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Kelela at Boiler Room

Kelela is a talented and very soulful singer whom I had the pleasure of meeting in Los Angeles last month. She has a mixtape dropping later this month and has a ton of featured tracks all over the place. Check out her Boiler Room performance above, which she kills. For those of you in Philly check her out at Johnny Brenda's this coming Monday (7/15) as she plays with inc. Lorin

"My Bike" by Y.N. RichKids

Y.N.RichKids recently dropped a video for their song "My Bike" and they kinda kill it. You might remember their previous single Hot Cheetos & Takis that made a lot of noise for them last summer. Well, they've stepped up their rap game for this track and it shows! Lorin

Stream Random Access Memories

Look out, y'all. Daft Punk dropped another teaser for Random Access Memories in anticipation of their album release on the 21st of May. In the video we get a preview of the actual vinyl packaging, plus a snippet of the track "Give Life Back to Music." More importantly, the full album streaming is now available on iTunes! Pretty hyped for this. Lorin


Craigslisters beware! Along with maybe getting scammed when posting your number, you might get trolled! I recently found this tumblr called Textastrophe that features texts between a Craigslist seller and a fake buyer. Some are pretty good. See more at the blog Textastrophe Lorin

When Is Cinco de Mayo?

Jimmy Kimmel's team hits the street again, this time for Cinco de Mayo. The result is more people who probably shouldn't have agreed to jump on camera, but they provide some gooood laughs. Lorin

M.I.A. Matangi Mixtape

M.I.A. has recently dropped a mixtape entitled MATANGI, the same name as her album due out later this year. This release was for the French fashion brand KENZO. Good to hear some more new stuff from her. In case you missed the video for her new album's single "Bad Girls," peep it here. —Lorin

100s 'Ice Cold Perm'

Recently discovered 100s out of the Bay Area. His album Ice Cold Perm is killing it right now. With clear inspiration from Snoop and 1970s pimp influenced flow, you can get his album here. -Lorin

Serious Jibber-Jabber with Jack White

Check out Conan as he sits down with Jack White to talk about topics like Larry Bird, etiquette in technology, what's real, and everything in between. A pretty long conversation here but definitely worth it.Lorin

The Music They Made

The New York Times Magazine, as part of their on-going video features, has just put out a compilation of music and still imagery featuring musicians who have passed away this year. A lot of great names and a lot of great music! -Lorin

Party Playlists To Get You Through The Holidays

It's that time of year again, when holiday party season kicks into full gear and individual days and nights become a blur of twinkle lights, Santa sweaters and champagne hangovers. Some parties are going to be awesome (all your friends from home are now old enough to drink!), some are going to be a snooze fest (hello, teetotaling cousins) and some just downright awkward—what, exactly, does your co-worker mean when he keeps asking if you 'like to party'? 

And then there's New Year's Eve, the party dreams (and nightmares) are made of. Love it or hate it, it's still happening. So to help you get through the next couple of weeks, we put together a few party playlists to help make sure the cheer flows as freely as the eggnog. Hey, you can always sleep in January. —The UO Blog

The Family Dinner
There's a little something for everyone on this playlist I've put together that will be perfect around a table of good friends, family, and food. Catch up and chill out over some of my personal favorite tracks.—Bob

The Office Party
Office parties can be pretty blah—at first. Banal office gossip at the beginning of the night, drunken karaoke at the end of the night and taking bets on who is going to make out with that hot guy from accounting. With these songs, your coworkers will show off a side you never thought you'd see—and that you'll never want to see again.—Ally

The New Year's Eve Party
If you're not sure what to play at your New Year's party this year, try out this undeniably fun playlist that'll make you get groovy AND think about your New Year's resolutions. Double whammy! —Maddie

The After-Party
Here is a mix put together with the king of the after party in mind (R. Kelly. Duh.). Blending throwback tracks with some more recent ones, this mix will hopefully help take your party to the next level (Whatever that next level is...I think we all know R.Kelly's after party agenda).—Lorin

The Pity Party
Sometimes the holidays just suck. Harry Styles is forever five years too young for you, eggnog makes you want to barf, your apartment is too small for any festive decorations and that dude you've creepily liked from afar since 2004 just got his girlfriend a puppy. IT'S ALL TOO MUCH. Instead of going out and depressing your friends, lie on your floor and listen to these songs that will remind you of being an angsty, weepy teenager. -Katie

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DMX Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

This holiday season even has DMX singing about Rudolph. He's been popping up more and more recently, but I think this takes the cake. He doesn't even want the lyrics!

Just in case you haven't seen him on Google. Peep this video, too. "Computer words are funny."—Lorin 

Jamie xx "Boiler Room" Mixtape

Jamie Smith, still pretty fresh off the release of his own group the XX's second album has just dropped some more heat—this time a 55 minute mix for Boiler Room. In addition to spinning his own sounds, he has featured tracks from Nic & Tic, SBTRKT, and others. Find the time in your day and enjoy. You can also view the recorded session below. -Lorin

Reserve Channel's ARTST TLK

Reserve Channel has decided to pull together artists KAWS and David Salle for a sit down with Pharrell Williams for the first of their ARTST TLK series. In the series, Pharrell discusses their beginnings in their craft, including influences, ideas and more. Stay tuned for more of these. -Lorin

Diplo's Sway in the Morning Mix

Take 30 minutes out of your day and peep this mix from Diplo on Sway in the Morning. Touching all bases from Danny Brown to Sleigh Bells to PSY, with a mix of his usual Mad Decent suspects. Definitely worth a listen. -Lorin

From the Men's Catalog: Jonny Ollsin

Meet Jonny Ollsin, a musician, composer and model for our latest Men's Catalog shot by photographer Jason Nocito in NYC. 

What's your earliest memory in making music?

When I was eight, the apartment building I lived in had an abandoned piano in the hallway I would spend hours plunking around trying to learn the theme from Beverly Hills Cop.

Family Band consists of you and your wife, Kim, can you tell us about the start of making music together?

It just started with us playing guitar together at the cabin upstate, she had some songs and I had some instrumental parts and we recorded a little demo in our friends barn.

Can you name some of your early and now current influences outside of music?

Skateboarding was a huge influence in my youth, it was pretty much skating, music, and beer. I would say art is a bigger influence in my life now, after marrying Kim I got introduced to a bunch of great visual artists. Really, though, music is what I think about all the time.

You have a background in metal from previous bands, how do you think that influences the sound of Family Band? If not do you still have an outlet for Metal?

I can totally see the influence of my metal years in Family Band but it is not obvious. Family Band is a process of taking away and making the songs the most minimal they need to be, so guitar solos are not flying around. I still have a couple records worth of metal songs stored away, maybe one day I will get to them.

What is one of the best memories you have of playing live?

Probably the early tours with my old skate punk band S.T.R.E.E.T.S (Skateboarding Totally Rules Everything Else Totally Sucks). We were on such a mission to meet people, party, and have a good time, the vibes at the shows were always out of control. Lots of crowd surfing and beer flying everywhere and general positive mayhem. Second would probably be playing our annual forest party upstate at our cabin, the vibe is always so amazing and the stage is built inside an old stone foundation, it basically rules.

We hear you're a pretty good cook. What's your favorite thing to make?

Probably a tort fest, which is just tacos, but with all the fixings like a bowl of guacamole, fresh salsa, beans, meat of choice, roasted sweet potatoes, chipotle sour cream, fresh greens, cut limes, cilantro, etc….. a make your own taco adventure.

What do you enjoy most about the music you are currently making?

I am currently working on a solo project called 'After Future' and I just bought and old reel to reel eight track and a mixing board. It is super fun to record on all analog equipment and it sounds amazing.

Where do you go when you want to escape from the city?

We have 10 acres and small cabin in the catskills in upstate New York, so whenever we have a free minute we go up there. There is an old claw foot tub sitting on the deck and laying in that the hot water under the stars makes you feel like a rich man.

When you aren't making music, what are you doing?

I am very involved in Kim's company (The Wild Unknown) her stuff is blowing up this year so that is keeping me pretty busy.

What can we expect next from Family Band?

We hope to produce another music video, and I really want to get over to Europe.

What other projects do you have in the works?

Just working on my new solo project and I also make commercial music so if anyone needs a track for a fashion piece hit me up!

Where can we keep up with you and Family Band online?

The Wild Unknown is the hub for our life, and people can go here for a kick

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Lushlife "Magnolia"

For a literal take on the expression typehead, peep the video for "Magnolia" by Lushlife. Featuring original hand done type for all the lyrics in the song, directors LAMAR+NIK these really kill it with this video.  -Lorin


Today marks the 8th anniversary of Ol' Dirty Bastard's death. Watch this classic interview with John Norris below. November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004 R.I.P. -Lorin

Geoff McFetridge at Cooper Cole Gallery

Graphic designer Geoff McFetridge has a new solo show in Toronto at the Cooper Cole gallery (1161 Dundas St West), running now until the 8 of December. Always insanely graphic, this show features acrylic paintings and a limited run of screen prints. Though McFetridge is from Canada, this is his first solo show there. Definitely a must see for anyone close to the area. Check out more work from the show here. -Lorin

From the Men's Catalog: David Kitz

Meet David Kitz—artist, photographer, musician and model for our latest Men's Catalog shot by photographer Jason Nocito, who had him attacked with tennis balls for fun.

Who or what were some of your other earliest artistic influences and how has that shifted since?
When I first started getting serious about making art I was doing mostly drawing and painting.  I was really into guys like Marcel Dzama and Raymond Pettibon—artists that really seemed to have interesting takes on how negative space, or just blank paper, could function in a drawing.  I’ve since turned to using a camera to make pictures.  I feel like my influences in photography span from the Dusseldorf School of Photography guys to the Pictures Generation artists, to younger guys like Roe Ethridge, Lucas Blalock, and Sam Falls


From product design to photography to music, you seem to have your hand in a few different areas within the arts. Do you allow these things to overlap, or do you keep them more separate and distinct?
I think that for the most part they stay in their separate places without me needing to keep them there.  They all involve different types of thinking and different kinds of problem solving.  At the same time, aesthetics plays a roll in all of them, so they probably relate to one another in ways that I’m not even aware of.

What in your art practice led to you creating your L-Lamps?
The L-Lamp project has come about gradually.  I designed the first prototypes while I was still in art school at UCLA.  I was taking a ceramics class and had free reign to make whatever I wanted. I wanted to see if I could make something that could fit into peoples lives in a more direct or quotidian way.  After graduating I decided to work on refining the design and figuring out a way to produce them more en mass.   

What else would you say influences your work?
I guess that most of my projects all boil down a question—usually a different question for each project. Sometimes the work functions to ask the question in a visual way or sometimes it strives to answer it.  I’ve done projects that have looked at everything from city planning and public aesthetics to pornography.  Other times the question will arise from reading a quote or maybe just a curiosity in how a camera will handle a certain subject.   

What is it about Los Angeles that keeps you there?
L.A. is a great place to do all the things I do.  It has a vibrant and growing art scene and the music scene has maybe never been better than it is now (at least in my lifetime).  Also, the weather isn’t bad.

What are you seeing in the L.A. art scene right now?
I think L.A. has worked hard in recent years to establish itself as a major cultural force.  From the Pacific Standard Time stuff to the recent L.A. Biennial, there’s a lot that’s been happening here.  There are also a ton of super smart and talented people coming out of and teaching at the art schools here.  Cal Arts, UCLA, USC, and Art Center all have amazing programs.  There are also great places to show and see art here. There are the big blue chip galleries, but there are also cool independent and younger spaces like Night Gallery and Control Room that are doing great stuff.     

What was your first experience in making music?
I started playing music when I was eight.  My parents bought me an acoustic guitar and I spent all my time trying to learn Beatles songs.  Like lots of other little kids I dreamed about being a rock star.  In middle school I saved up for an electric guitar and started a punk band with my friends. 

Can you share a memorable experience from an L.A. venue performance?
A couple years back, my band Princeton did a short West Coast tour with Editors.  The L.A. show was at the Wiltern.  We had all been to shows there growing up and I don’t think we had ever played on a stage that big.  We had always dreamt of playing there ourselves and it felt like the realization of all our hard work.  

Who are you digging from the L.A. music scene right now?
I’m loving Papa, Harriet and Superhumanoids.

Currently whats your favorite late night spot in L.A.?

Can you tell us something interesting from this Men's catalog shoot?

Working with Jason was a lot of fun.  It was actually super aerobic.  He had me running and jumping all over the place.  I think the most memorable shot for me was when he had the whole crew throw tennis balls at me at the same time.  They weren’t all hitting me and Jason was like, “No, throw it AT him and throw it HARD!”   

Where can we keep up with you online?
You can find me on instagram: @davidkitz or you can visit my web site or the site for my lamps.

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VANCOUVER by Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Paper Rad

Check out visuals from the laser show VANCOUVER, created by Philly's own Andrew Jeffrey Wright and the collective Paper Rad. Be sure to turn your speakers up for the spaced out sounds! -Lorin