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UO Creative Grant: Samuel Michael Casebolt

It may have taken Samuel Casebolt only one day to pitch his idea for our UO Creative Grant, but he's been working on the concept for years. Here we speak with the artist about his background in film, his love of the great unknown, and the plot for his winning concept, Hell's Belles, up today on his Kickstarter!

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background!
My name is Samuel Michael Casebolt and I live in Oakland, CA, working in downtown San Francisco as a display artist for Urban Outfitters. I have worked as a production designer for a couple of feature films by Ben Wolfinsohn, one of which, called High School Record, made it into the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. I've also produced and directed four other features, a music video for The Mae Shi, and the short Goodbye Sun, which I released in 2012.

Where did you go to school?
I went to the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia, CA. and got a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. I worked in many mediums including painting, drawing, and sculpture, and was showing in galleries around L.A. almost once a month for a while. 

How did you get involved in filmmaking?
Although I was making so much art, I honestly felt a bit limited. Films just seemed more visceral and really had the power to move me. While it is true that art and film are meant to convey different types of things to a viewer, I never felt that way standing in a gallery and I really wanted to. I began making skateboard videos and abstract art videos with semi-plots on a camcorder and editing on betacam cassettes. Over time, my films began having more and more story driven premises, although I still feel like film is another extension of the art I've always done. In fact, I always make paintings to prepare for and capture the tone of my films.

So, tell us about the UO Creative Grant contest!
I have been working on the concept for the film Hell's Belles for five or six years and was finishing another film, Goodbye Sun, which is kind of a sequel to Hell's Belles. When UO announced that they were giving a grant to someone who needed funding for a project, I was all over it. I had the concept fairly fleshed out and the thought occurred to me to make a trailer for a crowd-sourcing campaign to raise money for the feature film. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but Urban Outfitters announced the contest on a Tuesday and required submissions by THAT Friday! My first thought was, "Forget it. That's not enough time." But I realized, "This is what everyone else will think, too, which might give me a better chance!"

With this in mind, I made a video proposal in one night, sent it in, and ended up winning! I received $1500 and three weeks paid time off, which paid for most of the wardrobe, props, travel, and food for actors. Everyone else donated their time and efforts for the project, which was amazing! I spent the three weeks off editing, organizing and shooting scenes for the trailer.  

What is Hell's Belles about?
Set in the 1970s, Hell's Belles is a mockumentary about the 4444 Cult, which consisted of four women that had left society to live in the desert and then disappeared. The women had attempted to control reality with their minds in a series of exercises or "spells" to manifest objects and life forms, travel through space and time, and possibly transcend the physical realm altogether. Evidence of their abilities, which they believed all humans are capable of, was found in the form of photographs, film reels and other various objects, locked in a trunk on the bottom of the ocean. In Hell's Belles, scientists and other experts analyze the footage and eyewitness accounts of terrifying encounters in the desert, leading the filmmaker to take an expedition to the desert to find the church.

What inspired you?
I was inspired by regular trips to Joshua Tree National Park with friends. It's easy to come up with crazy stories when you are surrounded by interesting people in that environment. It would be harder to come up with a boring idea there. I am totally fascinated with physics and science and how it could be used to explain the mysteries of existence, which is partially what this film is attempting to do. I have also been inspired by UFO and Bigfoot documentaries as a kid, most specifically in this case by a film called Overlords of the UFO ( I love their dead serious delivery of "facts" about UFOs that are just silly at times, but still intriguing to watch).

What are your…

Top five films of all time?
This is a really difficult question to answer because there are so many films that I put in the flawless category, which don't get sorted from best to worst. They are untouchable, but I think lovability is as important as the avant garde. There is something to be said for a film that can make you love a character, whether it's a Disney film or a Criterion Collection film.  The Shining, Rushmore, Pulp Fiction, American Graffiti, and Boogie Nights stand out to me as films that have a lot of both.

Top five actors?
Sorry I can't choose five: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson.

What do you want to do in your future? Do you plan on continuing with film? 
I have several films at various stages of production and will continue to find ways to make them happen one way or another because I just feel the need to. I have a haunted house story, a horror film, and a short about the origin of mermaids. I love the challenge of making my thoughts become reality. It's something I am really passionate about. 

When does Hell's Belles come out? Give us all the details!
I don't have a release date for Hell's Belles the feature. I will have to make a plan for shooting once I know what the budget will be. Possibly as far off as 2016.

What's the number one reason we should watch your film?
It will be pretty funny.

Make sure to check out Samuel's Kickstarter page to help make this film happen!

UO DIY: Spring It On

Wish List: Spring Equinox

The first day of spring (which is today if you’re in the Northern hemisphere) is kind of like nature’s version of New Year’s Day. The trees are finally starting to blossom. The days are getting longer. The nights are getting warmer. It’s also the time of year that most people feel compelled to spring clean and start fresh, which is quite fitting considering the Vernal Equinox (as it’s formally called) represents new beginnings. It’s been celebrated as such since ancient times when our ancestors threw huge revelries to bless the freshly planted seeds for the coming year’s harvest. It’s also the end of the astrological year as Pisces moves into Aries, so in essence, nature and the cosmos are perfectly set-up to help you let go of the old and make space for the new. With that in mind, we created a simple ritual to make the most of this magical season.Madeline Giles

You Will Need
Two crystals
Journal and pen

1. Light candle, take a deep breath and relax. You might want to put on a playlist of songs that make you feel inspired. (I recommend Pure Bathing Culture for ultimate relaxation grooves.)

2. At the top of your journal page write a statement of positive intention. (I like: “I ask for this or something better for the highest good of all concerned.”) Then, begin writing what you would like to manifest. If you feel inspired to write in a list format, begin each sentence with: “I am easily finding myself _______.”

3. When you feel complete, reread the list – and do your best to imagine yourself engaging in these activities. If you feel like you can’t possibly imagine it, then go for a walk and come back to the ritual. It’s important to be in a peaceful and imaginative state when writing your intentions.

4. Imagine all your desires being soaked up into the two crystals in front of you. Know that you don’t have to “do” anything to make this happen. Simply setting the intention will allow it to happen.

5. Find a spot outside where you can safely dig a tiny hole. Bury one of the crystals in the ground. This is symbolic of surrendering your desires to the Earth, while metaphorically “planting” them.

6. Place the other crystal and your list of intentions next to your bed. Reread it at night before you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up. You can refine the list with new intentions as you wish.

Interview: Joe Segal of Pretty Snake

You've seen them on Tumblr, you've seen them on Project Runway and now you can see them all over the Urban Outfitters website! Of course we're talking about the Pretty Snake Crazy Kitty Sweaters! Here we talk to Joe Segal, the designer and man who makes those magical cat prints come to life with fuzzy sweaters and 50,000 (yes I said 50,000) googly eyes a year.

Interview by Ally Mullen

Hi Joe! Introduce yourself with a quick bio!
My name is Joseph Aaron Segal, but you can call me Joe. I'm the creator of the fashion lines Pretty Snake and World of JAS. I grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts and eventually landed in Providence, Rhode Island where my career in textile and fashion design materialized. I work full time designing and making my fashion lines here in Providence as well as teach a computerized knitting design course at Rhode Island School of Design. 

When and how did your first "Crazy Kitty Sweater" happen?
The very first Crazy Kitty Sweater was born while I was working on my MFA in textile design at RISD. I was working on a textile collection inspired by a historical Indian tunic that was part of the RISD Museums Costume and Textiles Collection. I learned that the tunic I looking at was created to ward off the evil eye, and eventually I came to the black cat as a source of inspiration for my project. The Crazy Kitty graphic was originally a tiny painting I made inspired by an old collectible tin full of kitties and then I first knitted it as a wool dress in 2009. When I realized that knitting graphic sweaters affordably was super hard as an emerging designer, I decided to print the cats on pre-existing sweaters and that's when the phenomenon began!

Why cats? Do you have any of your own?
I love cats because they can be cute and loving while also being really weird and mysterious. Somehow, I actually don't have any cats, but my good friend — and only full-time employee — Hannah Abelow, brings her cat Pablo to visit sometimes! I like to think though, if I wasn't surrounded by kitty things all the time, I'd have some real ones.

Do you buy the decorative eyes in bulk at this point? Or are you well known at the craft store for picking them up?
I couldn't believe it, but I completely bought out my first source of cat eyes. Now I import about 50,000 cat eyes a year! 

How many goggly eyes have you ever use on one sweater?
Well, the average sweater has 16-24 eyes, but for one of my looks in my Northern Quilts collection I used about 300 eyes. The I've also made wedge shoes completely covered in kitty eyes!

Since you're known for such a unique item, how do you feel you will branch out in the future to create new, cat-free creations?
I actually have an all new cat-free collection out right now! I used cake icing to create a colorful photo realistic print collection that is available in all sorts of dresses, skirts and leggings. You can find the collection in my web stores (links below!). I'm super excited about my next collection coming out in December: it's inspired by curiosity cabinets.

Sorry we can't help ourselves: give us the dish on Project Runway!
Project Runway was just as crazy as it looks on TV! You have to think fast and be good at working with all sorts of personalities.
1. Your favorite judge: I wasn't expecting to think this, but I thought Heidi Klum was a great judge! She was always surprising me because she really appreciated the more artistic and conceptual approach to fashion design.
2. Most embarrassing moment: I feel like I'm always doing embarrassing things, we even call it "JAS-ing it up" while working at the studio, but somehow I managed to not have a stand-out embarrassing moment. I'm sure if I were to ever go on the show again I'd do some embarrassing things now that I'm comfortable with being on camera.
3. Something we might not know about the show? One of the coolest things about the show that you don't see is that a lot of us are still really close friends! Even a year later, I talk to a bunch of my fellow Season 11 cast mates regularly.

Where else can we find you on the Internet?
WORLD of JAS, Pretty Snake, and on Instagram @prettysnake!

Shop the Pretty Snake One-Of-A-Kind Crazy Kitty Sweaters

Read Your Heart Out: Kim Krans

For this series, we've been reaching out to some of our favorite people to ask for themed book suggestions. We then make those books available for you to purchase online. Easy! What better way to get to know some authors you might have overlooked?

For this installment,
we spoke to Kim Krans, the incredibly talented artist behind The Wild Unknown. In the spirit of the season, we found out what books Kim recommends to keep the mind mystical.
(Photo above by Daniel Arnold)

Kim's choices:

The Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges
"The perfect bedtime book for anyone with a mystical mind. Borges tells the tales of over a hundred magical creatures, the likes of which you’ve never imagined before. My very favorites are the Animals That Live Inside The Mirror. And then there’s the classic tales of the Phoenix, Fairies, Gnomes, and Dragons. Oh but wait… you’ve never heard their stories told like this before."

The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda
"If you want to fall asleep at night and feel like you’re steering the dream wheel (at least a little bit), this is the book for you. Don Juan drops super knowledge on how to be a true 'sorcerer' and walk consciously through the sleeping hours. Believe it or not, your dream life is there for the taking – it’s just a matter of practice."

Shakti Woman by Vicki Noble
"Ladies, its time to get down with the Dark Goddess. Here’s why: Vicki Noble (author of the Motherpeace Tarot) gives us like a million reasons why not acknowledging this force within keeps us from finding inner peace, true creativity, and power. And then she gives us lots of ways to unearth this shakti, allowing it to unfold and brighten our lives. Ladies night book club, here we come."

Dune by Frank Herbert
"For years I made the mistake of thinking this was a sci-fi book for dudes only. Totally wrong. This is the most beautiful, spiritual, and intensely yogic story ever told. I am obsessed. If stranded on a desert island and I had to pick one book, this would be it. It’s wild and otherworldly and will have you sweating and crying at the same time. HBO, will you make a series out of this please?"

Shop The Wild Unknown Tarot

It's Ghost Dating Season:

Are you so over dating human beings? Well, have we found an alternative choice for you!

If you're feeling lonely this mystical month, definitely spend some time on to find the ghoulish partner that is out there for you! Maybe you will bond over your love for Twizzlers or your similar taste in records.

October 2013 is all about finding a steamy ghost lover on the internet who you can really bond with. Who cares about finding a new, real human who will look cute on Instagram in a Halloween costume selfie? As all your friends comment "OMFG! Who is that?", you can just post a picture with your way hotter ghost date.

The best part about dating a ghost is that you can hang out with them whenever, wherever!

Sure, people may think you are talking to yourself in public, but if anyone asks, just casually tell them that your current partner is a ghost and you guys are on a date right now. They'll be sure to understand!


Crystal Growing: Giant Sequoia

After spotting this crystal growing plant pack on our website, we couldn't resist adding it to our bag and checking out! Here, Katie and I followed the directions, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best. Follow these super simple steps with your own pack and get the crazy beautiful results that we got in under 24 hours. Introducing the Giant Sequoia! —Ally

We opened up the crystal growing pack and found all of the ingredients we needed! First, we pulled out a mini sequoia tree that was made of what we're assuming is cardboard, but the "branches" were full of color. The sequoia fits perfectly into a circular tray, which comes along with the directions and a package of CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID!

The directions are simple and informative... probably. We didn't read them, we just went with our instincts. That's what science is all about, right? We suggest following them just in case, but we can't force you to, so just be smart and don't tell Mr. White. (Aw, too soon? We miss you, B.B.)

Next we cut open the CLEAR MAGIC LIQUID and Katie poured it into the tray. Almost instantly, the tree began to soak it up.

Step whatever we're on: LET 'EM GROW! Let those crystals start to form and be patient. I began seeing tiny results after a few hours, but after it hit 5PM I left for the work day, excited at what I'd find the next morning...

TA-DA! Crystals! Beautiful, marshmellow-y crystals had grown all over my (mini) giant sequoia tree! Just look at them...

So cool, right? WARNING: Be careful when moving your tree after the crystals have grown, as they might fall off, causing you to pick them up, squish them in your fingers and get weird magic crystal fluff on your hands. If your skin DOES come in contact with the crystals, wash your skin immediately! Possible outcome if you don't: nothing, tingling feelings, or crystals growing all over your body turning you into a full-on crystal person (think the human tree man but prettier!).

Mystify Your Space

In need of some more mystical vibes in your room or workspace? There's so many magical accessories you can place all around your room to possibly help you channel your inner clairvoyant self! Conjure up the spirits with crystals, candles, terrariums, dream catchers, and plenty of other enchanting little things. Our "Let's Get Mystical" board on Pinterest will make all of your crystal visions come true. Seriously. Maddie

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Magical Thinking Mystic Folk Tapestry

Beci Orpin Dreamcatcher

Mini Mercury Glass Candle

Magical Thinking Star Tabletop Terrarium

Skull Plaque


Paddywax Apothecary Candle

Are You a Cyber Witch?

I can not remember exactly how I stumbled upon this beautiful e-book titled The Cyber Spellbook: Magick In The Virtual World, but I am so glad I did. I mean, witchcraft and the Internet together in one book!? The book outlines the ethics of being a Cyber Witch and how to effectively use the digital world to enhance your spells. I know what you're thinking: how do you know if you are a Cyber Witch? Well, the book explains it all, but start off with this handy quiz:

Another great Cyber Witch tip is to make a "Book of Shadows." It's basically a blog. Actually, it totally is a blog:

I love the one spell that makes sure the emails you send don't get misinterpreted! Need this for when I send too many cryptic emoji that only make sense to me. 

And never forgot to keep some goddesses around with you at all times. Maybe put some pics on your Palm Pilot? Oh how I love you, 2002.

Interview: Marcella Kroll

Marcella Kroll is an extremely magical lady currently based out of Los Angeles who specializes in Tarot, Mediumship, Hypnotism, and much more. Since one of our themes this month is "Crystal Visions," I thought why not talk to someone trained in these fields, to tell us a little bit more about what they do! I had a quick chat with Marcella about how she became interested in this mystical career, what she likes to keep in her workspace, and how she'd like to read Tarot for Cleopatra. Meet Marcella! Maddie

How did you become involved in the field of Tarot, Hypnotism, and Mediumship?
Since I was a little girl I have been mesmerized by magic, ghosts, the unexplainable, ritual, and the occult. I have always been physically sensitive, and started working with Tarot as a teenager. My love with the metaphysical has always been a priority, and I have been lucky to be encouraged by some beautiful souls to do this work full time. It truly is a gift that I am grateful for.

What do you love most about your field?
Helping people discover their strengths and gifts. Watching miracles happen through magic and the unseen. These are a few of my favorite things.

What are a few of your favorite Tarot symbols?
The High Priestess, The Aces, and Death.

Are there any specific crystals, gemstones, or other items you like to collect for your workspace that mean a lot to you?

I have many fetishes or magical objects in my workspace that give me grounding, inspiration, and protection. They all each have their own unique energy. Right now, my favorite is my Himalayan Salt Rock lamp. I think everyone should have one in their home. So many benefits from our Mother Earth.

I know you also do a ton of traveling. Where is the most magical place you've ever visited?

Hard to say which is the most magical. The most powerful magic I have manifested was in Joshua Tree. The strongest shifts I have had in consciousness were in New Orleans, LA, Pojoaque, NM, Providence, RI, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you could read Tarot for anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
So many... let's start with Nikola Tesla, Houdini, Frida Khalo, Vali Meyers, Cleopatra, Theda Bara, Kat Von D, and Ryan Gosling. (Yes, Ryan Gosling!)

Marcella's Website
Marcella's Instagram
Marcella's Facebook

The Secret Language of Birthdays

The Secret Language of Birthdays will explode your brain. I first flipped through it after seeing it on the bookshelf of a kooky old lady (possibly a witch) at my old job. The book has a page for people born on each day of the year and the "personology profiles" are scary accurate. And not just cute, coincidental accurate like a Teen Vogue horoscope that happens to predict your new crush, but creepily, semi-troubling accurate. Plus, each day of the year has a cool name like "Day of the Cryptic Secret." 

After tripping on my own page, I started photocopying my friends' birthday pages and sending them to the friends, who were mostly like "Hey, don't read my page, I don't want you to know my inner secrets!" But it's not all bad - the book gives a positive meditation guide for every profile and ways to maximize the positives of your personality. If you can track this book down, check it out and share it with your friends and family and make them all depressed.

For an internet friendly run-down, you can also check out the Birthday Horoscope Tumblr that we visited a few weeks ago. Angelo

Susan Miller's Astrology Zone

Friendly PSA! It's still very early in the month, so if you haven't checked out your monthly horoscope on Astrology Zone yet, you should do it now! Susan Miller is the lady to trust when it comes to horoscopes, especially if you like to plan for the month ahead. She basically needs to be everyone's mentor.

And you probably shouldn't walk outside without knowing what Susan says is in store for you. —Katie

BloodMilk Jewelry

BloodMilk Jewelry, based right here in Philadelphia, has some awesomely creepy  jewelry for sale. Whether it's the owl skull rings pictured above, or the bear tooth engagement ring, there's something for everybody (assuming everybody you know has a penchant for skulls and teeth). I know if someone proposed to me with a bear tooth ring I'd have a hard time saying no. (Hint hint, Scott Speedman. HINT! HINT!) —Katie

Mystical Shoutout: Zoltar

Zoltar! Remember him from the movie Big? He was the fortune telling machine that made Tom Hanks, well... BIG. The real Zoltar machines probably won't turn you into a piano dancing adult, but they're still incredible! While it's fun to come across these any time of the year, it's especially fun to run into these during the spookiest time of the year (NOW!). And now you can even BUY YOUR OWN! They're like, really, really expensive, but still, it's nice knowing the option exists. Kickstarter exists for a reason, people.

Have you run into a Zoltar machine near you? (Hint: There are a few mentioned here!) What did your fortune say? Did you get zapped into a 32-year-old's body? Let us know!

Friday the 13th Tattoos

Ben Kopp

It's Friday the 13th so you know what that means... it's time to dig through your couch and old purses for some change to take to TD Bank, so you can scrounge up enough money to get a $13 tattoo of something FT13th-inspired!  

We know tattoos last like, a really long time or whatever, so to make it easier for you to choose on this super-duper-stitious day, our lovely team in the art department have provided us with awesome designs to share with you! 

It's simple: Just print one of these bad boys out, take it to your local parlor, and get it tattooed on you! We suggest your face as the best possible spot.

P.S. If you DO happen to get one done, please send us an email of it at! —Ally

This tattoo will remain timeless as your body withers away and dies.

And it's only 13 calories!

What a tough pussy.


I feel like I just lost 10 years of my life by just POSTING this last one.

Ben Sifel
2 cute 2 resist. Seriously, try to tell me with a straight face you don't want this right now.

Corner Crush: Kristin Prim

Our Friday the 13th style crush is none other than half poltergeist/half DIY Nine Inch Nails video vixen. Kristin Prim's an editor/fine artist of her self made magazine, Prim. Since she was 14, she's been getting front row seats at the hottest shows at NYFW and now she has a respected spot in the NYC art scene.  

Even though her style is minimal, it seems to contrast her powerful face.

When she isn't working on her mixed media/body art, she is posting creepy-chic things on her Instagram that we totally love! Check it out. —Alex

(Via Instagram)

Teen Witch: Spells

Happy Friday the 13th, y'all! A wondrous day of black cats, superstitions and Niall Horan's birthday. The urge to flex our witch fingers on this day is stronger than any other day, even if we actually don't know the first thing about witchcraft. Luckily, there are some books out there that cater to Witchcraft Lite, specifically the book Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation.

Since this book was published in 1998, the generation it's talking about is long grown, but that doesn't mean its spells are any less potent. So what if it references CD-roms! That shit is still useful! Make today the day you try out some super handy Teen Witch spells. It'll totally be worth it. —Katie


Hot Wheels Spell
This will definitely work!!! Feeling very positive!!!

Rock n Roll Healing Spell
The visual of an angsty teen sitting at the top of a hill, blasting "Evanescence," while rolling rocks down a hill is very soothing to me.

I Love Fluffy Spell
I like that this one is like, "You can definitely heal your dog with magic! (After you take him to the vet!)" Gotta cover all the bases.

Elf Locker Spell
Oh boy, those wacky Locker Elves. We've all had a run-in with them! Will they never learn?

Beach Baby Sun Spell
"I've seen this spell work in 5 minutes, or take up to an hour, depending on weather conditions." So, basically what you've seen is "weather," and this should just be called "The Sky: Sometimes It Has Clouds, Sometimes It Doesn't."

Interlock Internet Spell
"BOOGIES OF THE 'NET BE GONE, BEWARE MY MAGICK CD ROM." This will protect you from 4Chan, guys.

Angel Shopping Spell

Tumblr: Your Birthday Personality

Over on The Hairpin, Edith Zimmerman (you know, the gal who wrote the best interview of all time), linked to this birthday personality Tumblr, and now I can't get enough. There's just something so soothing about looking up your birthday personality... and then everyone else you've ever known. Also, who doesn't love reading vague generalizations about their personalities on the internet? No one! Now, let me read your tarot.

(P.S. If you want to read more about astrology, you can also dive into this moon sign book.) —Katie

Dream or Nightmare: Ylvis "The Fox"

This music video is probably a dream, maybe a nightmare for some of you people out there. If you're feeling unsure about the beauty/horror of this music video, I'm pretty sure any uncertainty you have will go flying out the window once you get to the computer animated dancing fox at the end. I, personally, am delighted by it. Thanks, Norway! You stunning, wacky goofballs! —Katie

Playlist: Dream, Dream, Dream

Been dreaming about a special someone? Or winning the lottery? Or flying through space on a Pegasus in your underpants? If you've been doing any kind of dreaming lately, then this playlist, Dream Dream Dream, is for you. All about dreams. The good ones, the bad ones, and Katy Perry's teenage ones. Enjoy!

Dreamy Room Accessories

Those stills up there are from The Virgin Suicides because I can't think of better roomspiration if you're trying to keep things dreamy. I mean, look at that zodiac mobile! Isn't that the best thing you've ever seen? Here are some more items to help get your room looking as beautiful as Kirsten Dunst's imaginary room did in 1999. —Katie

Paddywax Apothecary Candle
Other scents include tobacco and patchouli, in case you're also going for the dreamy hippie vibe.

Turning Triangles Terrarium
Fill it with plants or dinosaurs. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Astrological Jewelry Stand

Tarot Card Tray
Love these trays. Will patiently await one for the death Tarot card because my soul is black.

Magical Thinking Geo-Tinted Candle Holder
These also come in terrarium form, as shown below.

Magical Thinking Faceted Hanging Terrarium
See? So fun!

Spitfire Girl Terrarium Kit
In case you're a DIY nightmare, this is a handy, mostly pre-made terrarium kit. All you need to do is arrange the items and BOOM! You're done!

Star Crystal Kit
You can grow your own crystal! How baller is that?

Mosser Terrarium Kit
And even easier terrarium kit for the DIY failures out there. Like, there is literally no way you could mess this one up.

Grow Crystal Plants
Grow crystals on cactii!

Llewellyn's Moon Sign Book
So you can match your lifestyle up to your aesthetic choices.