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Sex Life at Bodega

Sex Magazine is a new arts and culture online publication. Check out their blog, Sex Life. And if you happen to like what you see, come on by to Bodega (253 N. 3rd) this Saturday, November 10, for the opening of their exhibition, Sex Life. Sex, Sex, Sex! -Maggie Lee

New Museum

Boy, what a very special phenomenon this is to experience! Technology from the past and present in transit into the future. I have just witnessed Pictures from the Moon and Ghosts in the Machine at New Museum. From 3D to 2D, it's interesting to see what holography artists were interested in creating from 1969-2008. Go ahead and get your mind visually blown, it's technological fate. -Maggie Lee

JF & Son x Travess Smalley

Be one with the sun, be one with the waves, be one with the California haze. My true inner light is glowing so hard right now looking at JF & Son's new Men's Summer 2012 collaboration with fine artist Travess Smalley. Together, they psychedelicize nature in the form of button downs and shorts. Oh it's so slick and oh so swirly. My eyeballs cannot stop saying thank you! -Maggie Lee

Ann Kelly

Using manmade synthetics that occur in nature, artist Ann Kelly sculpts and draws using materials and ideas found from looking at the ground. It makes a lot of sense when you dig a little deeper. She's a New York City local who moved to Baltimore, Maryland to study and now she is back in the city. Both locations house crude debris which she finds the most attractive and incorporates in her body of work. -Maggie Lee


24 Washington Square North marks the spot for HERE COMES, The new Still House group show at Mark Fletcher. There, on the parlor floor of a historic 1830s townhouse in the West Village, you will find sculptures, paintings, and installations by artists Isaac Brest, Nick Darmstaedter, Alex Da Corte, Louis Eisner, Jack Greer, Brendan Lynch, Dylan Lynch, Alex Perweiler, and Zachary Susskind. The collective has been known for their progressive and original group shows since 2007. If you're in NYC, it is a must see. It will be open until July 27 from Tuesday through Friday, 12PM to 5PM. -Maggie Lee

Carlo Van de Roer's Portrait Machine

Photographer Carlo Van de Roer has been capturing the aura of artists, family, and friends for the past few years. He calls this ongoing project of his The Portrait Machine. I find it really stimulating when Carlo goes deeper into depth when he pseudo-scientifically analyzes the spirit of the electromagnetic feedback the individual emanates. In this portrait of Tim Barber, the heavily saturated warm red tones in the center indicate force of will and passion of the core. -Maggie Lee

Rock & Rose

BOOOOM! ROCK & ROSE, new zine straight outta Baltimore, is an apocalyptic explosion of four poems and one short story by a few anonymous contributors  (e-mail if you would like a copy). It's hilarious, it's smart, it's what's real, and what's important. "Columns break and twist for a vibe like this." Oh my god, I just love to quote this zine, so much deep affection and passion. -Maggie Lee

SSION "Earthquake"

Ohhhhhhh, sigh. I want so badly to have my heart broken so I can cry to SSION's "Earthquake" over and over again. Everything about this video is perfect. Suburban desire at it's finest. I like the witchy poo, ooOoOo, ooo, oOoOo, ooo, oOoOo, ooo, cute! -Maggie Lee

DJ Physical Therapy

Close your eyes and open your mind. It's time to focus and give your body what it needs, DJ Physical Therapy. Listening to these tracks, my mind will jog through memories of having the best sweat in kickboxing class and when the rhythms shift, mental gyrotonics. What a work out, healed via sound. Phew! -Maggie Lee


Hi All! Come see my butt at The Hole's Shop (312 Bowery) tonight where i'll be premiering Video Salad #19. Snacks and candy will make a special appearance. Attached is Video Salad #18 (just a taste of what to expect). Presented by New York Art Department. -Maggie Lee

Coco Young and John-Mercer Moore

See how Coco Young and John-Mercer Moore relate to their overseas surroundings. Happy End is a visual mapping journal, published by the pair while they travel in Tokyo. This project is a four-week long venture that will be updated daily for the duration of the journey. All the imagery, whether it be abstract shapes, portraits, text, or images of the city's architecture, are not recycled from the net, but captured by the two. -Maggie Lee

Sandy Kim & Maggie Lee : Pretty Kool-A

Power friends NYC! My buddy Sandy Kim and I just shot and modeled for the cover for the new issue of Vice Magazine. We also have a full spread called Pretty Kool-A, based off Japanese purikura photobooth pics. They just hit the streets, yoink em' while you can. Thank you! -Maggie Lee

Natasha Ghosn

Sparkle and shine, Natasha Ghosn's work is so fine. Her artwork goes by the name of Mondo Mondo. It's also darling, it's so special, and it's oozing with the sweetest of the sweetest.

Where are you from and what are you doing now?
I am from Texas. I live in Los Angeles now. Right now I'm winding down from a long day of hand modeling.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We didn't have majors so I got to study all sorts of things. I focused mainly on fashion history, fiber arts, and drawing.

What is Mondo Mondo?
Mondo Mondo is my website. It started out as a T-shirt line. The word "mondo" connotes sensationalization. It also means "world" in Italian. I could say its my sensationalized view of the world. 

Can you tell me about the mind blowing rave T-shirts you were making a while back?
Haha, cool, thank you. I made them about four years ago. In 2008 I think. At the time I was living in New York and the trend was being spooky; upside down crosses, studs, leather, etc. So I went out on a limb and made something for the marginalized flower power people. They are a mix of digital collages and a lot of hand dyeing and painting on a heavy cotton t-shirt. 

Do you feel like your artwork changes according to where you live?
No, I think my artwork changes according to where my heart is. 

How would you describe your experiences form each city and what inspired you when you lived in Chicago? NY? L.A.?
I love Chicago for its authenticity, New York for its romance, and L.A. for the peace of mind and the weather. I will say that most of my dreams take place in New York.

What were you wearing as a little baby?
I have a picture somewhere of me wearing a yellow bikini. I just googled "baby bikini", it's really cute.

What was your favorite outfit when you were a child?
I was really inspired by the Olsen twins when they were detectives.

How about when you were a teenager?
I was lucky because my mom had a really cool store. She carried brands like Miss Sixty, Fiorucci, and Fornarina. So I wore a lot of that. I was also pretty into the mod thing back then.

As a young adult?
Like a sixties-nineties thing inspired by Lady Miss Kier from Deee-lite.

And now?
I feel like I'm doing me from the heart. I've moved away from looks that are decade derivative. Less of an idea and more of a feeling. I try to buy things that are high quality that I'll love for a long time.

How do you imagine yourself when you're elderly?
I hope to be healthy with a lot of energy and surrounded by the people I love. I wouldn't mind having suede Gucci loafers in every color.

What is your work ethic when you're making drawings and collages?
I'm lucky to have my studio at home. First I make a coffee or a tea. I usually listen to a comedy or a spiritual podcast while I work. Music usually distracts me. Sometimes I forget to put anything on and then I realize I've been sitting in silence for 6 hours!

Top three scents:
Sunscreen, sweet grass, and the smell of bread baking when you walk by a Subway.

Top three records:
Paris by Malcolm Mclaren, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Music Selector is the Soul Reflector by Deee-lite.

Top three novels:
My Antonia by Willa Cather, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers, Miss Lonelyhearts by Nathaniel West.

If you were a fabric or material, what would you be?
Rayon. Semi-synthetic, semi-natural.

Can you tell me a story about LUV?
Is that an acronym? Is it kind of like SUV? I drive a Nissan Versa. I love it. It has great gas mileage. But for fun sometimes I drive my boyfriend's Volvo station wagon. I pretend like I am driving a boat down the streets of Los Angeles. The end.


What are you looking forward to next in the world of Mondo Mondo?
More and more.

Thank you Natasha! xo, -Maggie Lee

Viviane Sassen & Assembly New York & Libraryman

I'm obsessed with Viviane Sassen's Parasomnia, Sol & Luna, and Various Photographs (and I need to see more). Luckily, Assembly New York and Libraryman will be having a launch for her new book, Die Son Sien Alles. I wonder what this series is about. Her work is so natural and compelling. See you at the book opening to find out! -Maggie Lee

Ryan McGinley at Team Gallery

Ryan McGinley has done it again! Today, Wednesday, May 2, get ready 'cause the streets of SoHo are gonna get shut down for this blockbuster show. Simultaneously, Team Gallery will be presenting two new bodies of work by McGinley. Animals is a series of photographs about wild creatures and their interactions with human bodies (located at 83 Grand St.) and Grids, a body of work that studies the faces of fans at concerts (at 47 Wooster St.). -Maggie Lee

Jon Bocksel's New Super 8

How fun must it be to cruise in this joyus season of Spring? Jon Bocksel's new short film, Table Scraps, is a collection of various 8mm clips from NY, SF, and Philly. I'll watch this in the morning to get psyched for the day. -Maggie Lee

Irina Cocimarov

Irina Cocimarov is a Peruvian Swiss designer from Miami based out of NYC. We studied together in school and I was and still am, always, into seeing her new work. I would say classic Irina style involves noise, bein' cute, contempo culture, and distortion. Perfect combo. -Maggie Lee

Lily Sheng

Native Shanghai baby Lily Sheng grew up and moved to the United States in her early childhood. Her work—whether it collage, photo, or video—relates to the traditional culture of her Chinese heritage. I am so drawn to these collages and photos.  There is such authentic wealth in imagery and color. -Maggie Lee

Abby Walton at JF & Son

Tonight from 5-8pm, JF & SON will be hosting a nail art event at their store with designs by Abby Walton! I am so excited. Abby's style is original and it's like getting your nails done by a best friend, who is insanely scrupulous and crafty. Take a look for yourself in her nail art gallery. Make an appointment, I bet they're gonna fill up fast (email Lickity split, ya'll ! -Maggie Lee

Bad Day #13

Turn that smile upside down and drag yourself to Bad Day #13's release party at Printed Matter (195 10th Avenue) tonight. Mick Barr is gonna speed shred on his guitar while you flip through the pages and read interviews with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jim Drain. There will be a photo story by Peter Sutherland, and more features. The design is great and Bad Day only comes out twice a year. -Maggie Lee