Favorites, Sofia Ajram.


Audrey Cantwell, owner of one of our favorite online vintage shops, Tarantula Sisters, has created her own amazing womenswear line called Ovate.  With inspiration coming from '80s and '90s grunge, goth, and punk, we wouldn't expect her line to be anything less than awesome.

Olivia Mew Scarves

Artist Olivia Mew is selling these adorable handkerchiefs and scarves at the Montreal craft fair Puces Pop on September 24th and 25th. She'll also be selling them online afterwards. I'm not sure I could dry my eyes with something that beautiful. - Hazel

Majical Cloudz "Dream World"

Absolutely awesome video for Majical Cloudzs song "Dream World (ft. Grimes.)" Colors and swirls and flowers galore! You can download the band's first album "Majical Cloudz II" for free or with donation here at Arbutus Records. - Hazel


This blue velvet turban from BlackMarketBaby makes us want to shout "Turban, we love you!" Or something like that...

Spotlight On: Covet

On the list of things not to lust after: your best friend's guy, an over-priced black dress and french fry-mozarella stick-cheesteak-filled sandwiches (yes, they exist).   Instead, make the object of your desire Covet, a beautiful line of clothing that's seriously smart too.

Founded in 2004 in Montreal, the line of Japanese-inspired jackets, dresses, shirts and pants is made out of sustainable materials like organic soybean blend and bamboo cottons, a method of construction that reduces the wastes involved with making synthetic fabrics.   The slim silhouettes peppered with elegant cuts and draping make it kind of hard to justify buying anything not made with the Earth in mind. 

Shop Covet

Arcade Fire "The Suburbs"

To create the music video for "The Suburbs," Arcade Fire collaborated with director Spike Jonze (the band lent their song "Wake Up" to the trailer for Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are last year). The video is a nostalgic look at a rambling and carefree day in the life of some 15-year-olds...until things go horribly wrong. (Via Pitchfork)

Spotlight on: Unbranded Denim

Unbranded is the brand with "no branding; no washes; no embroidery; no ad campaigns; no celebrities." Created by denim-fanatic Brandon Svarc, Unbranded is made with 14.5 oz selvedge denim that's woven on old-school shuttle looms and can't be mass-produced. "Denim is in my blood," Svarc says. "My family has been in this industry for over 58 years. I started Unbranded as a concept to provide 'product value' to the consumer. I think it’s silly that people have to pay for all the branding, advertising, etc., when they buy a pair of jeans. So with Unbranded, we decided to be exactly the opposite of all the bullshit in the industry. We won’t sell 'glamour' or 'design' or 'celebrities'... just jeans."

Shop Unbranded.

Chromeo "Hot Mess"

Robert Palmer meets Reno 911.

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

"As every life is unique so is every story, so it would be a fallacy to say that any is more unique than the next...but sometimes that fallacy is hard to deny."  Take a visual trip with Freshjive founder Rick Klotz's collection of photographs documenting 21 years of his life, from his porn star friends to corporate lawsuits to his father's death.  Check it out tonight at Off the Hook and tomorrow at NRML.  

Ice-T Shot Me In The Face

From the Secondhand Projects, Ice-T shot me in the face collects some of Luke Fox's best writing about hip-hop in interviews with Jay-Z, El-P, Ludacris, Kanye West and more.