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Ines Estrada's "Ojitos Borrosos"

One of my favorite comic illustrators, Inés Estrada, has released a compilation book, Ojitos Borrosos, that comprises all of her best comics from 2008 to present day. Filled with imaginative and funny stories about talking animals and Estrada's own day-to-day life, Ojitos Borrosos is a beautiful and creative collection of comics. - Hazel

Just in Case Survival Kit

So, the world is supposed to end December 21st, right? Luckily for all of us, Mexican design company Menosunocerouno has created a beautiful looking survival kit that includes everything from black matches to cinnamon-laced dark chocolate. The end never looked so neat and organized! - Hazel

Goodbye Folk

Goodbye Folk sells custom handmade shoes from Mexico. All of their shoes look beautiful, especially their brogues, but these leopard Beatle boots are driving me crazy! They're so good! - Hazel

Mexicana by Old Gringo

From Paris by way of Mexico, I'm so obsessed with these Mexicana by Old Gringo boots! Inspired by O.G. classics, it's no wonder they look so good. Really though, I need another pair of boots like I need a hole in the head, but who could possibly resist when they look this good? X - Jen

Straight To Hell

Totally excited to announce that classic punk film Straight To Hell has just landed itself on Hulu! Oh yes! The stars of this film are none other than the late great Joe Strummer and one Ms. Courtney Love, so, you know, enjoy! X - Jen

Our Exquisite Corpse Beaded Skulls

These Beaded Skulls by Our Exquisite Corpse were made along with the Huichol people from the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico.  Each skull is unique, with different shapes, colors, and patterns from the Huichol culture.  All we can say is, "Wow."


Ever since Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, when the kids slept in the circular holes of a Lego, we've always wanted to do the same.  The Tubohotel finally gives us that opportunity, with hotel rooms designed in the shape of a tube.  Luckily, they include queen sized beds and there's no threat of giant bugs attacking in the middle of the night.

Inechi Sticker Giveaway

Mexican artist Inés Estrada is known for her brightly colored illustrations and comics that typically feature woodland creatures and other animals. On September 2nd she will randomly select one person who has re-blogged this tumblr post and will award them three of her sticker packs. Her stickers are insanely cool, so this is a dream win! - Hazel

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga Lamps

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga combines her love of Victorian interiors and bike culture by making chandeliers entirely out of recycled bike parts, including gears, chains and brake pedals.  

Golden Ponies

Awesome oxfords, handmade in Guadalajara. 

Burn Ride

Burn Ride is a documentary about guys like Steve Berra skating Mexico City while they're literally on fire.  There are some hot boys in this video. Really, really hot. 

Teamo Morrissey Shirt

YES! This Teamo Morrissey shirt made exclusively for Bona Drag made me smile so big. What could be better than this? Stop trying to track down those old Smiths and Moz tee's and just buy yourself this one. It'll look even better all dirty when you haven't taken it off for two weeks straight. X - Jen

Chinga Whatever

Chinga Whatever is a limited-edition zine of drawings by Mexico City-based duo Café con Leche. Fact #1: There's an ice cream cone on the cover. Fact #2: Every single drawing is frame-worthy.

Quiero Posh

Among the many things they do well in Mexico: cupcakes.  Here's a new cupcake collection from Quiero Posh. ¡Que delicia!

World of Paper

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in world made entirely out of paper? Flammable, for one thing. Everything in the video except the doors, shirts and the bed were made by CrudeLadies.

Ethel Verduzco

Ethel Verduzco's photography is rich in color and fun, and in this self-portrait, she shows that she's just as intriguing as her models. (Via Antler Mag.)

Marvin Y Queztal

Marvin y Quetzal

Marvin Y Queztal are a design duo who studied in Montreal and Venezuela respectively, but returned home to crank out crazy, neon-tipped costumes.

Knit Bus Cover

Knit Bus Cover

We actually wouldn't mind waiting for this bus. (Via Knithacker.)